10 Main Reasons Images Are Extremely Important for Blog

/ November 3, 2016 | 5 Mins Read

10 Main Reasons Images Are Extremely Important for Blog

Ever wondered what would happen if a blog does not have any images in it? Here's a write-up that talks about the significance of pictures in the blog.

We are daily bombarded with tons of new content that it takes significant efforts from bloggers to drive necessary attention to their posts. That’s why images are as important as never before. In addition to catchy headlines, images work like a lure for readers.

When you are involved in blogging, the use of images is crucial. But the higher the impact, the more skillfully you should select and even create images. In this post, I will not just explain why images are important, but also divide them into separate categories and tell you when it’s better to use them.

Images to be used in blog posts:

  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Graphic illustrations
  • Graphics
  • Schemes
  • Tables
  • Screenshots
  • Wireframes

1. Brighter and more visually appealing posts 

A picture is the best way to create a positive first impression about your post. When your post is visually dull and lacks emotions, a lot of visitors will just leave your website without reading a word. Visually attractive posts have more chances to create an emotional connection with readers. They look friendlier and more inviting to take actions.

Whether you ask readers to leave a comment or share the post with their friends or simply like it, they will be more willing to do so if you establish an emotional connection with them. Sometimes, images are a primary focus of the post. For example, in the post entitled”10 loveliest rivers in the world”, images play the major part, and descriptions – a secondary.

2. Better structuring

When you use images in a blog post, it’s easier to divide the text into some logical parts and thus make the whole story better readable. Personally, I usually leave the blog posts without reading a word if I see the text is not divided into parts and I cannot scan through the text to understand what it is all about. Images serve as an introduction to the story or to a separate section. You can even use infographics in your post. It will not only make your post better readable, but also reduce the reading time.

3. Higher SEO rankings

Blog posts with appropriate images perform better in search engines. The highest rankings are given to long posts with presentations, images, or videos. Since images are the easiest thing from the list, they are a must to have in your blog posts. One more hidden SEO benefit of images is that you can add titles, tags, and descriptions to them right in your content management system.

It is a good way to populate your post with some relevant keywords that give it more chances to be seen. Make sure you compress and resize images to optimize them for search engines and faster loading.

4. Visually longer posts

Some posts just don’t need a lot of words to convey a message. For example, the post entitled: “Top 20 Web design trends in 2017” will be expected to have 20 subtitles, 20 images, and 20 small descriptions. The first two are the most important here. Images are thus a perfect chance to create long posts with minimum text.

Sometimes, your readers just deserve to relax and browse through some well-picked images instead of reading huge bulks of text. Or sometimes you just lack inspiration or time to write a lot. A few good images can make it easier for you.

5. Images make it easier to understand complex information

When you write about some technical data and explain how new technology works, bare words are usually not enough, especially for non-tech-savvy users. For this purpose, screenshots are quite good options. If you are a developer, provide some screenshots of your code or the typical errors that users might see on their screens upon performing certain commands. They will find it much easier to deal with it if they recognize this error message or any other screen you will show.

Such images will usually serve for educational purposes and if you are really interested in helping readers understand what you are writing about, illustrate everything that they can recognize. If you use lots of screenshots or other educational images, like graphics, tables or wireframes, the use of some emotional or funny images will in the majority of cases be irrelevant.

6. Better exposure in social media

When Facebook users are scrolling through their timelines, only a few of them will pay attention to posts without images. Creative and emotional pictures are more likely to be seen in overcrowded timelines. Moreover, they win much more space for your post and don't get lost so easily. Posts with images receive nearly 35% higher engagement than those without images.

In addition to all that, they get more likes – some users get so fond of a picture that they can like the post without reading it. And the chances are much higher they will open your post. Without images, social media would be a dull place. Use pictures to make your posts stand out.

7. Another valuable skill to promote

Now, when a number of bloggers keep growing so quickly, you need something that could make you more skilled than others. You can actually learn to do some simple designing tasks and your blog could become a good place to practice. Create some custom illustrations for your posts and build a portfolio of your artwork samples. Your readers might sooner or later notice that you create images yourself and they might eventually recognize you as a higher-profile blogger with some hands-on designing experience. If you are selling blogging services, your customers would really appreciate hiring someone who is capable of creating custom images for them in addition to just writing.

8. Support your statements

Every blog post makes readers feel something. Some posts create a relaxing environment while some of them are encouraging you to focus on your educational goals. Images can help you achieve this. Images can add motivation to the post or give it a sense of urgency.

For example, you are writing a post about weight loss and your goal is to motivate readers to start eating healthy food. When they see a picture of a fit and slim woman, their motivation gets much higher. In the same way, images can help blog authors entertain readers, make them feel ashamed or make them stay focused. Use the same style for your pictures that you used for your writing. It will make the whole story coherent.

9. Create memorable stories

Let’s say, you’ve just returned from a mountain trip and want to write a blog post about your journey. Nothing can better show the true beauty of mountains than images. Describe your trip in detail, write about your adventures, but readers will definitely remember it better if you add some fascinating photos. It will make your stories much more memorable. This principle actually works with any kind of content. Even if you describe some complex technical information, you can make your descriptions much more memorable if you create some simple schemes and diagrams to show how things work.

10. More professional look of your posts

When readers see how skillfully you've combined text with graphics, it shows how much you care about delivering value. And if you use some custom illustrations, infographics, or diagrams, they really appreciate your efforts. Such posts look more professional as a lot of work has been laid for them – much more than just writing bare text.

Time to conclude

No matter how good your writing is, you may still leave some huge opportunities behind if you don’t use images in your blog posts. Master some basic designing skills to become even a better blogger, because text and graphics have never been interrelated so much.


Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers. You can learn more about Richard on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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