8 Important Tips to Fight Against CyberBullying

8 Important Tips to Fight Against CyberBullying

This Step by step article will take you to few points which will make you learn more about controlling or combating cyberbullying

Whenever we talk about data security - the first thing, which comes to our minds, is the protection of our data and all the important information that our website possess. With this note, we all know that we are living in the world of digitization and almost everyone has an online business today.

Today electronic devices are used for both almost everything in the world and have become an integral part of our lives. The different electronic systems, which we use today, are operated by the data-driven sources where we have to put some of our logs in details, passwords and other private information. With this, the thought that often instills our minds is that are we safe to do these kinds of transactions. Is our data safe and protected? Thus it is better not to compromise on the cybersecurity.

With the rise of the Internet security parameters, the need of SSL certificates or say HTTPS security has become a prominent factor in online transactions. For this, there are many security options for strong security and encryption. Online businesses expect to secure domain name with certificate like Comodo Positive SSL for customer’s data privacy concern. Lack of security especially for online data can often lead to serious cyberbullying that may have dangerous repercussions on your online business.

This article will take you to few points which will make you learn more about controlling or combating cyberbullying. Let's take step by step:

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying occurs through the digital devices like mobile phones, computers, tablets, and any other digital devices. In fact with teens, Cyberbullying is most common via SMS, Text, and apps, and this is also very common via the social media platforms and the gaming forums where teens participate and share their information online.

In Cyberbullying, information can be sending, sharing, any negative and obscene or false information, images, texts or videos that can hamper the personal information of the person whose stuff has been leaked or shared. This can cause embracement and humiliation and at times turns into a serious crime.


There is a research, that has been conducted on cyberbullying that indicates that up to 17% of teenagers and young people face cyberbullying and all this before the age of 25, this is surprising and had adverse effects. Cyberbullying can be in many different forms and different shapes and kinds, in fact, it is totally subjective to the person who is facing. It is serious and very dangerous.

Check out some of the best tips to combat Cyberbullying:

1. Don’t respond instantly:

If you are facing bullying form, someone, please don't respond immediately or panic because this is what the reaction the bully wants from you. Do not overdo, as this will give the bully more power to harm you. Be patient.

2. Save all the evidence:

So, if you any pieces of evidence or proofs about the bully, like - texts, images, emails, or any other evidence, then save them and keep them safe. This evidence can be used against the bully under the cyberbully law act. So even if the bullying is just minor or very minute keep everything safe so that these can be used against digital bullying and we can escalate them further.

3. Speak out to whom you trust:

Prefer to talk to an adult, whom you trust, this will help you to be relieved a bit. It is preferred if you can involve your parents as they are your strong support in your good and bad times.

4. Be genuine:

On social media, it often happens that you like someone and talk to them, but in case you do not like anyone or their texts or so, please stop talking and don't go to the person's level. Be decent enough for not to respond to the gossip and other trash talks. Treat people the way they should be treated else you will be bullied in return.

5. Just Block and delete:

The moment you are harassed and you feel it is coming on you more often, block the bully and report it. If you will quiet, it will not help you. In case the bully is texting, or sending images or putting comments then go to your privacy settings and block the person from sending you the same.

6. Protect passwords:

It is always advisable to protect the passwords of your every account on the web and on the social media. Especially, with the teens, it is very important that they keep their passwords safe and secure. Please do not give the bullies an opportunity to get into your account.

7. Don’t put yourself into trouble:

It feels terrible when you are bullied. So do not give any opportunity to anyone from anywhere to bully you. Just think for few seconds how does it feel if you are bullied, this will avoid bullying and objectionable activities on the web that may lead to bullying.

8. Don't be a bystander, be a friend:

Watching or participating in the act of bullying hurts the most to the person who is suffering. If you know someone doing it please stop it, don't just be a bystander and have a look at it, as this attitude of yours will empower the bullies more, thus report it when you see it is happening near or around you. If you can’t stop bullying, please don't be an onlooker. Do something about and report it, you can save somebody's life.

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