How Employee Handbook Software Increase Work Productivity

How Employee Handbook Software Increase Work Productivity

An employee handbook is important in building a positive workplace culture and employee loyalty. Dive inside the article to know how Employee Handbook Software can improve morale, increase productivity and prevent disagreements of your business.

Employee handbooks are a compilation of policies, work ethics, code of conduct, promotion policies and everything that an employee might need to know about their organization. They also explain a company's mission, values, and its purpose. 

Handbooks make it easier for employers to share their company’s policies and work expectations to the employees. It helps the employees understand what is expected of them and to keep their performance in check throughout their employment duration.

Designing employee handbooks is a painful process, and the major problem with the manual handbook is that it cannot be changed and if it has to be, it is difficult to distribute it throughout the employees all over again. It becomes difficult to communicate new policies to the employees and change the policies on case to case basis. 

To solve this issue employers can bring into use employee handbook software. Employee handbook software, like AirMason, makes it easier to update and create policies whenever needed and helps employees in many ways.

Following are some ways in which employee handbook software helps increase workplace productivity.

1. Time Management

For businesses small and large, time is money. With a manual handbook, employees might have to go through the handbook all over again if they want to review an aspect or consult a policy which can be very time consuming. 

With a software-based handbook, employees are provided with a table of contents and can skip to any part of the handbook that they want. This helps them manage time more efficiently and refer to policies relevant to their problems more easily since digital handbooks are easier to navigate.

Digital handbooks also save time for employers. Writing the policies, then getting the design done, printing, distribution and  following up on employees to see if they have read those policies is painstakingly time consuming. By using digital handbooks, companies can save hours worth of time that can be invested in increasing work output. 

2. Ensure Compliance to Employment Laws

With manual handbooks, employers do not actually know if the employees went through the handbooks and company policies or not. So, it makes it difficult to ensure that employees are familizaried with laws, policies and company culture. 

Software based handbooks have various useful features like e-signature that solves this problem. You can record e-signatures to know which employees have read the complete handbook. This way they can be held accountable if they go against the company policies.

Digital handbooks also have intranet portals that help the company track how many people have download and read it. Hence keeping track and ensuring policies is really easy with handbook software and can vastly improve workplace productivity.

3. Real Time Updates

For a company to maintain workplace productivity it is very important that the demands of employees are taken into consideration from time to time. In situations like the ones we are living in, work policies and laws have changed which were not thought of before. 

In such cases, temporary laws and policies need to be implemented. The needs of workplaces can change from time to time based on new goals and company vision. Companies can also add new policies or remove policies from time to time. 

If your company is from the stone age, you might think of printing the new policies and distributing them around. Or if you have progressed a little then you would drop an email to all the employees.

But if you have really progressed, you will just make an update in your handbook and each employee will be notified automatically. You can track if they have rad the policies too. 

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