Business Generation on Twitter via Psychological Persuasion

/ December 27, 2016 | 4 Mins Read

Business Generation on Twitter via Psychological Persuasion

Wish to generate business via Twitter? If yes, follow this thoughtful blog that psychologically persuades your users to achieve this goal.

Twitter is one of the largest Social Media Platforms in the world with almost 3.10 million monthly active users. This unique Social Media Platform offers a lot to the businesses for marketing purpose. It is a kind of Social Business Platform for businesses to present their brand/products/services and drive enough targeted traffic to their blog or website for building a strong relation with customers for increasing the ROI.

Why Do Businesses Prefer Marketing on Twitter?

Facts speak loud enough! Taking a good look at the facts below will give the best answer to this question:

  • Twitter is a powerful Neuromarketing platform for businesses for lead generation.
  • Almost 80% Twitter accounts belong to the users living outside the United States. In this way, business owners see this fact/number as a great chance of economical and global brand/product/service marketing.
  • Over 510 million Tweets sent on a daily basis are a good marketing opportunity for businesses.
  • Almost 67% companies across the globe market their brand/services/products on Twitter for lead generation.
  • 58% popular brands have over 1, 00,000 followers.
  • Conversations about customer care services have increased at least by 2.6% on Twitter.
  • Accurate business use of Twitter increases client satisfaction rate up to 20%.

These powerful facts give businesses/Social media marketing companies a great marketing opportunity on Twitter for instant lead generation via accurate Neuromarketing.

1. Marketing on Twitter for Lead Generation is Very Much Relevant or Similar to Neuromarketing:

Neuromarketing is all about catching your potential customer’s nerve. According to the best social media marketing companies, you know about the likes/dislikes/expectations and even requirements of your potential customers for lead generation.

Facts Never Lie!

  • Almost 55% followers instantly take action after seeing any brand mentioned in tweets. Their actions include the following:
    • Visiting brand’s official website
    • Purchasing services or products
    • Searching for the brand on Google
    • Retweeting brand’s content
  • 76% satisfied customers recommend products or services to other people on Twitter.
  • World Famous Companies like Nokia, Dell, HTC, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Pepsi, T-Mobile, Nike, Facebook and Coca-Cola etc. get in touch with people/followers and customers on their official twitter pages and tweet mouthwatering offers or any other business news. If needed, they even mention the link to their website to help customers get what they want.
  • Interaction with customers on Twitter helps 88% customers feel connected to the brand.

As for reason, companies have exceeded their expectations and requirements for their satisfaction.

The best social media marketing companies in the world know it. This is why they focus on utilizing Neuromarketing tricks for lead generation via Twitter.

2. Process for Generating leads via Neuromarketing on Twitter:

Twitter is a very useful social business platform for generating qualified leads at an affordable cost. However, it’s not possible for businesses/social media marketing companies without knowing the tricks of the trait. So it becomes important for business owners to be familiar with technicalities for marketing on twitter for lead generation.

3. Setup a Lead Generation Card:

Any practiced marketing professional employed with a reputed Twitter marketing company will always advise business owners to set up a Lead Generation Card. It is Twitter’s own marketing tool for the user to fill out a form and share their vital contact information with companies. There are three important reasons for it:

  • Your target audience does not have to bother about leaving Twitter to get to your website.
  • Twitter cards are for free.
  • Simplicity paves a path to organic leads


Creation of corporate advertising account on Twitter is advised for adding Twitter ads to account settings. Now companies can create a lead campaign for and setup a lead generation card. It can be a time-consuming task.

This is what social media users like the most. They want to stay on their Twitter profile and engage with your company/business right from there.

4. Execution of Tweet Optimization Practices:

Most of the reputed Twitter marketing companies or professionals advise businesses to execute tweet optimization practices to perfection.  Following are the vital components of tweet optimization process:

  • Compelling tweet-text
  • Hashtags
  • HD images and Links
  • Appropriate time of Tweet

Let’s take a look at the reasons below:

  • Use of a catchy tweet text inspires likes, retweets or even clicks to the websites of your company.
  • Accurate use of Hashtags makes your tweet standout and grabs the attention of the targeted audience.
  • Moreover, tweets containing inaccurate keywords get relevant information added because of Hashtags.
  • A user seeking out specific information prefer using hashtags.
  • Use of one or two hashtags makes your tweet subject to increased user engagement by almost up to 20%.
  • Tweets having easy to understand colorful images with a simple hint in the form of text can increase chances of the retweet by 150-160 percent easily.
  • According to Mr. Neil Patel, an image with a proper space from the link incorporated in tweet doubles Twitter profile/Tweet optimization effectively.

Most importantly, all this helps Twitter users get engaged with businesses with considerable ease for anything. Again, this is brain marketing for lead generation on Twitter.

These are several moreNeuromarketing tricks applied by Twitter marketing companies for increasing lead generation opportunities via twitter effectively.

This is how Psychological persuasion helps businesses generate leads via marketing on Twitter.

Author Bio:

Ryan Atkins is Content Writer at SoftProdigy.

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