Tips for Student Entrepreneurs to Effectively Market Their Business Startup

Tips for Student Entrepreneurs to Effectively Market Their Business Startup

Startups are on the acceleration and students are enthusiastic to launch their own business as opposed to a nine-to-five job. As simple as it might sound, opening a business needs patience and precise planning.

College years are a fascinating time for the majority of students. Still, this time also can be fascinatingly lean. With college tuition fees skyrocketing every year, a great many students decide to start their own business in college to keep themselves afloat.

If you have some brilliant business ideas, there is no need to wait until graduation to get your brand off the ground. Still, a successful business requires well-thought marketing. Be it a cleaning company, car wash, or a nanny agency, you need to make sure that your services or products hit your target audience.

Of course, you can rely solely on the word of mouth marketing strategy to attract your potential clients’ attention to your business. But rumoring alone isn’t enough to make your startup successful.

Below you can find simple recommendations that will allow you to effectively promote your business startup without spending a fortune on a marketing campaign.  

1. Make a Promo Video 

Promotional videos have long become an important part of any marketing campaign. It’s a fast and relatively cheap way to hit your target audience and introduce your service or product in an unobtrusive way. Making an eye-catching video definitely won’t be a problem for you.

We bet you’ve already created countless PPT presentations and video projects for your classes. By the way, in the face of tons of assignments, you still will be able to devote enough time to creating an appealing promotional video. Neither your Lord of the Flies essay nor a cybersecurity science project will prevent you from becoming a successful entrepreneur. Should you need help with any of your college assignments, don’t hesitate to visit the Tooly website.

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You can find tons of essay samples on the website and get different sort of academic help from Tooly specialist. So, it’s high time you came up with an idea for your video. Consider creating how-to videos on topics of interest to your target audience, such as combining parenthood and work (or study), essential car maintenance tips, effectively cramming for exams, etc. Make sure to tie the advertised product or service organically into your video.  

2. Get Professional Help 

Don’t worry. We are aware of the fact that nowadays lots of students are on a tough budget. Therefore, we would never suggest that you hired a professional marketer whose services and send all of your savings. There is another way to get help with promoting your startup without spending a bundle.

You probably have heard of organizations that help beginner entrepreneurs promote their business and offer various resources to them. Such organizations are commonly known as chambers of commerce. It would be a wise decision to avail yourself of their help at the initial stage of your business development. Inquire about their subsidized programs and don’t hesitate to take advantage of them.

Alternatively, you can contact your university career center and make use of the opportunities and useful career advice it offers. It would be even greater if you manage to become a “marketing apprentice” and started working for it. Thus, you’d be able to kill two birds with one stone – get help with promoting your startup and acquire valuable experience by working alongside business professionals.  

3. Reach Your Audience 

As we have noted, word of mouth shouldn’t be the only marketing strategy to utilize while promoting your business. Nonetheless, it can be highly effective when used as part of your entire marketing campaign. So, try to infiltrate a small group of those who represent your target audience and are considered influential with others.

If you manage to attract their attention to your product and convince them of its being useful for them, you’re very likely to succeed. You can start with other students living on your campus. Distribute samples of showcase your service to members of student organizations, sororities, or fraternities for free in exchange of promotions.

Placing an ad in your campus newspaper also can be a viable option to make people talk about your business.  


Social media advertising is one of the most effective promotion strategies, bar none. If you want to reach a large target market, make sure to create your business profile pages on such popular resources as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, whose viral nature is built-in. Social media allow you to keep abreast of your potential customers’ demands and find out what they are talking online.

This will help you come up with more relevant offerings. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to place targeted ads on social media, which can be instrumental in reaching the specific groups that are most likely to be interested in your brand.  

The research you target audience and connect with it using our simple tips. Develop and expand your business and never give up in the face of difficulties that may get in the way of realization of your dreams.  

Good luck with your first entrepreneurial journey in college!  

Author: James Nagel 

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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