How to Retain Customer Base Through Mobile Apps

/ November 5, 2019 | 2 Mins Read

How to Retain Customer Base Through Mobile Apps

Consumer use of mobile business apps is increasing very steeply, and companies are rushing into app development in an effort to take advantage of the trend. Take advantage of consumer movement toward mobile in a strategic manner, crafting a plan to fit your new app to increase your customer base successfully.

Maintaining Customer Loyalty is a challenge with every business sharpening its techniques to beat its competitors. At such times, adopting unique strategies can help you leave an indelible mark on the minds of customers and keep them returning to you.

1. Customer Engagement – Make the app as interactive as possible through specific strategies like soliciting feedback on your products/services, seeking answers to survey questions (for market research) which might interest the user and is also, in a way, geared towards improving your product or services.

Ex: Whatsapp asking callers to rate the quality of the app once the call is ended.

2. Transparency: An informed customer is a happy customer. Load knowledge about your product or service in the app so that the customer can gain all the information under one roof. If a customer has to take another channel to seek more information, you are on the way to lose him.

3. In-App Messaging: Enable In-App messaging for customers so that they can directly chat with the business rep right through the app.

4. Appetize Your Customer: Your business should deliver value to customers through the app. It should not just be a platform to sell but also a knowledge source. Give out-of-the-product information to your customers which may help them improve the quality of their life.

5. Choices and choices: Offer a number of choices. Well, with respect to product base, it might be limited. However, when it comes to delivery methods, payment methods, etc. your app should offer a full platter.

Your app should support several payment gateway integrations to offer a plethora of choices as far as payment mode is concerned. Integrate every possible payment method, including plastic currency. Raise your standards to meet the customer upgraded with new technology!

6. Avoid Too Many Push Notifications: Too many push notifications might sometimes irritate a customer and ‘push’ him to not only uninstall your app but also your business from his mind.  

All in all, it can be said that engaging a customer by encouraging him to interact with your business, not restricting his choices, and providing him valuable information or something bonus can seriously increase a customer’s regard for your business and make him a loyal stalwart.

Ankit Patel is a Project/Marketing Manager at XongoLab Technologies LLP and PeppyOcean, which are offering top-notch web and mobile app development solutions globally. Depicts his multi-talented personality as the manager of content marketing department with the same companies. As a hobby, He loves to write about new & upcoming technology, mobile & website, business & marketing, design & development, and more.

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