Seven Things to Consider When Hiring a Magento Specialist

/ December 19, 2018 | 3 Mins Read

Seven Things to Consider When Hiring a Magento Specialist

If you plan to hire Magento specialist, then considering these four factors would be helpful for your business.

A Magento specialist can help you develop an attractive e-commerce store that will appeal to customers and increase conversions. It's smart to hire a specialist since attempting to develop a site by yourself is overwhelming and can lead to expensive, time-consuming errors.

Once you've decided to hire a Magento specialist, consider the following four factors when choosing the right one for your business.

1. Certifications and Experience

Hiring a certified, experienced Magento specialist to build your website will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. A developer who has passed the Magento certification exam is guaranteed to have proficiency in the field since candidates must read in-depth technical literature, watch a variety of webinars, and take several courses before sitting for the exam.

Anyone who is able to pass the Magento certification test has extensive technical skills and a thorough understanding of the platform's features.

2. Portfolio

Ask to see the portfolios of the developers you're considering hiring. Even if they have a Magento certification and vast amounts of experience, you can learn a lot about their approaches and styles by studying samples of their previous work. Look at their designs to see if they mesh with what you envision for your store.

Go a step further and ask for customer testimonials. It's an excellent sign if a developer has previous customers who are willing to share their experiences and are happy with the services they received.

A developer's portfolio is arguably the most important element in making a hiring decision. If someone is highly qualified and has wonderful customer testimonials, but you don't like their previous work, keep looking. It's crucial for your styles to complement each other.

3. Price

Understand a developer's pricing policies before signing a contract. Everyone knows to get the initial fee, but people sometimes forget to ask about additional charges if changes are required. You can't predict the future and unexpected expenses can derail a project.

For instance, ask what happens if you're unhappy with a feature of your online store and want a revision. Many developers account for a specified number of revisions — two or three is a common number — in the initial fee and charge for additional change requests.

4. Consider Hiring Magento Partners

Some Magento specialists work with other Magento certified professionals. Hiring ones that work together as partners is highly recommended because it puts a full team of advanced professionals at your disposal. These Magento certified partners can work together to ensure all of your eCommerce needs are being met. Most times, teams of Magento partners will work together as part of an agency. When searching for a Magento specialist, consider looking for Magento agencies if you are wanting to hire a team of specialists.

5. Post-Project Support

Any reputable professional will offer post-project support because it's rare for every aspect of a project to work perfectly. Glitches materialize and mistakes happen. Discuss post-project support before committing to a Magento specialist.

You'll also need ongoing maintenance and support services to make sure your site remains operational and doesn't experience downtimes that could cost you customers and sales. This is usually billed separately from the initial project fee, but some developers include the cost of first-year support in their initial fee.

6. Hop On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best places you can turn to receive recommendations regarding the best Magento specialists to hire. There are millions of other professionals just like you on LinkedIn who have already gone through the process of hiring Magento specialists and they can point you in the right direction. Simply making a post on the platform asking for recommendations will likely garner multiple responses.

You'll also want to use LinkedIn to search for Magento specialists. Go to LinkedIn's site and type in Magento certified specialist in the search box and click search. You'll be provided a long list of professionals who are listed on the LinkedIn site as being Magento certified. You can look at the experience and credentials of several professionals who appear on the list. You can even reach out to them via the LinkedIn messaging feature and ask about pricing and packages they offer.

7. Always Check Reviews

Lastly, once you have a list of Magento specialists that you are considering partnering with, go online and check their reviews. You may find that some have negative reviews and you will want to investigate those reviews. It's possible a negative review was addressed appropriately through superior customer service yet never updated online. This is the type of Magento specialist you want to hire.


Hiring a Magento specialist is an important step in the successful development of an e-commerce store. Do your homework and hire someone with experience, certifications, and an impressive portfolio of previous work. You'll provide a better user experience for customers, helping to ensure they return in the future.

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