Twitter Marketing: The Complete Guide for Business

/ December 4, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

Twitter Marketing: The Complete Guide for Business

This Twitter marketing strategy 2020 is specifically designed for people looking for Twitter marketing tips, whether it is small business owners, solopreneurs, or digital marketers.

Twitter can be one of the most challenging marketing platforms to learn and upscale. However, that does not mean it cannot be rewarding. In fact, it is one of the most rewarding platforms to market your services or product on.

Once you master Twitter marketing, it will help you bring in more sales, increase audience engagement, and build your brand at a very swift pace. The question is, how do you use Twitter for marketing?

To answer this question, I will share some Twitter marketing strategies for 2020 in this write-up. 

Chances are, once you practice these Twitter marketing tips, you will end up becoming a Twitter marketing genius in a short period.

But before that, let me share some tips that you should consider while preparing a Twitter marketing strategy.

Tips to Consider While Preparing a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Marketers often say, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never reach your destination.” In simple words, if you do not have a plan and a full-proof strategy, how can you know what you wish to achieve or how you are going to achieve it? 

Let me now answer the question: “How to do marketing on Twitter?” First of all, you need to do is devise a Twitter marketing strategy.

Take a look at the tips given below to get the answer to your question, “How to do marketing on Twitter?”

Research your buyer personas

The very first step while creating buyer personas on Twitter is to brainstorm who they could be. Once you have prepared a comprehensive list, ascertain the ones who have similar roles or needs, and consider managing them. The next step is to prioritize your list of personas by assessing their impact on the final purchase decision, their relationship with your company, and the size of the audience persona group. 

Engaging content

Once you have created your audience persona group, the next step is to prepare engaging content for them. This is where an editorial calendar comes into the picture. With the help of it, you can create an endless supply of content for your target audience. By affiliating with the right media agency, you can both plan and organize your Twitter marketing campaign. Creating a shared document where content can be continuously added, edited, and adjusted is crucial. 

Schedule your posts

According to Buffer, tweets posted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have higher CTR than those posted on other days of the week. 

Certain studies have shown that posting between 12 PM and 6 PM is the best time for posts. Others believe that the hours between 12 PM and 3 PM on Monday to Friday work the best. 

The peak timing of your posting is dependent on your target audience. Hence, I recommend you to test how the content performs during different times of the day and then take a call. Once you’ve determined the right time, use Twitter marketing tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts to go live at peak hours. 

And when you post, do not forget to add the right hashtags. Keep the hashtags to a bare minimum. 

Analyze results

Once you have posted your Twitter content, analyze the results using Twitter marketing tools like Twitter ads manager and Socialbakers.

These are some of the tips to consider while preparing a Twitter marketing strategy. In the next section, I will answer your question: “How do you use Twitter for marketing?” 

Tips to Help You Boost Conversions and Improve Your Brand Awareness Using Twitter Marketing

While carrying out the Twitter strategy, please follow the tips given below to boost conversions and improve your brand awareness.

1. Complete Twitter profile

The first thing you need to do while using Twitter for business is to complete your Twitter profile. Therefore, you must customize and brand your Twitter profile with logos, colors, and other recognizable and memorable details that you need to integrate into your profile. There are certain sections where you need to customize your profile.


Your Twitter Handle is your username. This needs to have your company’s name so that followers, customers, and fans can easily search and find your profile on Twitter. To create your Twitter handle, look at the step-by-step instructions here.


Your header on your Twitter profile is your background image. You need to select an exclusive image for your header, use your logo, or other branded image. To customize your Twitter profile, click here.

Profile picture

Your Twitter profile picture showcases every move that your company makes. You can also showcase posts, tweets, and interactions on the platform. This is the image which is above your bio where you can include your company’s logo, initials, or information about the CEO. If you need help uploading your Twitter profile picture, click here.


A Twitter bio provides a summary of what they’re about to see in 160 characters or less. This can include your Mission statement, a blurb about what your company does, or something humorous and engaging.

Website URL

Underneath the profile picture and bio, you can see a location wherein you can include your site URL to drive traffic to your website.


At the place where you found your URL, you can insert your company’s birthday. This way, your target audience can get to learn about your business on a personal level. 

2. Research your competitors

An excellent Twitter strategy is to keep an eye on your competitors’ marketing efforts. I suggest you follow them or simply search them to see what they’re posting. It will also pay if you check out their necessary engagement details like the number of retweets, comments, and responses. This is a simple way to check out the Twitter marketing strategies that your competitors are using and whether they are getting success from it or not.

3. Design the best Visuals

Twitter is a great social media marketing tool that allows you to design the best visuals for your brand. This includes the recommended size for your profile picture or logo (400x400px), header picture (1080x360px), feed images (510x290px), and links (540x180px). You can create the best visuals on Twitter using tools like Canva and Adobe Photoshop if you wish to create a more advanced visual. 

4. Analyze hashtag performance/individual tweet performance

You must measure certain metrics to ensure that your business is performing well on Twitter. Here are some of the metrics that you need to check:


It provides information about the number of follows, retweets, replies, favorites, and click-throughs your tweets receive.


Keeps a tap on the number of times your tweets appeared on one of your audience members’ timelines.


Find out which hashtags are being used by your target audience and followers frequently. 

Top Tweets

Ascertains the tweets with the most engagement.

The best way to track Twitter analytics is by using social management tools like Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social. The good thing about these tools is the analytics features are automatically built into it. 

5. Host Twitter chats

Now it is possible to schedule and host a Twitter chat to engage with your followers. You can even discuss a hot topic and ask for their opinion. First of all, to host a Twitter chat, select a topic, then set a date and time for the chat to happen, then create a hashtag for the chat. You can even share this information with your followers in a tweet, on your website, in your Twitter bio, and wherever else you opt for.

Everyone who participates in the Twitter chat can then view all responses, questions, and comments concerning a topic of choice by researching your exclusive hashtag and sharing their comments and ideas by adding the hashtag to their tweets. 

Concluding Thoughts

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool to take full advantage of it. It can help you get the desired traffic to your website, improve your brand’s awareness, engage your target audience, and create a personal relationship with your followers and customers. You can even boost sales and increase your conversion rates through Twitter marketing. 

So, here you have it, everything that you wish to learn about Twitter marketing for your business. 

Consider the marketing tips and tricks that I have mentioned in this write-up, and get started by creating and sharing your Twitter content to grow your business today!

Vivek Asrani is working as a Senior Content Specialist at Acquire. He has been providing high quality content to clients over a period of 7 years. Many of his articles have been published in magazines and blogs. His expertise revolves around blogging, website content writing, press releases, infographics, eBooks, etc. He loves reading and writing.

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