Why Push Notification is a Must for E-commerce

/ October 11, 2019 | 6 Mins Read

Why Push Notification is a Must for E-commerce

Marketers across the globe are scouting for innovative methods and tactics to attract users. E-commerce businesses use a variety of ways to grow their traffic which includes both new visitors to engage with their existing traffic. Marketing using web push notifications is slowly striking the orthodox, especially in e-commerce.

With the increasing reach of internet, e-commerce business is also growing in leaps and bounds. Moreover, customers are also doing most of their shopping online because of the ease and variety. The low entry barrier has resulted in myriad of online business coming live every day. 

With so much competition, it becomes imperative for e-commerce business to be on top of their strategy. One of the most important aspects to e-commerce is customer engagement. This area is very critical to the success of an online business and that’s where Web Push Notification can be of tremendous help.

Web Push Notification not only helps to re-engage with customers but also improves overall conversion rate and traffic. The three important factors for the success of any e-commerce business is – Subscription, Engagement & Traffic and Conversions.

How E-commerce can use Web Push Notification

1. Subscription

E-commerce website runs paid ads to generate traffic to their website. However, if the visitor doesn’t convert or at least subscribe to the website, it will be a total loss. In such cases, websites cannot reach out to the visitors.

With Push Notification, the subscription steps are very simple. In a single click, visitors will get subscribed. They do not need to enter any personal details while subscribing.


As compared to email subscription which stands around 1% to 5%, push notification offers upto 15% subscription rate. You can easily optimize your subscription opt-in strategies to increase subscription rate.

2. Engagement and Repeat Traffic

Most of the visitors who lands up on the website do not convert in a single visit. You need to nurture customers about your brand and build trust. With Push Notification, you can easily re-engage users and bring them back to your websites.

Some of the features to increase engagement and repeat traffic –

Drip Push Notification – Using drip you can automatically send series of predefined push notifications to users. You can create drip based on different conditions.

  • Interest area – For e.g. user has subscribed to push notification from electronics page. This means that user is interested in this category. You can create drip campaigns showing different products under this category.
  • Brand Promotion – You can create your brand image through Drip Campaigns. Create a drip campaign to promote your brand among user’s mind. Send push notification related to your brand history and reasons to shop from your website. This way you can instill trust and build confidence among users about your brand.
  • Re-engagement Campaign – When user subscribes to your push notification, they are expecting some information from your side. You can share welcome coupon with users to re-engage with them. Similarly if the user has made some purchases, you can ask for reviews about their experience using Drip campaigns.

Trigger Campaigns – Visitor comes to your website and check out different products and videos or share products with friends. These kinds of actions show the level of interest. You can trigger push notifications based on the action to engage user instantly.

Subscriber Timezone – If you are a global company, then your customers can be from anywhere. To get higher engagement you need to reach out to customers when they are most active. With push notifications, you can create different campaigns for different countries. Create a single notification and it will be sent automatically as per subscriber’s timezone. This will lead to increased engagement for your campaign.

Segmentation – Every customer is different. With Push Notifications, you can segment your subscribers based on multiple factors – geo based, device based, action based, purchase based, interest based and more. Notification sent to targeted subscribers leads to 2X increase in click rates as compared to notification sent to all.


One of the leading online platforms was able to generate 39% of repeat traffic using Web Push Notifications. As compared to new traffic, repeat traffic is much cheaper and more engaged.


3. Conversion

The last and most important factor for every e-commerce website is conversions. E-commerce websites implement various tactics to increase sales. The most common way is to offer sales and discounts. However, for the success of any promotional campaign depends on the reach of campaign.

Engagement Rates – When running any kind of promotion, e-commerce website promotes the same on different platforms and channels to bring customers.

They will run advertisements and mailers to promote their sale event. Comparing to Email which is traditionally used to reach out to users, push notification offers higher engagement rates. 


According to a report in email campaign, average open rate is around 21.09% and average click rate is around 2.61%. Since push notifications are delivered directly to the user's browser, it’s hard to miss and leads to higher engagement.

Recover Lost Revenue – One of the most common issues faced by all e-commerce website is the cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment – When user adds product to their cart and leave the website without completing the purchase

As per study, the average cart abandonment rate is around 69% to 81% across industries. This is a huge number and average loss of revenue due to this is tuned to 18 billion euro in annually. One of the most used tools to recover cart abandonment revenue is Email.

To increase the % of recovered revenue - High Subscription + High reach, leads to higher conversion for your cart abandonment campaign.

With Push Notifications, the subscription is high as compared to email and so is the engagement rate. When it comes to cart abandonment campaign, Web Push Notification offers 5X higher reach as when compared to email.


Using Push Notification, you can –

Instantly Informed – Notifications are sent instantly about the cart abandonment to users. User gets another chance to look at their product.

Create Personalized Notifications – You can send personalized notification which makes them feel special.


Send Series of Notifications – Web Push Notification allows you to create customized and a series of notification to be sent at different intervals. This way the user will have more opportunity to look at their product. You can even create offers or coupons to entice user to convert.


Cart Abandonment push notifications has shown proven results for e-commerce websites. One of the international e-commerce sites generates $2K to $4K sales per week using cart abandonment campaign.


Even a regular blog promoting affiliate products was able to increase conversions by 10% using push notifications.


To summarize the advantages which make Push Notification a must for e-commerce are –

Ease to install – Installing push notification is very simple. And if your Websites runs on platforms like WordPress, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify, you can use the plugins or add-ons to integrate push notification.

Instant reach – Web Push Notification is an emerging tool which has the advantage or reaching out to subscribers even when they are not on your website. Their appearance in alert form increases the chance of user not missing them.

Customization – Segmentation allows you to target user with customized push notifications. You can use emojis and images as well to create effective web push notifications.

Increased subscription rate – As compared to other channels, push notification offers better subscription rate. This allows the website to capitalize on the traffic and increase outreach.

Features and campaigns – Push Notification is loaded with features specifically created for e-commerce websites. You can create multiple campaigns like Welcome campaign, cart abandonment campaign, price change alert campaign, browse abandonment campaign and many more.

Features like schedule push notification, customer timezone, segmentation; makes push notification a powerful tool for e-commerce.

Ravi Trivedi is the CEO and founder of PushEngage. PushEngage is a leading platform for browser push notifications with customers in 150+ countries serving 3 billion monthly notifications. You can reach out to him on Twitter and Facebook.

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