Is Snapchat Ready for Your Brand Ecommerce Advertising?

Is Snapchat Ready for Your Brand Ecommerce Advertising?

Snapchat has become a hot favorite amongst companies. Here’s our blog that answers the question of whether Snapchat is ready for your brand eCommerce advertising.

Snapchat never ceases to surprise us, with its ever-expanding user base and a truckload of features being added almost every week. It's only time before it becomes the most popular social media platform on mobile devices.

Using Snapchat comes with unlimited possibilities. It allows you to upload images and short clips that can be viewed for 24 hours before they are deleted completely. You can create stories, add filters to your snaps and use features to make your work more innovative for your audiences. But now with the boom in the eCommerce industry and new social media trends taking the internet by storm, Snapchat just might become the perfect vessel for the rising tide of marketing.

There are more than 10 billion videos uploaded each day on Snapchat, but the appetite of Snapchat users keeps increasing by the day. People are becoming fond of uploading their daily life events and sharing them with their family, friends, and coworkers almost about every minute. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram have such features as well that now allows you to put live updates. But what makes Snapchat so unique is its focus on allowing its users to produce creative content, using the camera as the home screen, while promoting broadcasting of content more than just the consumption of it, unlike YouTube.

This is the primary reason that has invited brands into the Snapchat game, to create a concrete presence and appeal their audience in the most creative means possible and available in social media marketing.

1. Why Brands are attracted by Snapchat

The fleetingness and the originative qualities of Snapchat have made it imperative for brands to try it out while allowing them to feel joined with their audiences and invite new ones through visually appealing posts on this platform.

Being a popular app in the younger demographics, Snapchat has a user percentage of 60% from ages 12-24, but with the rising trends and unexplored opportunities for older demographics, many users from higher ages have started using it as well.

Brands’ marketing has increased by the chunk in the recent few months. All thanks to Snapchat, brands are now much more motivated to introduce creative content so their posts can include engagement elements, screenshots, cross channels shares and word of mouth videos. Snapchat is now being used by brands all over the globe for

  • Dispersion of relevant and meaningful content.
  • Advocate the user’s point of view about products and services
  • Produce user engagement
  • Create exclusive content and offers for privileged users
  • Becomes a daily broadcasting brand that serves as a helpful means to approach and inform its users
  • Allows users to send their suggestion and get replies about their queries and concerns

2. Advertising Content

Snapchat's advertising criteria are simple, it focuses on 3Vs namely video, vertical and views. It also helps brands to show their content on full screen so the ads can be seen effectively in the vertical format. This gives Snapchat an advantage over horizontal videos, measuring around 9 times greater completion rate of vertical videos.

The advertising feature is there by default and marketers use it through Live Stories or the Discover section so the content is easily added to your account. In the Discover section, our team found that brands did not advertise more than twice in their daily story. This makes the platform tolerable for the users since ads can’t be shown all the time.  According to our survey, we found that more than 50% of Snapchat users were satisfied with a number of ads shown Snapchat and rated it tolerable.

3. How it Brings Focus on the User

Getting the attention of the user is rather a complicated task when you have an application whose sole purpose is to show content and just make it vanish. That is why the element on interruption becomes crucial while advertising on Snapchat. This doesn’t mean that your ad has to pop up and fit on the entire screen while you were watching your friend’s Snapchat stories. The interruption means adding the necessary details to bring appeal into play that can single out the attention of the viewer and directs it towards your products.

This can help marketers produce top quality content without compromising on their campaigns and showing it on a moderate dose to their customers.

4. Is SnapChat ready and effective for your eCommerce advertising?

SnapChat is effective, but not for every eCommerce brand. Whenever a marketer aims to add a social media site to an advertising strategy, the decision depends on the target audience. A successful social media marketing campaign is the one where the target audience is active the most. As said earlier, Snapchat is highly populated by the youth and above 70% of them are below the age of 34. This makes it one of the considerable platforms for brands that need to reach a greater community of active youth.

Every social media platform has its unique charm and elegance that attracts a specific community and group of users. SnapChat is said to be highly effective for the brands having a business to customer model. This makes it an amazing place for companies that need to publish valuable content or dealing in consumer goods.

The selection of any social platform depends on a set of user you need to reach out in a way they are most comfortable with. For example, LinkedIn is completely different as it is meant for reaching out executives and corporate personalities and proves helpful for business to business advertising campaigns. So, SnapChat, being a B2C focused platform, is all set to serve your brands if you want to communicate effectively to a young demographic


Snapchats experiments with the eCommerce go back to its infancy, but the real function of monetization did not show up until a year later in 2014 when it finally appeared as Snapcash.

Since the introduction of Snapcash in 2014, eCommerce has become even closer to the app with several types of businesses entering this platform to gain marketing superiority amongst their competitors. If I were to judge this app, Snapchat is the ideal combination of casual marketing and broadcast advertising a brand can get and we suggest you tap into this platform the fastest chance you get.

Author Bio:

This contribution is made by Simon Walker. He is a professional Ecommerce consultant with over 8 years of experience.  He is currently working at feaddons.com

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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