How to Use Personalized Content to Increase Sales

/ November 11, 2016 | 4 Mins Read

How to Use Personalized Content to Increase Sales

Have you ever wondered what the best way to use personalized content to increase sales is? If no, here’s a blog that will provide you ten valuable tips to achieve this endeavor.

Personalized content is a highly effective way of increasing sales but sadly, this strategy is extremely underutilized by business owners. Most marketers still avoid providing relevant content to their audience despite of the amazing results they can achieve by doing so. MarketingProfs have actually researched that an average of 19% increase in sales is achieved by those that personalize their websites. Still,  71% of all companies fail to do this.

When you first look into personalized content, you surely get the picture of variable tags that you could use to include the name of the recipient of the email. This is not bad, but there are so many other ways to personalize the marketing and people are rarely aware of them. This is why we have made a list of the best ways of utilizing personalized content to achieve increase in sales.

1. Increase the Conversions

Conversion is perhaps the biggest benefit of personalized content. Tailoring the message to fit your audience is highly important because in this way, it starts carrying more meaning. Generally speaking, there are several ways to insert personalized content into your messages:

  • Personalize the subject line by using dynamic tags with the name of recipient, company's name or any other topic of interest
  • Personalize the email copy by greeting the recipient and using a call to action that is both dynamic and relevant to the previous behavior of the reader
  • Personalize the landing page by featuring Smart Fields that already include the information of the recipient
  • Personalize the follow-up email by thanking the customer and making future recommendations. Such recommendations should include complementary content that aims towards reconversions

2. Improve Quality of Conversion

If you aim towards clarifying the process of conversion, this may greatly increase your conversion rate, regardless of the purpose. People are more prone to transacting, downloading a file or signing up on your website's activities if the action is simpler. Making easy and fast opportunities for your customers can cut the friction and do so dramatically.

3. Personalize the Forms

You no longer need to work on convincing customers to re-do the things they did in the past. You can now remember what they did, prefer and take note of their information, so that you can personalize the forms you will provide them with. The only information you will need from a returning customer is that that they did not share with you previously, but are still necessary for the process.

4. Focus on Relevance

In the past, companies constantly sent messages to people on their list in order to stay in touch with the targeting and segmentation process. With the use of personalized content, you no longer need to focus on segmentation, but can focus on relevance instead. If you want your customers to take action, you must work on personalizing the content, timing and topic of every email you send to them. Once you notice that the engagement of your clients is increased, you really should consider sending fewer e-mails that will contain relevant information only.

5. Build an Audience

Content personalization is the best way of building an audience that is passionate about what you have to offer. When you provide your customers with marketing automation, you have an increased chance at generating passion and enthusiasm on even higher level. Work on your content personalization with the main aim of building an audience that is both engaging and passionate.

6. Personalize by Lead's Position

Content is the main source of strong connections and marketing qualified leads. Personalizing your content solely based on topic is wrong. One other thing you must do is personalize the content by the position of the lead in the marketing funnel. This means that you should determine to which audience you must provide specific content and to which general content.

7. Personalize Trough Dynamic Content

Keeping the website filled with the same information all the time is no way of attracting returning customers. No customer will ever go back on your website if you keep offering the same content over and over again. If you decide to opt for more dynamic content, you may expect returning visitors because they will be interested in the new information you provide them with.

8. Welcome New Customers

With the help of personalized content, you can now begin to engage new clients and subscribers on your website. Personalizing the content is the best way to let people know that what you offer is what they actually need or are interested in. You can work on personalizing the first offer that appears when they open the site or the campaign that lead them to the website. In addition, you can work on the pages that new customers may decide to visit when they open your website.

9. Create Personalized Sales Content

Your team will need some personalized sales content in order to boost their sales. Try to create such content to assist both your company and your employees to rise above the competition and improve the sales of your product or service. There are many ways to create a valuable content: for example you may visit Buzzsumo to find trending topics.

10. Show People You Care

Going for a generic marketing strategy can be wrong in terms of connecting with your customers. Using personalized content will help you differentiate your business as one of the few that care about the needs of their customers. Personalization can be used to your benefit and assist you in getting the information you want to share to the people you want to share it with; while making sure that they are interested at what you have to say.

Marketing is a difficult task for every business owner, mostly because of the grand amount of strategies for increasing sales and the fierce competition that implements these strategies in their work. Picking out personalized approach instead of generic one can assist you in connecting with your existing customers and attracting new customers to your product or service. Even though sometimes generic content seems like a good option, combining the two may bring your company among the best in the market.


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