8 Content Ideas Perfect for Lawyers

8 Content Ideas Perfect for Lawyers

Today most attorneys know that having an active social media presence and producing content is a must in order to stay competitive, build strong client connections, an expanded community connected with your firm, and, ultimately, more and better business.

As a law firm, you’re probably aware of how social media is changing the world of marketing and communication between clients and their attorneys. There are many benefits for legal firms using social media platforms.

Not only can they improve the lines of communication between them and their clients, but it also helps to advance their search engine ranking whilst attracting new customers. Lawyers can create tailored marketing strategies to produce hundreds of potential new leads.

However, despite all the benefits and advantages of social media, one question still remains: what should lawyers post on Facebook? Legal firms should mainly focus on engaging, meaningful, relevant content, but what does that look like? 

Here we’ll look at some content inspiration, so read on for eight examples of content ideas that are perfect for lawyers. 

A great benefit of social media is that it allows you to establish your legal firm as a well-informed team that can guide prospective clients. The most effective way to do this is by posting and promoting relevant legal articles and tips for potential clients.

Check out content from legally approved blogs, news articles, company websites, or organizations. This process can help you become the go-to page for reliable advice and support and promote your brand and your company.

2. Something funny

Just because you're a legal firm doesn't mean you don't have a sense of humor. It shows your human side, makes you relatable and, in many cases, makes you more approachable and likable as a legal firm.

Many people picture lawyers as money-orientated, cold and stuffy characters; this humorous approach helps to change that. Legal jokes and memes are a great way to boost engagement – with some followers even sharing your content and allowing it to be seen by even more people. Give your firm a personality

3. News about your firm

Have you got some upcoming events? If your firm likes to participate in local events, provides free advice sessions, or is involved in local charity events or sponsorships, then it's important to let your followers and your clients know.

Rather than sending out hundreds of separate emails, an eye-catching, informative post is all you need. You can even create specific events on Facebook and invite clients and followers to attend!

4. Share motivational quotes 

We've all probably liked or shared a motivational quote or post at some point. This goes to show how effective and engaging these posts are. Not everyone on social media wants to have their news feed filled with promotional material or legal warnings and serious content; they seek entertainment and thought-provoking posts too.

Motivational quotes are a good way to keep your followers interested, have your content shared and seen by others and to boost your online follow ship. Give it a try. 

5. Post breaking news stories

Has something huge just happened in the legal world? Is there a high-profile case that you’ve been following? Posting breaking news stories relevant to your legal sector is a great way to provide your own opinion and views on the matter, and it shows that you’ve got your finger on the pulse and are following world events. 

6. Behind the scene photos and videos

These posts can be incredibly engaging, and it’s an acute insight into the inner workings of your firm and it makes you more relatable to prospective clients. A video of your office space, where the team gathers for coffee, or how you spend the hours of your day. Candid shots promote a sense of trust and add a sense of realism to your firm. 

Asking questions on your social media pages is a simple and easy way for potential and current clients to reach out to you and interact. Which in turn will get your pages noticed! Questions like – who got the pets after you divorced? Or, how long did you get behind the wheel again after your accident? Questions similar to these evoke a strong emotional response from people! 

8. Recommend your favorite items or products 

Again, this post is another way to build trust and relatability with your audiences. Whether you’re talking about your favorite pens and stationery products, or your favorite coffee brand and mug, you’re adding another level of realism to your brand and allowing followers to engage with you over another topic.

 A trip down memory lane

Images of when you first graduated from law school, the initial interiors of your office, or shaking hands with a client from years ago. Posts that take you down memory lane are always good for engagement and help your clients and followers feel like they’re part of your story!

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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