Why A Startup Needs to Protect Its Online Reputation

/ January 4, 2020 | 4 Mins Read

Why A Startup Needs to Protect Its Online Reputation

Every company requires to be proactive about its online reputation. Especially startups have to get ahead of the curve. Startups need to do their best to come out of the gates smelling like roses.

With the preference of online shopping and buzz about brand reputation, all Businesses, especially Startups, are focusing on Reputation Resolutions this year. There are significant levels to achieve before framing a conclusion about your business, but the first one is to be proactive about your Online Reputation.

Quantitative and Subjective statistical research can build standards and plans, communications, and social media resources that influence your image.  

First, let us be clear on the definitions

Online Reputation Management - (ORM) is a consistent process of building a public image through regular inputs from online reviews and client feedbacks that organizations must follow and maintain online. All the businesses need to explore the reputation monitoring services and leverage their brand above the competition! It is merely a process of identifying brand status, monitoring it, and mitigating any potential risks. 

With a seamless showcase of your products and services, you need to hit the right touch-point. It can be an enriching brand awareness path while creating a customer journey that yields results. 

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Hence, through regular monitoring and understanding public opinion, one can build a perfect balance in their business and can raise them through various business storms. Even all social media efforts must be transparent, authentic, and engaging. ORM easily deflects and minimizes negative image in prominence. It also removes personal addresses, and other data from “people search” databases. 

Why Startup Needs ORM

Well, before we get down knowing the real impact of online reputation for your startup, please read this - 

Around 97% of customers/readers focus on reviews about businesses/products before merchandising with them.  

The online reputation of a startup will either affect or disrupt their growth and scale of customers. With the range of unique digital market trends followed by companies, it is a good idea to perceive your business online with a reputation management strategy. Online Reputation Management services frame your personal or business brand image on the internet. ORM is all about reestablishing or refining your brand name in good standing. 

Learn these basic points focusing on the need to why public perception is beneficial for an organization/startup- 

1. Ever-Evolving

Your online presence is most-watched over. Your website, social media pages, blogs, review sites, and many more channels are your direct channels to form opinions. The better you present yourself and interact with your clients, the better you will be able to evolve and run your business.  

2. Consistence

The web is forever; with all activities and communication being saved and tracked on multiple online platforms, one needs tools that can ensure that any negative remark or feedback does not hamper you when you just started the business. 

3. Unfair Practices

Google My Business (GMB) listing works best to get local rankings and optimizing your website. Even though it does not seem fair to most business owners, anyone can suggest a change or an edit to your business listing, including your competitors. Correcting it would take some time, in any case! 

4. It is All about Reviews 

visitors search a lot online for their buying preferences before finalizing. The brands are looked on by their reviews, and with not so positive feedback, they don’t choose them. 

An ORM strategy can be impactful/ helpful for a Startup/ business! 

Brand Marketing and Brand reputation need no introduction! Various strategies, pull and push marketing techniques, and different mediums to reach the potential customers and markets are focused on spreading the positive feedback, while discouraging the negative threats. 

Online Reputation Management Companies can positively Protect Your Online Business Reputation and Google rankings. Learn How: 


Regular online buyers consistently get recommendations from different online forums or social networking sites. Besides, most shoppers trust peer suggestions. Companies giving ORM services will replace the critical/pessimistic content with original user-based content. They pick affirmative advertising over the web and its mediums to build the brand reputation and turning visitors to buyers. 


With competitors all around, they often practice unruly strategies. The ORM firms diplomatically handle such complaints. Understanding the client’s requirements, handling their queries, quick and courteous replies can immensely control and manage a startup’s image on the web and save from cooked up criticism. 


rated as per response to a query by a searcher – Better SERP Ranking signifies better reviews on the platform, thereby ranking a website higher. SERP is essential because it gives your audience a chance to be acquainted with your website. The ORM service can get more traffic and, eventually, buyers on the site.  

New Channels

Since startups are much new to the trade, the online reputation management services help in discovering new channels of engaging with clients and competitors that were unknown and hence enhancing your promoting strategy as well. 

To simplify - Online reputation for your startup benefits through– 

  • By Building Trust & Credibility 
  • Builds Brand Image  
  • Impressive Opportunities 
  • Favored Visibility 
  • More Business 
  • Customer engagement in the online promotion  
  • More User or Customer Engagement 
  • Builds the position of your brand versus the competition 
  • Building a brand’s reputation on social media platforms 

To Brief-Up:

Online Reputation Management (ORM) works through SEO and SMO methods with a clear focus on Reputation Resolutions in the form of positive branding. It empowers startup/businesses by connecting them with potential customers using data and insights.

With a fully integrated engagement plan and effective marketing communications, ORM protects your Online Business Reputation by integrating other digital branding services like marketing automation, predictive analytics, machine learning, and more, which eventually leads to leveraging startups/businesses above the competition. 

It is basic for all startups & businesses to comprehend the importance of online reputation management services and actualize an ORM communication plan. You may need to be equipped with ORM planning & solutions before any issues arise and address the problems. It would be best if you were quick to react and frame a positive brand image while dealing with negative remarks and surveys.  

ORM Companies use various monitoring tools to review the key facets vital to maintaining an online reputation. With the help of online reviews, they easily enhance customer experience, gain understandings for competitors, engage effectually with the current as well as potential customers, and increase ROI (return on investment).  

Author: James Hood

James Hood is working as a marketing editor with Startup Company Counsel : A Digital Marketing Company from the last five years. As an experienced professional, he has written various blogs on digital marketing tips and tricks! He also does write-ups about the marketing industry for small business owners.

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