7 Tips on Rocking Social Media Marketing to Promote Your App

/ November 20, 2018 | 6 Mins Read

7 Tips on Rocking Social Media Marketing to Promote Your App

Are you looking for proven tips on how to sky-rocket your latest app? Stay with this guide to learn proven tips on leveraging social media to boost your app's mainstream coverage.

So after months of hectic development processes, your app is out for downloading via app stores, but you aren't impressive by the relatively low number of downloads it has been getting. You're not the only one who is being discouraged by their app's performance in the app stores.

Thousands of apps are getting launched every day, and only a handful of them stands out from the rest. This has nothing to do with your app's features or performance actually. It's pure marketing, that drives up the popularity of an app.

Although not mandatory from a development point of view, viable marketing controls how much coverage your app will get.

Within a sea of millions of apps, many doing the same thing, users tend to side with apps that are already a popular choice. So, how can you make your app popular if users aren't embracing it that well?

As we've discussed already, the key to increasing your app's popularity solely lies in proper marketing. It can be a challenging task sometimes due to the massive number of resources it requires. App stores will usually market your app, by exchange of a large sum of financial resources of course.

So, if you're tight on money, how can you market your app effectively? The most feasible solution in such scenarios is to market your app via social media. Refer to this post to learn more about the distinctions between marketing via online or app stores.

Below we're outlining 7 proven tips on marketing your app via social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Follow these tips to sky-rocket your mobile app without breaking your bank.

1. Plan Ahead of Launching your App

If you start social media marketing after your app has already launched, chances are you're going to get overwhelmed pretty fast and start questioning your decisions.

Plan Ahead of Launching your App

It's always a bad idea not to plan your marketing strategy right from the development period of your app. Without early planning of promotion, it's rare for an app to bring outstanding conversion.

When planning for a proper marketing strategy, ask yourself these questions.

  • What type of content would go better with my app?
  • Which Social Network(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to target for promoting these contents?

Keep your audience preferences in mind when answering these questions. The answers to these questions will help you shape the rest of your social media marketing strategy.

Remember, identifying who your target audience is and where they hang out can be crucial for the promotion of your mobile app.

2. Reach Out to Tech Icons

When marketing your mobile app you have to bear one crucial thing in mind; not all users are created the equal, some have way more influence than others.

Think of celebrity fashionables, what sunglasses does Tom Cruz wear? Many people can answer this question. But how many can tell what shoes you wear to the office?

The thing is celebrities have a more significant influence on consumers than ordinary people like you. So anything they wear may become a trend. The same is with mobile apps. Software gurus take the role of celebrities in such cases.

Try to remember just how you get to know the tidbits of the latest big apps. As they're developed by experts of the field working behind huge organizations, they gain momentum in a much larger scale than regular apps.

So, if a person with significant influence in the mobile world recommends your new app, many users like us will value their word and may try your app. This is an easy yet very productive tip.

Try to identify a short list of such people and find a way to approach them. If successful, show them your word and ask them politely to say a few words about it.

Don't be too clingy; if they think it's appropriate, they'll do it. And if only a handful of such rockstar software guru's recommends your app, you'll start feeling the heat in no time!

3. Partner with a Creative Content Creator

Remember that old commercial you loved? It might have been an extra funny, hilarious, or emotional scene that made you click with the ad right from the start. The thing is, great advertisements always use a subtler approach to reach out to their customers.

Instead of showcasing their product right away and asking you to buy it, they'll show something related to the product, a story, or an idea, and then cleverly tie it back to the desire to have their product. This tricks the consumers that they also have a similar need and should buy the product to fulfill it.

In case of marketing mobile apps, think of how many creative contents you see every day on the internet that has numerous humor or emotion attached to them. These are contents created by creative and aspirant creators. Reach out to some such content creators in a plan to advertise your product through them.

You have to make sure users can get to your app with merely a click from the content and also get out conveniently. Never pressure the users by making them stay longer. If they like your app and wants to check it out, they will, otherwise no profit in dragging them over and over against their will.

4. Create Value-Based and User Generated Content

You need to ensure the contents you use for your promotion are unique, informative, and of the highest quality. Never settle for anything less than premium when selecting your contents.

Try to think when you see all those promotional contents filled with unnecessary details with only a single goal of getting you to download one. Do you download any single such app?

Your contents should not be too direct rather subtle and engrossing. If your customers aren't engaged with your posts, they aren't going to the download page either. Suppose you're developing a cooking app, your contents should be related to cooking tips, recipes, and ideas instead of directly asking users to download.

Creating video contents are also a viable approach. Videos should be funny, quirky, and humorous. Users love such type of videos, and many of them will sway over to your app's home page before you notice.

Your contents should be aesthetic in structure and vibrant in nature. They should be funny.

5. Use Images in Contents Carefully

As a wise man once said, images are worth a thousand words. Often when you need a large block of texts to let your users know something particular, a single image can replace that.

Intelligent use of visual images can increase your audience's engagement and may even motivate them to explore your new app.

Using photos carefully will make your app stand out from the dense crowd of million other apps. If you take a careful look on some of the trending apps on app stores, you'll notice how they utilize screenshots of other users using the app along with the general purpose download message.

A countdown to your app's release in the app stores is also another great approach that you may take. How about posting a new feature of the app every day with a countdown timer added with an app related picture?

6. Run Contests on Social Media

Developing an engaging contest for your audience on social network sites can have a long-term impact. Contests attract the attention of your audience in the fastest way possible.  Thanks to the desire of gaining something for free, users will largely increase their interaction with you.

Run Contests on Social Media

Contests should be engaging and seemingly simple. Try to lure the attention of your future customers from the underlying intention of promoting your app with something very pricey or attractive. The level of user interaction will solely depend on how irresistible the reward is.

If you're building a football app, create a giveaway with prices like top club jerseys, signed balls, free tickets for big matches. Contests like these are going to grab your customers attention in no time.

When you get their attention, make them run the contest on your behalf by asking them to share the contest with friends and families. Use a reward system like points per share to see how much boost they give you.

7. Don't Push your Audience

Remember the time when advertisements used to be all about "this item has this, this, or this; buy it for this amount."? It's not surprising that these intrusive, traditional marketing techniques went out the window.

It's not uncommon for customers to not want something. People do not want to be sold every other product. Instead, they focus on products they actually need and look for sellers who want to establish real connections with them.

In a recent survey by Sprout Social, they found that 57.5% of people find it disturbing to see too many promotional posts.

Don't Push your Audience

Your contents should never push your customers for trying out your app. Instead create contents that contains useful information, or something people actually want.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, it's no surprise social media controls a lot of traffic to your mobile app. Leveraging social media for marketing your app can bring thousands of potential users within weeks.

you do not want to spend a heck lot of money on app store promotions, then we suggest you stick with a great social media marketing strategy.

Follow the tips curated by our expert team to sky-rocket traffic to your mobile app.

Serena Dorf is a social media savvy content writer at EssayOnTime. She is interested in marketing, writing, and public speaking. In her free time, she is reading classic American literature and learning Swedish. You can find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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