Get People Talking About your business online

/ October 20, 2017 | 5 Mins Read

Get People Talking About your business online

Do you want people to start talking about your business online? If yes, check out this blog where we have shared some tips to get people to come back for more.

Starting up a business is never easy, especially in this instant fast paced world we live in. In our instant world, where we are constantly bombarded with information from the moment we open our eyes, to the moment we close them. It's hard to know whether your business is reaching all the possibilities it deserves.

With so much information out there it's hard to ensure that your new online business is generating enough waves to create a loyal and lasting customer audience. How do you get people talking about your business when there is so much being spoken about on the daily? How do you ensure that your product and service is getting all marketing it deserves? And that your hard work is reaping what you have so diligently sewed? Here are ten tips to get people coming back for more.

1. Build Trust:

You can't buy or sell trust; trust is earned, it takes time, effort and few failures on your way to building it. You can't buy a good reputation either; it too takes time. It's important to strive for long-term goals, ones that you can achieve. Remember consistency and perseverance are what build good trust, it is that feeling of security that something you're investing in is reliable, real honest and efficient.


Being consistently satisfied with your business product/service will ensure that trust is earned. It will not happen overnight so ensure that you have a proper management process in place to ensure long-term service is exceptional.

2. Be Better:

Doing a good job is the foundation of word-to-mouth marketing, also if consistent will help build trust within your client's that you are capable and able to deliver efficiently time after time. If you fall short on actually producing a worthwhile, well thought out product or service you are at risk of losing out on strong personal referrals. A strong personal reference that can convey value and trust will do more good than any paid advertising.

Be Better

3. Get Feedback:

Giving client's an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about your business makes the customer feel like you are actively listening to their concerns, criticisms and input. It shows them that you appreciate and value what they have to say.


Demonstrating that your business is actively trying to better and improve their customer service to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the service you are receiving. Getting constructive feedback also motivates your employees to perform better and to improve their processes.

4. Request Testimonials:

Just a few lines or statements of a customer's thoughts can provide sound and instant social proof across all your social media channels. It also offers you a chance to show your client that you care, if you receive an unhappy review, you can respond quickly and efficiently to demonstrate that you care about bringing them high-quality products and services that they can rely on.

Request Testimonials

5. Satisfy High-Profile Customer:

Getting an endorsement from someone who people in your business community admire is the golden opportunity to have your business profiled by someone whose review holds weight and is guaranteed to bring about traffic to your company.

6. Utilize SEO services:

SEO is a widely spread online marketing strategy that when implemented is effective in increasing traffic and building your business’s online authority. Between 80% - 90% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase.

Utilize SEO services

SEO companies will help your business increase traffic, track quantifiable results as well as improve your Google ranking and link building. SEO is the single most critical component for organizations looking to market and build their brands online.

7. Give Back:

Giving back to your community is vital, it helps it grow and prosper which in return only benefits your society and your business ensuring both have the chance to flourish. But giving back also lets your clients know that you are working on making your area a better place, this sets you apart from your competitors and only generates good connotations about your company.

8. Nurture Relationships:

It's important to emphasize the relationships you have with your clients to nurture them and ensure they grow. Don't forget a customer once the job is done, provide to keep them updated on the signs of progress of the business or with other relative information to ensure that the next time they need you or know of someone who might need what you offer they will immediately think of you.

Nurture Relationships

9. Be Interactive:

It's important to be responsive to your clients across all platforms, whether you're answering a complaint or query, it's vital to ensure your responses are timely and professional. This reassures the customer that you prioritize their opinion and the desire to improve whatever product or service you are offering, it also generates a larger more interactive social footprint and encourages customers to reach out and communicate with you.

10. Say Thank You:

Saying thank you to the client for a good referral that brings you substantial business with either email, letter or a gift of products or services, will show the customer that you appreciate their reference and that kind feedback is invaluable to the growth of their business. Remember that the nice you are the more encouraging it is to pass on your company's information again.


After reading these 10 tips, you may have noticed that these tips require you to provide a quality service and then be proactive. Good things do not come to those who wait, they come to those who provide a much-needed service, since people will not automatically know that your service exists you have to find ways of getting your name out there, by asking for testimonials from satisfied customers, using SEO to outrank your competition in search engine results.

When your product/service is good, you will get good reviews and your product will market itself via word of mouth but that initial work is necessary to act as a catalyst for success.

Author Bio:

Ethan Thomas is a travel enthusiast, writer and SEO analyst at Ruby Digital, who helps small businesses to generate leads from search engine results. Follow him on twitter. If you want to talk travel or SEO.

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