3 Advantages of Chatbots in Mobile Games

/ March 25, 2020 | 4 Mins Read

3 Advantages of Chatbots in Mobile Games

Mobile apps revolutionizing the industry is nothing fresh, we all are aware of the fact the evolution of technology has rendered a few ideas obsolete before. Mobile apps being a new gaming platform,and with chatbot integration, players can play games directly through the messaging platform without a separate application. Know how.

If you are not living all these years secluded in a cave deep inside the Amazon rainforest, you must have an idea about the exponential growth story, popularity and huge cultural factor mobile game app industry offers.

In fact, online games now turned to mobile games only to go through some of the beyond-recognition changes. Latest smartphone flagships are now the closest alternatives to gaming consoles that can facilitate playing the most complex and intricately featured games. 

But mobile games also have undergone massive changes thanks to new technologies and new mobile game design inputs. In recent years, Chatbots have emerged as a massive value addition to a number of mobile games.

In the space of mobile game apps development, India has produced many success stories based on new gaming technologies. Gaming Chatbots can be the next big bait for these game development companies. 

Did Chatbots really give a substantial boost to user engagement and growth in-app revenues? The answer is “Yes” for most mobile game apps that introduced Chatbots. How has this become possible? How can game Chatbots really help boost player engagement and revenues? Through the following post, we will try to get replies to these questions. 

The Emergence of Chatbots as New Gaming Platforms 


Since Chatbots emerged as the most useful tool to get replies of our common queries while using digital platforms, we have entered into an era of digital messaging or digital chat.

No wonder, even the leading business brands turned to Chatbots for customer communication and query handling. How can mobile games as one of the high earning app niches can leave behind this trend? 

While chat apps are already equipped to order a pizza or call an Uber for you, the Chatbots themselves can serve as the new game platforms. Already, several signs refer to this possibility. 

The coming together of chatbots with the HTML 5 technology is opening new vista of possibilities in this regard. There is a common aspect to both Chatbots and most game platforms. Yes, users through a chatbot most of the time try to discover an item or a reply to his or her query. A similar thing happens with gaming platforms. 

Most games are about discovering a way out or a solution to a problem. Can the game players instruct a game app to take certain actions through voice commands? Yes, they can and this opens up the possibility of using Chatbots as the new gaming platforms. Moreover, for all in-app purchases game players now can use voice commands. 

How Chatbots can Really bring Revolution to the Gaming Experience?


Chatbots help a game player to operate the device commands and in-app commands without using his or her hands. If this is not enough voice Chatbots built intelligently based on the previous player behavior and preferences often can deliver personalized suggestions. 

Moreover, Chatbots are pretty common to most web and mobile platforms these days and naturally for the mobile game players they offer the natural extension of the expected value addition common to most digital platforms. 

Let us have a quick look at the key advantages of mobile game Chatbots. 

1. It Makes In-App Purchases Easier 

From the perspectives of mobile game revenue and growth opportunities, in-app purchases play a very important and elusive role. With the inclusion of voice Chatbots in the players of the mobile game simply can make hands-free commands about intended in-app purchases. This will obviously help boost the volume of game app purchases and revenue potential of the app. 

2. Huge Scope of personalized Game Communication 

Like any mobile app users, mobile game players also feel pleased when they are addressed with the first name or personal attributes. A game chatbot being culturally aware can ask a game player after Christmas holidays “ Hi Bob! How was the holiday?”.

Such communication creates more grounds for player engagement. Personal communication can help engage the players even more besides creating a pleasing atmosphere. 

The game chatbot can also inform the player about certain common attributes that the player is more likely to inquire about. Moreover, the game chatbot can also take the player feedback with appropriate questions and communication. A game chatbot can quickly understand the pain points for the game players and can make suggestions accordingly. 

3. Immersive Gaming without Buzzing Limbs 

Games are increasingly becoming immersive thanks to technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. For highly immersive game playing experience, often the game apps find it hard to keep in touch with the practical aspects during the game-play. 

For example, when playing an immersive action game, the player may need to purchase a coupon or an energy pack to stay alive and play. In such times, the voice chatbot notification can help the game player to come to senses and make a quick purchase with a simple voice command. 

For many immersive games, the ability to make quick voice commands or get quick notifications without affecting the game playing experience is crucial. This is where an in-game voice chatbot can help tremendously. 


From the above-mentioned elucidation, it is clear game Chatbots offer a bounty of values both for the game playing experience and for the game commerce. In the years to come, we can expect more game apps to capitalize on the benefits of Chatbots. 

Juned Ghanchi is Co-founder and CMO of IndianAppDevelopers, top-notch apps development company India, we have leveraged all the latest tech into mobile games and have 8+ years of experience of mobile game design and development. After serving all the major industries as a marketing head, he started his own business to help tech startups and individual business owners like him with their necessity of technology.

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