7 WordPress Plugin Every Content Marketer Should Have

7 WordPress Plugin Every Content Marketer Should Have

Do you want to optimize your content marketing strategy? If yes, utilize WordPress plug-ins. Here’s a list of WordPress plug-ins that every content marketer should be aware of.

WordPress, the holy grail of every digital marketer can make a difference in your content marketing strategy. You will see, how WordPress accelerate your campaign efficiently.

There are many advantages that WordPress provides you as a content marketer and these specific reasons make a heck of a difference between a successful one and the failed one. Take a note of the following points,

  • WordPress is easily customizable by installing themes to change the appearance of your website.
  • It is super easy to manage your website’s blog section with WordPress.
  • Because of its short learning curve, it is easy to learn.
  • The community of WordPress is to which can come in handy if you need any help.
  • There are many WordPress development services available for more complex tasks.

So, you see, why WordPress is so popular. And believe me, these are just a few pointers I had mentioned, if I write a detailed version, it might take over the entire article.

But we are here for content marketing right? So, let’s stick to it.

WordPress Basics for Content Marketing

The basics of content marketing in WordPress is not very complex but it is not as easy as it seems. WordPress is very easy to learn, but it is not that easy to master. So, you need to be smart when marketing content via WordPress. In a nutshell, you must follow these steps to ensure that you’re on right track,

In this article, the plugins I am going to represent will help you to achieve these tasks. These tasks will ensure that your content marketing will engage and help your business grow (or blog to expand).

These plugins are given below,

1. OptinMonster

The basic function of content marketing is to ensure the better conversion rate by turning your viewers into potential leads. To achieve this goal, you need a perfect weapon from the armory of the WordPress.


OptinMonster is that perfect weaponry which will help you to conquer the leads. It is a very powerful WordPress lead generation tool. This plugin allows you to create very engaging opt-in forms to attract your visitors.

It also allows you to design striking and engaging CTA (Call To Action) button to complete the task with high success rates. It offers you interactive slide-in forms, incredible exit-intent lightboxes, floating bars and much more. It also allows you to do page level targeting in order to build a highly sectioned email list of your visitors.

2. LinkPatrol

Link building is an essential process for a content marketer. It can be a herculean task to find broken links in the huge pile of internal and external links. This is where LinkPatrol comes in handy. It helps you to find any kind of problem with the link.


One of the biggest issues is if you know or not that the link is spammy. Most of the time we don’t know that the external link is spammy and we link it to our website which in return ruins your website’s SEO. So, Link Patrol is a wonderful tool which points everything faulty about the link and lets you know about it without much trouble. This indeed saves you a lot of time.

3. W3 Total Cache

SEO’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings are very crucial for a content marketer. They are the biggest source of organic traffic for the website. And I suppose you know that the SEO rankings are highly dependent on the speed of your website. If it is not fast enough then fellas, you might have a big problem to face.


W3 Total Cache is a caching plugin and a caching plugin is always highly recommended for a content marketer. It caches a static version of your website in the browser of the visitor which makes your website incredibly fast to load. This helps you to improve your website’s SEO ranking significantly.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Google is a God of online websites. All need its blessings in order to get success in the website visibility. WordPress SEO by Yoast helps you to achieve that. It is a fully featured SEO all-in-one tool. This tool confirms all kinds of optimisation a content requires to be SEO enhanced.


Its features are incredible such as exhaustive content analysis, you can set templates for title and meta description, powerful readability checks to ensure quality content, full control of taxonomy of the post, Permalink cleanup, XML Sitemaps and much more. It is the must have WordPress plugin for a content marketer.

5. Any Button Share

Social media has its own influence when it comes to the promotion of the content of your website. You need some effective tools to achieve the target or else all your hard work on the content, the design of your website is wasted away.


Any Button Share is an awesome tool to provide your viewer with an option to share your content. I have seen it working very well when the content is very long. Then you need to stick with the viewer, so in that case, you must go for Any Button Share which will float on any of the corners until your viewer scrolls the content. This keeps an option open for the viewer if he wants to share your content, he won’t have to scroll it down or to the top at all. He can easily do it as the share option will flow with the screen.

6. Edit Flow

Edit flow is the best WordPress editorial management plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can easily strategize your content marketing and then mark it in the editorial calendar provided by the plugin itself.


With this plugin, you can assign custom post status and all the editor related work you want. This is an incredibly handy WordPress plugin for managing all the editorial related management work.

7. Optimizely

Optimizely plugin enables you to conduct A/B Testing very easily. A content marketer needs a scenario where he can test the quality and layout of the pages. This helps him to make better decisions with the help of robust and crisp data regarding the different viewerbehaviourr on different layouts.


It is very easy to use and that is the reason I put it on the list. There is no technical knowledge required to use this plugin and that is the reason it is best for a content marketer.

So, these are the seven WordPress plugins that will help you to market your content effectively. This will definitely reflect in the ROI of your business as well. Let’s have a look again on the plugins we discussed above,

  • OptinMonster
  • LinkPatrol
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Floating Social Bar
  • Edit Flow
  • Optimizely

I hope you like my views on this topic. Please share it. If you have any opinion of your own then feel free to share it via comments. Till then have a good one.

Author Bio:

Jason Daszkewicz is an experienced WordPress developer for Wordsuccor Ltd where you can find him delivering custom WordPress plugin development solutions for small and large size businesses. When he is not working, he likes to spend his time outdoors exploring the world, people and technology.

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