A Comprehend Guide For Your Online Art Gallery

A Comprehend Guide For Your Online Art Gallery

Why wait to use following business opportunities to promote your products and then create an enticing online art gallery.

Too often an artist immerses himself to his paintings, scouting the vicious realms seeking a break from reality. Totally devoured from the physical existence, to cherish and mesmerize the sheer beauty of his creation.

The second you wear a breadwinner’s hat, you need to consider the business opportunity in your passion. It’s important that you put food on the table. In reality, the physical world demands much more than passion to survive.

Lame excuses like, How can I commercialize my passion? may not be enough. What if the solution is right there in front, an opportunity to monetize your passion and generate a steady flow of income.

1. With Art - Embark a Sustainable Creative Life

The modern world has opened a new realm of possibilities to an artist. Digital channels have created immense opportunity to share your creativity. Opportunities that extend to greater lengths and find a commercial value to the masterpiece you fashioned.

Creating a strong and vibrant business model not only promises you financial success but also helps root a domain authority in the niche.

With the digital wave came the increasing competition. A plethora of online art galleries have popped and is gaining significant commercial value in the market. To create a sustainable business model you need to implement the best strategies. Strategies that could help deliver the best customer experience.

From an entrepreneurial stand, you may need to revisit your traditional strategies, as the contemporary ones are way competent and well effective in terms of delivering high customer satisfaction.

2. Art - A Canvas Full of Emotions

The innate characteristics make it a challenge to position art as an ordinary commodity. Every piece should connect with the audience, ignite a feeling and inspire them to interact with the message/ story you are trying to convey.

Let me feast your eyes with few of the best digital strategies to promote your online art gallery.

3. Make Sure that you Start with A Descend Digital Platform

Art is a delicate piece, you need to make sure that the platform you choose enables your audience to enjoy the beauty without causing any inconvenience. The best option will be to start with a pre-built eCommerce platform provider like Shopify, Weebly, Volusion, Shopnix, etc.

These platforms provide simple yet elegant themes/ templates that give you everything to kickstart an online store. Addon to it, when comparing the cost, the initial investment required to set up an online art gallery will be substantially lesser with a pre-built platform provider.

In the virtual world, your digital store/ online art gallery will become the identity of your business. So, it’s significantly important that you maintain a vibrant personality for your online art gallery.

Your digital store should be designed in such a way that it should motivate people to explore the investigate the art displayed online. A lethargic user experience can cause a negative impact on your overall strategy.

It’s simple as this, the right platform ensures the visitor a sense of confidence. A well-organized eCommerce store with a simple user interface and an elegant user experience tend to have a higher conversion rate. The visitor will be excited about the online store and will find it much simpler to move down the buyer’s funnel.

4. Content Strategy - Leverage the Power of Visual Graphics/ Paintings

An image can convey 1000 words. Use your skill sets to address the mass population. Never put constraints and limit your passion. Don’t tag every activity to the monetary benefits you intend to derive.

As a business, you need to add massive value to the society before you decide to ask for a paycheck. Content offers one massive opportunity for you to add value to convey society. For eg: let’s say there is a steaming socio-economic issue that needs to be addressed “Air Pollution”.

Why not create an art/ painting addressing the issue. If your painting has the potential to lure the mass, then there exists a high chance for it to go viral. A viral portrayal could boost your domain authority.

Use your skills to educate society. Be genuine and reflect your view about the cause. People appreciate authentic interaction and responses. Let people find value with what you have to offer.

5. Social Media Marketing - Socialize, Educate, Empower the People

As an artist, this is one pivotal channel that can be used to promote your art/ paintings online. Statistics published in the article, How Do Your Social Media Habits Compare to An Average Person by Carolyn Sun point’s that an average person spends around 116 minutes a day on social media.

That’s a stunning number from a marketers point. A channel where most people engage and interact, I believe now you could see the opportunity. Think about this way, what if you are able to position your online art gallery on this platform.

Your paintings are great, no doubt on that. There are a lot of online art lovers who dwell on these platforms. So, if you try to connect these dots, then you will be able to plot an amazing business opportunity. Promote your art on social channels and sell online.

6. Social Media is Not a Broadcast Media

As almost all digital marketing gurus recite, social media is not a broadcast media. Being an introvert is not an excuse when the situation demands you have to puff up your chest and get things done. Regularly posting your artwork on social channels is a fine activity.

The challenge is unless and until you decide to socialize and empower the audience on the channels it gets harder to plot your efforts to conversions and sales. A simple strategy is to deliver more to the social community before you pitch in your sales campaign.

7. Treat Individual Social Channels with the Integrity it Deserves

Each social channel is unique with its own audience list. As an entrepreneur promoting your online art gallery you need to be sure that you have the right strategy set aside for individual social channels.

So, before you get excited and jump in, understand individual social channels. What seems to work on Instagram may not be the best fit on Linkedin.

Social channels like Facebook gives people an opportunity to create and participate in groups and communities that are of interest to them. Make sure that you will identify similar groups that are created around the topic of art/ paintings and will genuinely engage with the audience in these groups.

8. Influencer Marketing - How to Make the Best out of It

Influencer marketing, a not so widely used business strategy. If you are fairly new to digital marketing, this is one strategy that wouldn’t have got your attention. Let me help you understand this concept.

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Consider that you are fairly new to the art industry, and being a newbie you lack the fancy followers most revered artists have. Now that you are pretty much at an initial state you need to take all the help you could get.

Reach out to a celebrity or better put your skill sets to its best and then create an artwork around the personality and then share the same with the celebrity (eg: a funny caricature of Tom Hanks).

Pretty sure if the celebrity is happy with what you just created he/she will be kind enough to share it with their fan followers.

Also, you could partner with a custom t-shirt printing company and promote your artistic skills. Think about this way, your art printed on a t-shirt (with your signature) and a celebrity wearing the same.

9. Be Active in the Specific Niche - Establish a Domain Authority

Leave no opportunities unturned, make the best out of every opportunity that pops. Be active in the online local community, participate in art contests and art shows. Give an opportunity for the world to realize your talent.

Actively participating in these events can get your art to be noticed and get the recognition it deserves. The bigger the event you ace, greater the effectiveness.

Getting your art noticed can profoundly increase your online reputation and will linearly influence your business growth. Imagine the press attention and social attention it's going to bring.

10. Dynamic Retargeting - To Rekindle Interest in Target Customers

Dynamic retargeting is a powerful strategy that a digital entrepreneur should look into. With dynamic retargeting, you will be able to remarket a product that piqued the customer’s interest.

This strategy allows you to cookie the visitor's browser with a specific product, making sure that the product will follow the user to almost all websites he/ she visits.

It’s unusual that a customer tends to buy the product on their first visit. A dynamic retargeting campaign makes sure that the prospects are reminded continuously about the product.

As an entrepreneur be smart enough to leverage this opportunity and sell paintings online. A customer-centric strategy like this help root the brand presence among target customers and increase repeat sales.

Parting Note:-

The perks of being an artist is that you are able to express your creativity and give people an opportunity to see the world with a different perspective.

With the right marketing strategies, you get the opportunity to exhibit your skill sets to a diverse audience. Why wait to use these business opportunities to promote your products and then create an enticing online art gallery.

Nishant is a digital marketer by profession and blogger by passion. Nishant takes pride when it appears, that his online expeditions are adding value to people, and delighted when it touches people's lives and help them build a career. Nishant thrives to stay update on topics related to the digital marketing, and technologies that are revolutionizing the world. Inbound marketing is one of Nishant's forte.

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