A Guide To Promote Your Mobile Application On Social Media Platforms

/ April 18, 2017 | 5 Mins Read

A Guide To Promote Your Mobile Application On Social Media Platforms

Are you aware of the different social media platforms on which you can promote your mobile application? If not, here's a blog that you should not miss if you are a professional developer and wish to promote your app on social media platforms as it contains essential tips to promote your app in an efficient and economical manner.

In the last couple of years, social media platforms have been established as the most powerful platforms that allow developers to promote their applications to a wide audience.

There are various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that allow all developers to build an audience of potential buyers.

With the drenched app marketplace, giving more importance on promoting applications through mobile advertising campaigns are being reduced without financial input.

If you are a professional developer and want to promote your application on social media platforms, you can go through these tips and economically and efficiently promote your app.

Mobile App Marketing

Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Tips to Market You App:

1. Make a Long-term Relations with Users

As we all know that social media marketing strategies are highly affordable, but they only ask your time, efforts, and dedication to be a success. Once you get a targeted audience, it is important that you maintain long-term relations by providing them

something interesting with frequent updates.

Informative content, inspiring questions, and sneak peeks can make your social mobile app relevant and keep users interested in your app. In a single day, you should post two to three interesting posts that are ideal. But if you choose to post frequently, it will irritate your users; therefore, you make sure that you do not post often.

2. Make Social Media as a Top Priority

Do you know that your app users want to like or follow your company on the most influential social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? They are interested in your story, so you make sure that you allow them to share their experiences on different social media platforms as it is a low-investment and low-effort strategy.


Even this way, you can make your application more popular among other people. So, giving importance to social media platforms should be your priority.

3. Make Sure to Create User-friendly and Informative Content

It is important that you create unique and informative content to make your social media campaign successful as high-quality content can bring visibility to your application. You can develop content that is interesting to keep your targeted audience engaged.

For an example, if you have developed a fitness related application, then you need to market your app by writing posts on some of the tips from the experienced fitness builders.

Along with this, you should also prefer to develop some interesting videos related to your app that describe your application’s features, uses, etc. But it is important that you make funny, informative, and realistic type videos and promote such videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

4. Get in Touch with Social Media Influencers

Have you ever heard about social media influencers? They are a very important component to a brand’s earned media marketing program. All the people do not have an equally powerful voice on social media, so social media influencers are popular for their word-of-mouth marketing.

Mainly this type of marketing derives its value from 3 different sources like a social reach, influencers can reach to millions of consumers through their social channels and blogs. Today, an industry influencer can leverage more than thousands of daily users.

Social Media Influencers

To get the attention to your application, you need to identify leading influencers and reach out to them. Industry journalists and bloggers are considered as the best professionals to work with, so you can make a convincing reason for them to draw attention to your application.

Now, you should remember that most of the bloggers are not sharing information from their heart, but they are sharing as they are salaried through advertising, so you can provide content that engages the readers.

5. Rewarding Your Users for Installing Your App

When you will reward your users for installing your application on social media platforms, they will share it with their friends, family members, and other individuals. They will inspire others to install the application and get something in return.

By ensuring them that they will get something extra in return, you can make them happy as a small bonus of virtual currency or any digital rewards are something that can boost your audience reach and increase engagement without using any money. So, remember to reward your users that are an indirect way of marketing your app.

Here’s a list of social media sites that you can use:


Today, Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms with millions of users. You can use this channel to promote your application and it is also advisable for you to set-up a Facebook page for your application as the page will provide you a visibility in the social media world.

On that page, you can get feedback about your application like what users are feeling by using your app, etc. Moreover, you should include detailed information about your application on the page and make use of different screenshots of your app. Further, you can also provide a call-to-action button under the header image as it will make your brand noticeable.

You can also join groups and promote your application in those groups and create your own Facebook page would be a great idea, where you can invite people to join.


In the last couple of years, Instagram has gained the huge attention of businesses as it is the most widely used social media platform, where you can promote your apps, products, and services. Currently, the application has 600+ million users worldwide that increase from 500 million in June 2016.

So, if you want your application to seen and downloaded by various people, this platform is the magic spell, so having a visibility regarding your app, it is something that you need to keep in mind. Moreover, you can also talk about the people, who will download and use your application and show videos and images.


There are millions of people worldwide, who is using Twitter daily and 85% of those are accessing Twitter through a mobile device. Marketing through Twitter enables you to target these users and increase app installs and engagement level.

Moreover, using this amazing platform, you can reach influencers by remaking them in your tweets. Twitter Cards were one new feature that launched last year that allows you to use content marketing to boost the visibility of your application, resulting in boosting downloads.

So, these are the top social media platforms that you can use and promote your application regardless of its type and size. In case, if you want to get assistance from professionals, you can get in touch with a leading mobile app marketing company that has a team of experienced mobile app marketers.

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