How to Spy Trendy Social Media Apps

/ November 3, 2017 | 5 Mins Read

How to Spy Trendy Social Media Apps

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to spy trendy social media apps? If not, here's a blog that will help you monitor some of the best social media apps using spy apps. Miss it at your own perils!

Social media, which was developed as an entertainment tool, has turned out to be the most significant part of our lives. The digital generation spends around nine hours a day using social media and this is more than the time they spend sleeping, studying or doing anything else.

The social media obsession keeps them checking, scrolling and posting media. Unfortunately, this obsession has done more harm than the good. Several have lost their lives and many have been suffering from depression, anxiety and other physical and mental health problems.

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But without bothering the harmful effects of social media and instant messaging apps particularly on teens and tweens, these technologies are widely being used and on a regular basis. This article discusses how these social media apps can be monitored to minimize the vulnerabilities.

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Fortunately, there are a few cell phones monitoring apps such as TheOneSpy that let you spy on the popular social media apps. Installing any of these apps on your kids’ mobile phone enable parents to track the digital behavior of their children and remotely spy on their social media activities to be alarmed of potential risks. Here is the list of the popular instant messaging and social media apps that you can monitor with the social media spy app.

1. Facebook:

The popularity of Facebook is not behind the scenes. Almost 22 percent of the world population has accounts on Facebook. However, Facebook is also the riskiest social media app as well as the widely used app. Around 81 million Facebook accounts are bogus because there is not an age verification process or any other way to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the users.


The social media app allows scammers and predators to hide their identities and contact anyone they want. Also, it let them gather information about their target and use it to exploit them. A majority of Facebook teen users are experiencing cyber-bullying, depression, anxiety, narcissism, peer pressure and several other physical, psychological and mental health concerns.

The cell phone spy app lets you monitor the Facebook accounts of your children. You can see what they post, what they like, what they make and receive comments and what messages and media files they exchange. This helps to detect whether or not your kid is being threatened or victimized by a bully or predator or any other risky activity.

2. Instagram:

Following Facebook, the photo-sharing app Instagram is the widely used social media app among teens. It lets the user post and share photos and videos but the mostly published content through this app is adult-oriented. If your teen or tween is using this app, he is most probable to be exposed to the age-inappropriate content. The mobile phone tracking app lets you read your kids’ direct messages and see their likes, followings and followers.


3. Snapchat:

Snapchat, the photo-sharing app offering self-destructive messages, has become the talk of the town. Teens are obsessed with Snapchat filters as it let them beautify their images. As well as media sharing, the app is widely being used for sexting and transmitting inappropriate photos and videos.


With the Snapchat spy app, you can track your kids’ activities performed on this platform as well as their self-destructive messages. As the user starts using Snapchat, the spy app starts taking screenshots with a gap of 3 seconds. These continuous screenshots eliminate your chances of missing out even a single Snapchat activity.

4. Tinder:

It would not be erroneous to state Tinder as a dating or one-night stand app. The Tinder users upload their photos and find a match for them seeing the photos of others. If two persons choose each other, the app activates the messaging feature and let the duo communicate to plan a face-to-face meeting.


Unfortunately, the app does not provide any way to verify the authenticity of the users. The person you are talking to can be a scammer, a predator, a pedophile or any criminal. How hazardous it can be to date such persons is imaginable.

Do not permit your teens or tweens to use such dating apps but if they do, the Tinder spy app can help you be aware of their activities and interests. You can remotely read their Tinder messages and see their friends list and dating preferences.

5. Kik:

The instant messenger came under fire when a tween girl took her life owing to the harassing and offensive messages she was receiving through the app. The app is considered the riskiest app to be used by children for its user anonymity, involvement in child abuse and suicide cases and lacking in providing parental controls. Though the app is rated 17+, many underage children are using the app due to the absence of age verification process.


The Kik Spy app lets parents track their children activities performed on Kik messenger. You can read your kids’ messages received and sent through Kik and the media they share through the messenger. It lets you know whether or not your kid is in any online threat.

6. Line:

Line is another kids-favorite instant messenger which lets them communicate with their buddies, share photos and videos; make audio, video and conference calls and play games. As well as being a fun app, Line is an insecure app for teens’ use.

The predators and pedophiles are using the app for video chat with minors and sharing inappropriate content with them. Parents can take the support of Line Spy app to keep tabs on children’s Line use. You can see the messages, photos and videos exchanged through the app and can detail of calls made and received through the app including the time, date and contact information of caller/recipient.

7. Skype:

Skype is still among the widely used platform for video chats across the workplaces and home. The Skype spy app lets you monitor the conversations made through this app. You can see the text, emoticons, photos and videos received and made through the app.


The Bottom Line:

Digital monitoring enables parents to monitor children’s online behavior to ensure they are not being victimized or engaged in misconduct. Also, educate your kids about the potential dangers of the social networking and instant messaging apps. Let them know what kind of behavior is acceptable online and what type of information they can share on the internet. Also, let them learn the social media privacies and help them make their social media accounts secure.

Nicki is a technology writer, security adviser and also digital parenting expert. She writes on latest trends, social media privacies and her work on spy app for android phone. To know more about her follow on twitter.

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