How Not to Lose Your Mind While Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

/ August 8, 2019 | 5 Mins Read

How Not to Lose Your Mind While Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

Managing multiple Instagram accounts is feckly as difficult as it sounds. Instagram users with multiple accounts can now easily switch between them in the Instagram app. You’ll be well on your way to celebrity status if you utilize the steps on how to manage multiple Instagram accounts.

The platform is more than just a place for quality images. Instagram managers are now in struggle to juggle between managing clients’ accounts in order to increase brand awareness and drive more sales. What actually happens when more accounts require similar enthusiasm from one account manager?

You probably already know how to get the best results for your clients, and how you can improve the exposure of their accounts. What you're probably missing, are ways in which you can be more efficient, not to spend the entire day on mundane tasks that can be done, with just a few twitches in your routine.

Are there better ways of managing multiple accounts and keep your sanity in the process?

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1. Strategy comes first

Preparation is the key to success. Especially when handling multiple Instagram accounts. When you don't have a plan set into place, things can quickly get out of hand. You can either miss posts, damage your client's Instagram engagement and eventually miss out on the results you predicted.

When executing an Instagram strategy, you need to be consistent and do things in the same manner. There is always the requirement for adjusting some aspects of an account, such as posting times, content, and narrative of the posts. These elements can be improved by making a slight adjustment to your strategy.

Have record of where you list your account goals, the strategy you have set into place and how you will deploy your Instagram activities.Keep tabs on your daily posting routines and you will be able to observe and gather quality data on how to better your strategy over time to increase the success of your clients’ accounts.

When working with an account to always keep your files opened, not to lose your focus and add or remove any ideas from your already established strategy.

When you have a systematic strategy and follow the same framework and workflow, you can shift your focus away from always thinking of what to do next to knowing how to better your existing strategy to attain better results.

2. Organize your content

On social media, and especially on Instagram, content is king. Having quality content goes a long way and can be the sole difference maker of whether your account gains social proof or not. With great content, however, comes great responsibility.

When managing multiple Instagram accounts, the content you create, curate, and post comes first. To make life easier, you need to make sure that your visual assets are selected based on the theme of each account and then stored into a place where it can easily be retrieved.

You can make use of existing online tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which are often easily accessible – and free – to organize content for each account.

Not only does organizing content provide a clear pathway of where to find your digital assets, but it also makes your life easier as you can be more efficient in retrieving content. When you have a well-organized asset folder, with visual assets, caption texts, and hashtags, posting content on individual accounts become fast and more efficient.

3. Schedule your posts

When dealing with multiple accounts, it’s physically impossible to post different content on more than one account. That is why third-party apps such as Buffer have gained popularity as they cater to the needs of Instagram content managers that manage one or more accounts.

Even though these apps allow them to schedule posts ahead of time, Instagram content managers often fail to make full use of their affordances and plan their posts only a day or two in advance.

Guilty as charged! To ensure that you get things done with minimal effort and time, set up a weekly workflow where you schedule your posts a week or two in advance – depending on your availability.

The planned approach takes away from the daily stress of having to schedule regular posts and allows you to focus more of your attention towards other tasks such as engagement, strategy optimization, or growth.

You will no longer be checking all Instagram accounts to see if you omitted to post and you will be able to prioritize your tasks once the time-consuming part is done and dusted.

4. Make Use Of Available Tools

The niche already has a variety of options out there and if you’re a part of an agency you’re most likely using some. Software solutions like hashtag planners and post scheduling tools make our lives easier on a daily basis.

However, if you’re managing multiple clients and juggle between various accounts, Instagram analytics tools can come in handy – and not only for reporting.

When managing multiple Instagram accounts for your clients it’s easy to lose focus from underperforming posts. What you want to do is exactly the opposite.

Keeping an eye on metrics such as follower growth and engagement activity can help you identify bottlenecks and allow you to tend to posts that aren’t aiding to growth and are lagging behind. Timely reaction is everything!

The use of analytics tools can help us understand how account is developing, what sort of content works, how to optimize and improve based on the data retrieved from the app.

If you want to strike a special chord with the client, tools like IGBlade allow you to create branded reports at an instant, incorporate the dashboard onto your agency’s website and an all-round easy client access with the use of Zapier integration makes the metrics readily accessible for active collaboration.

Keeping your clients around and satisfied is just as valuable as keeping your sanity in check.

5. Write your captions ahead of time

Even though visual assets are an integral part of Instagram growth, images, and videos without captions are meaningless and do not have a similar conversion rate. We previously mentioned how scheduling and organizing your assets saves time – the same goes for your post captions.

Batch writing your captions once you have all your post selected and organized makes you become a better caption writer. Even though it can take up to 4-5 hours to write captions for the number of posts, writing everything in one go means that you have done the most enduring part of your posting strategy in one day or less. 

It's recommended to shy away from any online distraction and dedicate your full attention to the task at hand. Not only will you be completing all the necessary elements for your posts, you will also see how your captions can fit better with your visual assets.

6. Use Cheat Sheets

Having several accounts that you need to manage is no easy endeavor, especially when each post requires specific location tags, captions, and hashtags. As you store and retrieve location tags, content, and captions from the organized folder, hashtag sets should be no different.

If you are like me and you prefer to add hashtags while scheduling posts, then it is recommended that you bring out your hashtag list and keep it in your sight to be able to choose the best hashtags that are relevant to the post. While this is a great way to customize your posts for better reach, it is not always the most convenient way of finalizing your posts.

Hashtags are often very appealing to Instagram managers as they are always looking to find better hashtags; however, they can distract managers from their primary goal, that of systemizing their workflow. Always make use of the hashtags you already have sourced and tested and dedicate time to finding new, after you’ve completed your posting routine.

Final Remarks

When you manage multiple Instagram accounts, it's easy to get lost in minute details. This can become a burden in the long run as the entirety of your time will be absorbed trying to get things done on time and meeting your client's needs.

To remain sane and not go off-grid, you need first to define your strategy, organize your content in due time, and plan out the material a week or two in advance. We know this sounds a bit too harsh and does not fit the laid-back workflow you envisioned, but believe me, you’ll feel that you have done more in less time.

Imagine you have completed all your tasks by Wednesday. How does that feel like?

Vincze Kalnoky is a co-founder of one of the leading Instagram analytics platforms on the web. Longtime social media specialist and entrepreneur he specializes in all things Instagram. He also co-founded, a popular Instagram growth platform.