How to Streamline Digital Marketing as a Solopreneur

/ January 2, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

How to Streamline Digital Marketing as a Solopreneur

What’s the best way to streamline digital marketing as a solopreneur? Here's a blog that tries to answer that question for you.

As a small enterprise - and it doesn’t get any smaller than just you - it can be difficult to wear so many hats without feeling overwhelmed. Accountant, manager, client negotiator, and even the photocopier; all depending on the day. It can be difficult to juggle.

The very basic fact is that as a solopreneur everything you do will likely be alone or with very little help, at least in the beginning. Marketing included.

1. Focus on Content

Content and lots of it should be at the heart of your initial marketing efforts. A website that is full of content and leadership thought is much easier to invest in and buy from than a barebones one, simply put. But it is also an important element in your marketing efforts.


High-quality content is the most important thing you need to invest in as a brand - even a small one. Blogs, onsite words and even social media posts should be useful and interesting for your clients to read. The more valuable they find your content, the more conversions you will be able to see and the stronger you call to actions will be.

Don’t be afraid to veer away from the basic premise of what you sell. If you sell lamps for example, then it is only logical for your content to follow an interior design theme and not simply concentrate on lamps. The more interesting you can make your content - even with a dry central product - the better it will be for your potential clients.

Pro tip: don’t stuff your content with too many keywords. Google knows and Google will punish you for it. So, be sure not to make this rookie SEO mistake.

2. Do Keyword Research

Now, you may not know very much about SEO, but you really don’t have to be an expert to make it work for you as a solopreneur. Google has a keyword research tool which is easy to learn to use and comes as part and parcel of your website (an important to a commodity to have, even as a solopreneur).


You won’t be able to afford all of the fancy SEO tools just starting out, but there are plenty of free options for you to try. Some are better than others, it can be a case of trying them all out to discover the best one for you. As a rule, if Google isn’t quite working for you then try The basic keyword suggestions are free and easy to use combined with Google Keyword.

It is also important to try to find a profitable keyword that is relevant to you, but that doesn’t have too much competition in order for you to be able to target it easily.

3. Take Advantage of Local

When you are just starting out, blasting your marketing efforts to the whole wide world may get you more exposure, but it is unlikely to get your clients. And it is both a waste of your time and your resources. As a solopreneur, you need to take advantage of local in order to gain qualified leads.

This helps you to streamline your efforts, as aiming for clients in one city rather than the whole country is a lot less time intensive and complicated.

4. Become a Social Media Ninja

Social media is your friend. Say it louder for the people in the back: SOCIAL MEDIA IS YOUR FRIEND.

Neglecting social media as a solopreneur is a cardinal sin, as it is one of the best ways you can streamline your overall marketing efforts. Social is not only important to build up a following of loyal customers, but it is necessary in order for your branding to become solidified. A strong brand presence on social media is vital for startup or business moving forward.

Become a Social Media Ninja

At the end of the day, it is free traffic from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn. Most of it will also be higher qualified if you are targeting the ride audiences.

Social media can be one of the easiest ways to streamline digital marketing, as it is a fast way to brand yourself as an authoritative industry leader.

5. Plan Everything

The best way to streamline your digital marketing efforts, overall, is to plan everything in advance. A comprehensive strategy will make your marketing that much more effective and streamlined overall.

Having a calendar of your content, making time for your SEO efforts each week and even automating your social media posting can save you a lot of time (and money). Keeping marketing as a part of your calendar also means you are less likely to forget about it as it becomes a part of your weekly schedule.

Trello is a good example of an app which can help you to keep track of your marketing efforts. The boards allow you to split up tasks and even visualize them across your campaign, even uploading files to correspond with checklists and due dates.

These are simple tidbits that help your marketing efforts as a solopreneur, which if implemented from day one can help the growth of your company on a massive scale. Even as a solopreneur you can get big business marketing to work for your small business venture.

But, the biggest takeaway from this is the fact that SEO and your digital marketing efforts as a whole are an ongoing process. They should be kept up constantly in order to work, as neglecting one stream or the other can negatively affect all of the hard work you put in previously.

Digital marketing is an ongoing activity throughout the life of your business, so be sure to give it its due course.

Zack Halliwell is a tech enthusiast by day, freelance writer by night. Kind of like Batman. He is a passionate writer and marketing expert for the most part.

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