8 Smart Tools for Embedding Twitter Feed to Your Website

/ May 6, 2019 | 6 Mins Read

8 Smart Tools for Embedding Twitter Feed to Your Website

Twitter walls add a sense of drama, traffic, and buzz on the website. It gives the viewers something diverse and better to engage with.

Twitter is all about what is happening and trending around the globe.

Twitter has advanced itself by evolving to be a marketing place for brands to promote themselves.

One great step in that direction is embedding Twitter feeds on your official website to showcase what people are talking about your brand on Twitter and thus generate social proof and build brand authenticity.

It helps you to bring your Twitter buzz to your website and thus increase the buzz about the brand further. This is a great way to enhance your word of mouth marketing and strengthen your marketing campaign.

Why Should You Use Twitter Wall For Your Websites?

A Twitter wall, as the name suggests, showcases tweets from the users of your brand sharing their happy experiences and also by virtual followers who are definitely loyal in tweeting about their experience with your brand and it’s products or services.

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A Twitter Wall initiates engagement and discussion regarding your brand that is interactive, reciprocative, and compelling enough to let the brand followers and global audience post messages, responses, experiences, pictures, videos and more to your twitter wall.

Connect with the brand customers and build a relationship with them. Your users post to your Twitter wall by means of the unique hashtag that you launch and promulgate.

Twitter feed wall is the ace social media interpretation at any brand maintaining an official website.

A tweet wall compiles and displays tweets that are crowd-sourced on a live twitter feed display in a dynamic and vivid manner which can be shown on sizable screens be it a desktop, tablets, mobile phones, and more.

You may come to think of Twitter feed walls as a live conversation display that stirs the website visitors to post messages, pictures, videos, and tweets regarding the brand.

Twitter feed walls are an interactive element for your website improving its user interface. They’re an inventive way to bring about a positive online appearance of the brand in the social sphere and give brand followers the opportunity to engage in posting to the brand’s social channel and also watch their content on the live Twitter feed wall.

The Best Twitter Walls For Your Websites

Here is a list of 8 such smart tools that let you embed Twitter feeds to your website.

Come, let us explore them.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a Twitter aggregator and display tool that lets you create beautiful Twitter walls displaying Twitter feeds. To be true, it is the best there is in the market if you wish to display Twitter feeds as social proof for your brand’s authenticity.


Taggbox aggregates Twitter feeds in real-time and displays them on the Twitter wall as soon as they are posted online, thereby keeping your audience completely updated.

It is not just a great option to display Twitter feeds on websites but also for events and digital signage. It enhances user engagement with the feeds, encourages them to tweet using the brand hashtags thus increasing the buzz around your brand.

Taggbox is highly responsive for various screen sizes and layouts, easily adaptable for desktop screens to mobile screens. It is easy to use and embed. All you need to do is create a Twitter wall with Taggbox, generate an embed code, and finally paste that embed code on the webpage where you want to display the Twitter wall.

It comes with powerful moderation panel to curate your content, robust Analytics reports that analyze the performance of your Twitter wall for your website, beautiful themes, and advanced CSS options to customize your Twitter wall according to your brand theme.

2. Twitter Widgets

Twitter Widgets allow you to embed a bunch of Twitter feeds directly on your brand’s official website. This way you can show Twitter feeds on your websites. The collection of Twitter feeds being embedded on the website is called Timeline.


There are 4 types of timelines you can embed on a website using Twitter Widgets. These are-

  • User Timeline
  • Favorites
  • List
  • Sear
  • ches

You can also display tweets from public profiles using the Timeline widgets. In order to display tweets from a specific user, you can tag them as favorites and embed them using the Favorites timeline. List timelines are used to embed tweets from public lists you are subscribed to or ones you own. Search widgets let you add customized search results on your website.

3. EverWall

EverWall lets you customize your Twitter Wall before embedding it on your official website. It allows you to curate your tweets before displaying it. You can hide or display tweets or links and do so much more so as to improve your content quality. After all, your content quality is what defines your brand ideals.


To display Twitter Wall using EverWall, all you just need to do is just copy the embed code from EverWall and paste it on the webpage where you want to display the Twitter Wall.

EverWall provides you with monitoring flexibility, filters to block specific words, full moderation to maintain the health of your content, and the best part, it displays all the Twitter feeds in real-time.

4. Hootfeed

Hootfeed is a Twitter integration tool by HootSuite. It comes with great customization options, amazing layouts, moderation filters, responsive designs, and much more.


It is really easy-to-customize and allows you to animate your Twitter activity. It displays Twitter feeds in real-time thus engaging the audience and encouraging them to interact with the tweets through retweets thus enhancing the Twitter activity around the brand.

5. TweetWally

TweetWally is a Twitter-powered tool that allows you to customize your search result and displays them beautifully to the audience. Users can experiment with different search results and enjoy continuous streams of Twitter live feeds on websites.


You can display these Twitter feeds in different formats like at a specific URL, a projector, or even on an iPhone. All you need is an authentic Twitter account, that’s it.

6. TwitterFall

TwitterFall is a Twitter-oriented social media tool specializing in real-time Twitter searches. It offers a simple basic experience. It allows you to regulate the size of the tweet text size. It also gives you the choice to add retweets or not.


You can set the speed of the display. Also, you can exclude certain texts if you feel them inappropriate to be displayed. You can also search for results with geographical locations.

7. TweetBeam

TweetBeam is one-of-a-kind Twitter wall. It allows you to visually stimulate your tweets and displays them in an attractive manner to your audience. It helps you to engage with your audience as a brand and generate social trust.


It encourages users to interact with the tweets being displayed using your brand hashtag thus creating a buzz around your brand. This also provides exposure to your brand.

It comes with moderation and advanced search options. It enables you to curate your content and make your tweet feed more dynamic, fresh, and interactive.

8. LiveWall

LiveWall helps you integrate Twitter feeds on your websites and other screens. It lets you combine videos and images with your Twitter feeds and display them on websites giving your brand users a totally new experience.


It also collects statistics from Twitter to show you the performance of your Twitter feeds and help you make the required amends. It collects online information about your brand on Twitter through hashtags, mentions, locations, and others to allow you to provide social proof to your audience and help you create a better brand image.

Final Words:

Twitter Walls are no doubt an added lifeline to the dying websites with decreasing organic searches. They stimulate brand users to tweet about the brand via the brand hashtag. These tweets spread through the Twittersphere across the global audience thus generating exposure for the brand. This is unpaid marketing done right by your followers and users.

Bring life and energy to your official website with real-time Twitter interaction on screens with captivating displays and user

generated content and stories.

So, what is still holding you back from embedding a Twitter Wall on your official website for promoting your brand?

Author : Anne Griffin

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