How to Promote Your Restaurant Using Location-Based Mobile Marketing?

/ May 31, 2019 | 4 Mins Read

How to Promote Your Restaurant Using Location-Based Mobile Marketing?

Location-based mobile marketing is trending and for owners of sovereign restaurants or bars, it can be an exceptional route to reach customers when they’re on the way to the restaurant starving or thirsty.

If you’re not promoting your restaurant or bar business using location-based mobile marketing, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to engage with customers.  

Location-based marketing is currently a top growing trend that’s changing the way customer engagement is done.  

Just look at the number of people who carry smartphones in their pockets every day.  

In 2018, 2 billion people had smartphones. In 2019, that number is going to reach 2.2 billion by the end of the year. And by 201, the number of smartphone users is expected to grow to a whopping 2.48 billion.  

Now you must be thinking, why should I care about the number of smartphone users all over the world?  

Well, the reason is that mobile marketing has the potential to help your restaurant business reach the heights where none of your competitors could ever hurt your business.  

In fact, restaurant owners who have realized the mobile marketing's potential, are already building their own mobile apps to increase customer engagement. 

You see, in today’s smartphone era, mobile apps can be a significant marketing tool to bring in more foot traffic to your restaurant.  

Although, building a mobile app is just one part of the battle. The other half, which is also the important one, is to leverage the power of mobile marketing to better engage the customers with your business. 

What is Location-Based Mobile Marketing? 

Location-based mobile marketing basically uses “geofencing” to draw a parameter around your business location and sends push notifications to former or potential customers who are around your location. 

For example, if your former customer is passing by your restaurant, you can send a promotional code or a discount coupon via push notifications to them.  

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Apart from this, you can also suggest menu items or simply thank them each time they come in to eat. This way, you will make them feel valued which will boost their loyalty towards your restaurant and might refer their friends to visit your restaurant as well. 

Simply put, by knowing when your customers are just around the block and how they behave, you can tap into their habits and encourage them with irresistible offers that are relevant to them. 

Why You Should Start Location-Based Mobile Marketing? 

Location-based mobile marketing basically allows you to target customers geographically.  

In other words, it basically taps into geographic information about smartphone users’ locations and delivers relevant messages to them through push notifications.  

For example, as a restaurant owner, you can send a push notification to your former customers with a free salad or beverage when they are nearby your restaurant. 

In short, location-based mobile marketing can be extremely effective because it is highly personalized. And if you compare the cost of location-based marketing with other marketing avenues, The costs are comparatively very low. 

In fact, 66% of marketers say that location-based marketing is one of the exciting mobile marketing opportunity.  

So, if you’re serious about growing your restaurant business, location-based mobile marketing is the right way to go about it. 

5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Restaurant Business with Location-Based Mobile Marketing 

“Location”, knowingly or unknowingly, has become a huge part of our everyday lives. For example, whether we go on a vacation or simply visit a new restaurant, we check-in to those places on Facebook and share pictures on Instagram. 

With that being said, if you wish to leverage the power of location in your restaurant business, here are 5 unique ways you can promote your restaurant through location-based marketing. 

1. Make Your Menu Visible 

Whenever you plan to build a mobile app for your restaurant, make sure that your menu is easily accessible and clearly displayed throughout the app. 

You see, most people download restaurant apps so that they can easily browse the menu first. So, it is imperative to make your menu visible throughout your app. 

2. Allow Ordering & Delivery 

Most restaurants create a mobile app so that their customers can view the menu, find the contact details and place an order. But mobile apps are actually much more capable than doing just that.

For example, you can allow customers to make a table reservation. Best yet, you can build a food ordering app for your restaurant and have a delivery executive to deliver their food.

These features will help you stand out from your competitors as most customers nowadays prefer their food to be delivered at their doorstep.

3. In-App Payments 

Along with the order functionality, you should allow them to pay for their food directly within your mobile app. If you just include these functionalities, then you’ll be ahead of many of your competitors who use mobile apps just to show their menu, contact details, and address.  

4. Send Location-Based Notifications 

Location-based marketing through your mobile app can deliver more contextualized campaigns than any traditional marketing method.  

The possibilities are just endless. 

For example, by embracing the location-based services, you can send location-based push notifications to alert customers of your daily special offers, request for a review, and encourage them to share their experience on social media. 

In simple terms, you can send push notifications to only those customers who are nearby your restaurant location and meet certain criteria. 

5. Customer Loyalty Program using Geolocation 

The customer loyalty program has proven to be the best marketing strategy to engage customers.  

A customer loyalty program is basically about giving incentives or rewards to the repeating customers. And while customer loyalty programs are already a proven way to increase customers loyalty. But why stop just there? 

What I mean is, you can mix geolocation in your customer loyalty programs to target customers nearby your restaurants with personalized offers. The personalization will make them much more valued as we discussed before and offers will give them the extra push to step inside your restaurant. 

Overall, creating a customer loyalty program using geolocation is the easiest way to improve customer engagement.  

Concluding Thoughts… 

Nowadays, the ambiance and the taste of the food is not enough to make a restaurant successful. Those things are common.  

If you wish to see your restaurant business succeed, you need to embrace location-based marketing.  

Location-based marketing has already done wonders for businesses all across the world. It has helped to drive foot traffic and increases sales. So, if the location-based marketing is still not the part of your marketing strategy, then you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to engage with your audience.  

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