7 Surprising Snapchat Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

/ September 2, 2016 | 4 Mins Read

7 Surprising Snapchat Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

As a marketer, are you aware of some surprising secrets of Snapchat? If no, here's a blog that can make you up-close with these secrets.

The thing about marketing on social media is that stuff moves too fast. One minute you are everything the market cares about and the next you are nothing but a blip on the long and wide road of memories. The key to finding success is staying on your toes, reinventing yourself constantly for the changing market conditions.

It is setting the trend for your peers, moving with the times, blazing the trail, or whatever else you wish to call it. This means that you must constantly find new ways of doing things and reaching new people.

You probably are at that point in your life where you have been blogging forever and you are no longer getting any new traffic. You have established yourself in all the major forms of social media and that means Facebook, Twitter, and probably Instagram. You might even be on Snapchat, no? Have you not found any reasons to dedicate any time to Snapchat? Well, you should know that Snapchat currently has over 150 million users and growing.

Those are 150 million reasons for you to pay attention to it. This article is designed to help you position yourself optimally once you join the platform ad start sharing your own videos and images. That is not to mean that you should stop reading at this point if you are already on it, you could always learn a thing or two more than you already know.

1. Create interesting and engaging content

The thing about Snapchat is that you do not need an ambitious budget to get things going for you. You do not need any fancy lighting, or to travel for miles looking for the perfect site to shoot your video at. You just do it where you are, how you are. While that is one of the best things about it, it is also the one that places among the most competitive sites. This is because everyone has all it takes to share stuff on Snapchat. Therefore, your content bears a high risk of being lost in the sea of mediocre posts if it is so.

There are no two ways about it, your content must be gripping for people to want to come back for more. There are some classes of content that stays evergreen with audiences and that includes tutorials and personal posts. Teach people how to do an interesting thing, or simply have a series of posts taking people behind the scenes of your business. Why do you think the tabloids always turn a neat profit?

2. Build a following

Twitter and lately Facebook have their hashtags, nearly all other sites also have search functions that people will use to find you and your posts. However, it is a little different on Snapchat; those features are not available. The Snapchat winners are those people who get their content to trend for exposure.

This may work for businesses that are able to strike a chord with millennials who make up 70% of Snapchat users and are therefore responsible for a majority of the stuff that makes its way to the Snapchat top trends. Of course, you must first conduct sufficient research into what the prevailing trends with the millennials are for you to take advantage of this. Other ways to build a legion of Snapchat fans includes:

  • Share your Snaps on all your other social media accounts.
  • Swap your accounts with another business and communicate to their audience.
  • Promote your Snapchat account by including it in your email signature or on your business card.

3. Include more text space in your Snaps

Forget Twitter, Snapchat milks your creativity to the end, capping the text allowed at 31 characters. However, thank heavens, there is a way around this restriction. You simply need to go to the Notes application on your phone, select a couple of blank lines, copy and paste them on the Snapchat caption area. That allows you enough space to type the best caption you can come up with, above the character count restriction.

4. Use unique filters that other users cannot find and stand out

Snapchat is like the most notorious social media site for restrictions and that includes having a limited number of filters and colors. So once you have that picture that you feel is just a touch away from perfection, select an emoji with a color that you want to add to the photo. Hold the end pixels of the emoji and spread it out as thin and as transparent as you like and voila! You have yourself a unique emoji that will have others wondering. That is innovation for you.

5. Co-market

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? The obstacle in blowing on Snapchat is magnified exponentially by the inhibitions on searching or hashtags. This created a necessity that has only taken businesses a short period to get around. This is one of the intersecting points of need for businesses.

Resultantly, businesses exchange logins for their respective Snapchat accounts and shine their presence on a new audience. This is a win-win situation since you incur zero costs and yet you have a blank check in your hands. If you handle your campaign well, you can easily get away with a legion of new clients stolen from the competition quite literally.

6. Personalize customer service using video chat

One keen observer of the market pointed out that clients of today no longer buy commodities that are sold. Rather, they buy stories, magic and relations. How true! There are too many similar commodities in every industry today, so the question with the most weight is why the consumer should buy from you and not the next producer.

Customer service is a winner of hearts if you get it right and Snapchat has the ideal too for that. Simply engage your clientele personally by making a video call to them, or opening channels for them to do so. This allows you to please them and also gives you an avenue to collect feedback from the primary source.

7. Activate all the cool features of your app

In an application that limits its features to encourage creativity as much as Snapchat does, you want to get all the help you possibly can. Most people will complain about the limited usability, but you would be surprised to find out that in fact, you are the only person standing in your own way.

Are you certain that you have activated all the features available on Snapchat? You do not need to make a guess. Simply tap on the gear icon at the top of the right side of your screen. Select additional services and then manage. This leads you into the section that has all the extra features such as front facing camera, special text, filters, and all other cool features of the app. The underlying assumption here is that you have the most recent version of the application so that you can use every new feature available.

Rick Riddle is a marketing consultant and an up-and-coming blogger whose articles aim to help people with digital marketing, entrepreneurship, career, and self-development. Feel free to follow Rick on twitter and LinkedIn.

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