What It Takes to Be A Successful ‘Appreneur’?

/ September 9, 2016 | 4 Mins Read

What It Takes to Be A Successful ‘Appreneur’?

Ever came across the term "Appreneur"? It is an entrepreneur who engages himself in the mobile app development business or the industry of micropayment services. In this blog, we discuss the different traits you require to become a successful "Appreneur."

What? Never came across the term ‘Appreneur’, well this consists of an entrepreneur who engages himself in the mobile application development business or in the industry of micropayment services. This is worth taking a note that an appreneur can be anyone as long as you carry an idea and the ability to turn it into a quality mobile application. The extremely profitable market of application development has given birth to many successful and millionaire appreneurs.

What it takes to be a successful appreneur?

Till 2012, the app economy which was only $53 is now expected to cross the unimaginative figure of $143 billion by the end of 2016. This clearly explains the wide arena of opportunities waiting for appreneurs.  Now, the question arises, can anyone really be a successful appreneur or entrepreneur? Well, the answer to the question is yes. However, to achieve this, one requires a skill-set. What are those traits and characteristics that construct such minds, let’s explore.

1. Be a Quick Innovative

In the ever-changing market of the present day, it is not sufficient to be only innovative because being innovative can help you come up with an unexampled idea, but it does not give the sure-shot of sustaining it for long. The app scenario is going through a change constantly and innovation is not just linked with the initial process, but a day-to-day struggle.

Any mind with more potential can deliver a better idea and can put the one you have built at the back seat. Therefore, to avoid this you have to be, QUICK along with, undoubtedly, being innovative. It is of high significance that by the time you get the development of your app done, your idea has to be relevant to the market. Since the mobile ecosystem is exclusively constructed, this truth has got more prominence. Several mobile apps depend on other platforms to keep their presence constant, but if a giant player makes some changes it can turn into a tempest for mobiles. Therefore, to be a successful appreneur you must quickly adapt situation, plan instantly and execute it without losing much time.

2. Simplicity Still Fascinates

Simplicity is the key to a successful venture because it doesn’t create confusion in the minds of users.  Look around, you will observe the most successful apps that have kept simplicity on the top while building their applications; therefore, they reign over the preferences of the masses. It is the magic of simplicity only which engages them instantly. For instance, major brands approach their customer with a great deal of simple and basic factor to connect with people easily.

The whole app industry is completely different and keeping your idea simple can add a great degree of significance to it. The whole idea is to keep things simple and deliver a product that is incredibly refined, stylish and cater to a single purpose. Different from merchandise, for instance, apps are a cheap commodity which makes people more open to install.

3. Bring in a Monetization Strategy

Running a mobile app development company is one of the most lucrative things at present. A number of hugely successful mobile apps with users in millions around the world have not figured it out yet. Users do not like to pay for apps despite being a spiced commodity. This proves to be a difficult challenge for appreneurs deliver people what they need an exceptional product absolutely free for users. Appreneurs must always ensure that their monetization model whether it is a download fee, in-app model, does not distract our valued users.

4. Make it Flexible

We all are aware of the popular journey of Coca-Cola and how it came into existence. Actually, the company was in the process to prepare a cough syrup but ended up with a popular beverage.  The entire app industry is filled with such amazing stories related to products that kicked off their journey as one thing, but during the course of the time some unique incident occurred; thus, it ended up with something else much unique than the product targeted earlier. In reality, apps are needed to adapt, an addition of fresh features and getting rid of less-wished ones, in order to ensure users with a well-functioned and relevant product.

The constantly transforming app industry calls for appreneurs with flexible minds. They are expected to embrace change and have the app adapted accordingly. Apps that cannot get along with the persistent evolution of the tech arena will simply struggle for its existence.     

5. Marketing Matters

You got an exceptional idea, and then executed it pretty well, but something that really boosts your app’s success is how you market it.

Mobile marketing is a whole new industry which is a whole new different than traditional marketing, it permits appreneurs to carefully opt for their target audience. Mobile technology permits marketers to target potential users with impactful messages that are particularly apposite to their likes, therefore proves to be impressive more than billboards and TV ads.

App store optimization and search marketing are some more aspects that need to be taken care of to have a successful venture.  No matter how brilliant and useful your app is, it will remain unnoticed if users do not find it up there in the rankings.

As no company can afford to skip these alternatives, appreneurs specifically must get acquainted with them as part of their enterprise and marketing strategy, and assign the right resources to influentially market their product.


Apart from the aforementioned reasons of being a successful appreneur, one thing that must get some words to get elaborated is the quality of patience. Your idea may not get a skyrocket start initially and that would be the real moment for the test of your patience. The more patience you show at such critical time, the bigger your achievement will be. Besides, keep your app updated and loaded with fresh once uploaded to engage more users.

Jitendra Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering the platform to hire android app developer for your own app development project. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook , Linkedin and go through his ideas on distinct topics.

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