On-Page SEO Factors of Optimized Page (Infographics)

/ September 8, 2015 | < 1 Mins Read

On-Page SEO Factors of Optimized Page (Infographics)

Onpage SEO play an important role in ranking fast and well in search result. Yes, no doubt that we need to build lots of backlinks but we can't ignore onpage SEO factor. When it comes to Onpage SEO, people just strict with meta title and meta description, no there are plenty of other things that we need to consider.

Some of them are keywords in title and meta description, content optimization (in text, video format), social media option, call to action and many more. So if you're trying to search what should be best onpage SEO factor, here Brian Dean from Backlinko has shared an awesome checklists on the same. Please have look and also let us if you come across other factors too....

If you're having ecommerce website than must refer this article, as last month I have shared some of great tips on onpage SEO for ecommerce website.

onpage SEO factors for optimized page

Infographic credit by backlinko

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