10 Facebook Ads features you should be trying in 2020

/ December 11, 2019 | 5 Mins Read

10 Facebook Ads features you should be trying in 2020

Facebook advertising is an influential way to connect with your audience on the world’s huge social network. All time-changing Facebook algorithm can make it a challenge to bridge organically with fans. But Facebook’s micro-targeting features allow you to stick out to your target audience.

You know it and chances are almost everyone saw it surfing through your social media profile - We are talking about Facebook Ads.

Whatever you are trying to sell, there are people using the platform who might be your potential customer in the long run! Facebook makes it relatively easy to recognize your perfect audience and drive conversions through eye-catching ads!

With campaigns literally for your every need and a targeting option more than any other platform, reaching out to achieve your marketing objective now easier than ever. 

With over 1.8 billion people bouncing between Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, Believe us. It’s a hot take to sell your products and services


Facebook has a broad range of fantastic ad formats, targeting options, and campaign type. 

Here are the top 10 Facebook advertising features to get you started!

Telling a story with appropriate visual content is an excellent way of getting a message across. Facebook has found a way to merge both the elements with Carousel Ads. It can be thought of as a twisty soft-serve of digital marketing.


Carousel Ads allows you to display multiple images or videos in the same ad unit with the ability to link each image or video to various pages of your website!

These images can be used to highlight your products, features, or promotion! If done correctly, these ads can impact your conversions and CTR positively.

2. Engagement Ads on Wall Posts

People who are most likely to engage with your posts are more valuable to your business, right? It may look funny to your potential customers if they don't find customer interactions.

When people interact by liking, commenting, and sharing your stuff, there are more chances of your business to get recognized to a wide range of potential customers!


Engagement ads help you make your Facebook page look highly popular with anyone checking your business out! Facebook will display this type of ad to people who are likely to engage with your post.

It is not just about getting a lot of comments and reactions, but people want to be a part of the in-crowd! It is natural for any user to think, "if the business is so prominent, where are all the customers?"

With this ad format, you will look great and might win over many who visit your page and discover a unique, engaging business.

3. Lead Ads

In spite of being a cheap and highly effective ad format, Facebook Lead Ads also cancels out the need for people to visit a landing page on your website.

This ad allows you to obtain relevant information from potential customers using Facebook on their mobile devices. 

These ads can be used to get people to sign up for your email newsletter, offer deals, schedule appointments, and many more. Though as easy as it sounds. You have to take the lead for as simple as possible. 

Your audience won’t have the patience to fill down every detail in a form. This is one of many small points we miss out and have a huge impact on Facebook Ad conversion.

4. Video Ads

A lot of users engross themselves in watching videos on Facebook every day. If you can create videos that can be memorable and inspirational, people will remember you when they are in the market.


Video ads are an excellent and cheap Facebook ad feature that will help you in catching your potential customer's attention. These ads also help you deliver strong brand recall and high engagements.

If you feel your audience is not engaging with your full-length videos, you can always make use of Facebook GIF ads, which are just as dynamic as a regular video ad.

5. The Facebook Pixel

Whatever ads you post on Facebook, it is vital to keep track of the statistics! If you get an insight into your user's action, then nothing like it.

Facebook's tracking pixel tracks actions that include things like adding an item to a cart, content views, making a purchase, and completing registration.

The tracking pixel will help you measure conversions, optimize your ads and gain valid information of the Facebook users visiting your website.

6. Behavioural Targeting

Are you looking to target the people who are interested in your stuff?

Facebook's behavioural targeting is all about reaching people based on their past shopping behaviour, intent, the device used, travel preferences, and other characteristics.

Facebook, with the help of third-party partners, uses data to figure out specific behaviours, online and offline! Facebook will match up the data with user ID's, and allows advertisers to target audience segments based on many purchasing behaviours.

7. Interest Targeting

Facebook has various types of people with different interests, and they all share the platform for multiple purchases! Targeting a user based on their interest is useful to drive potential customers to your website. The interests can be activities, hobbies, or pages they have liked.

Facebook's interest targeting is useful for finding people who could potentially buy your products or services.

You will be able to reach a specific audience based on their interests, activities, and their engagements. Combining the interests will aid you in extending the reach of your ad.

8. Demographic Targeting

You can target people based on their location, gender, age, political views, job title, or specific life events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Facebook also offers financial targeting for you to display your ads to specific people earning above a certain amount! If you are selling an expensive product, you can make sure it is seen to people who can afford it! 

9. Website Conversion Campaigns

The primary purpose of a Website Conversion Campaign is to get people to perform a specific on-site action after viewing your ad.

An "Action" can mean anything. It could be driving people to your website, someone adding an item to a shopping cart, a visitor completing a purchase! 

If the objective of your ad is to get people to do something specific on your website, you should think of executing a website conversion campaign!

10. Remarketing

After you have done everything and targeted your customers, you will now need to do something like a follow-up. To reach people who have already interacted with or checked out your brand in some way, you can make use of Facebook remarketing


Facebook tags these people through web cookies. Your remarketing ads can then be displayed to those people as they go through their Facebook News Feed! This way, they will remember you and maybe convert on one of your offers.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger bots can be now created by businesses to ensure a continuous conversation with your customers, even without a human presence.

Facebook's chatbots have high potential in terms of customer service and sales. They can give automated information, take orders, help users purchase products or services, or provide dispatch notifications.

Using the right campaign according to your marketing strategy, clear-cut targeting your demographics and correct image dimensions for Facebook Ads are vital for getting the desired results.

With all these ad formats, you are good to go with your Facebook marketing adventure!

Rebecca Hill is the Outreach Coordinator at TechWyse, an SEO agency in Toronto, Canada. While she isn't building relationships with bloggers and influencers in the marketing world, she can be seen rooting for the Blue Jays.

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