Transactional Text Messages for eCommerce Websites: Understanding Essentials

/ July 10, 2019 | 3 Mins Read

Transactional Text Messages for eCommerce Websites: Understanding Essentials

Texts proclaimers and adverts represent an excellent method to broadcast sales and drive foot leads to brick-and-mortar stores. Outreach to mobile users via SMS can create a flawless experience for the user. This can help to translate in better conversions.

When you need to buy a certain product, which method would you choose, go get it from the store or buy it online? I mean you can go take it with your hands, pay for it in the store and leave, without any worries. Why then order something and not feel its presence until it arrives?

This is the biggest advantage of offline stores. In order to overshadow this, eCommerce websites must make the clients be sure that everything is alright with their purchase. How do they do so? The answer is simple: they just send transactional text messages. 

It is important to not confuse transactional text messages with promotional text messages. eCommerce websites can send promotional text messages to attract customers, inform them about new discounts, suggest them coupons or do anything intended to increase sales.

There is a certain time frame according to which the messages can be sent. It depends on the legislation of the country. Most of the times it is from 9am to 9pm.

On the contrary, transactional text messages are more about the actual business. They are intended to give the customers any important information regarding their order, account, payments or anything on the matter. Since they contain critical information, there is no timeframe on transactional text messages. Companies can send them 24/7.

Transactional text messages are an inseparable part of any eCommerce website and not only because of the reasons mentioned above. So, if you want to find out more and understand the basics of transactional SMS, then stick around. 

1. Registration

Aside from order details, eCommerce websites must send transactional SMS when the customer registers. This will make sure the right person logs in and uses the website services and there will be no dispute later. 

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Typically, you can send an SMS code with a short note as of what it is (i.e. ACTIVATION CODE: XXXXX). It makes the customer feel secure from the very moment of the registration. Once you send the message, the customer will already be used to receiving security messages from you.

2. Confirming the Order

When the customer has registered on your website with the confirmation code, the next step is going to be the purchase. Sending them transactional SMS for the purchase is crucial. 

First, it makes sure they did everything correct. Remember that people may feel insecure buying online something . But once they receive a text message confirming their order, they feel much more secure. You can send a short text like “Your order is complete. To track the shipping, you can click on this link.”

Second, transactional message for purchase makes sure the right person made the purchase. People attach bank cards on their eCommerce website accounts, so it is good to warn them once a purchase is made with their accounts.

Most banks send SMS to the customer for a purchase. But sometimes their SMS service may not be working or they just don’t send one when the online purchase costs are low. So, it is a precaution measure that is essential to take.  

3. Order Status

This is something that not all eCommerce websites do, but they miss a very important promotional trick here. As mentioned above, customers may have insecurity feeling when they order something.

They can track their order online, but text messaging has one superior advantage: it creates an intimate and friendly relationships between customer and company. So why not take advantage of it?

Besides this, people are used to having everything fast these days. The advancement of technology has made everything much faster and easier, whereby making us impatient. When an eCommerce website sends text messages indicating the status of the order, it prevents people from nervously checking their website every day or hour. 

You can send messages from the beginning of the shipping till it arrives. Sometimes it is a long process and the order goes several points before reaching to the customer.

Making sure customer is alerted in each of these points will definitely make them feel happy shopping with you. Status messages can be as simple as this, “Your order is on transit country. We estimate it to be in your city in just 2 days. Thank you for shopping with us.” 

4. Account Information Update

When a company sends its customer a text message note about any account information update, it is a sign that they treat personal information very seriously. Besides, it is secure for customers to know what happens with their accounts, regardless of the fact that most of the times they will know about those changes.

You can send warning text messages whenever there is a change in their address, account password, email address, payment or any other information with this importance. You can update the customer with a message like this, “Your (company’s name) account personal details have been changed.”

Author: Azat Eloyan

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