15 Crucial Tips for Improving Modern Web Design in 2018

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15 Crucial Tips for Improving Modern Web Design in 2018

Just follow the follow recommendations to create attractive and appealing website design easily and effortlessly.

If you are a small business owner and want to get the desired success in a web-based business, then your website must have an original-looking design, stylish & professional appurtenance. There are millions of sites accessible on the internet.

Most of them resemble each other when it comes to design. So, their owners don’t get its full benefit. Therefore, as a website owner or developer, you need to take several steps to improve the site design dramatically.

Here are the top 15 tips using which you can make a substantial improvement in your website design.

1. Remove Unnecessary Elements from Your Website

Did you ever visit a website that has lots of pop-ups, Auto-play audios and videos, advertisements, animations, etc? All these are distractors which disturb the attention of the targeted audience from the actual works and repel them away from your website.

So, in order to simplify your website, you need to remove unnecessary elements from your website, such as complicated animations, lengthy content, stocky Images, etc. This will help visitors to read the available content and take the desired actions easily & effortlessly.

Just practice minimalism in website design by removing all non-essential components on your website and using only what is necessary.


2. Use A Professional Font

In order to attract the attention of visitors and help them easily read the available content, it's your responsibility to ensure that you use the professional font on your website.

Never use fancy fonts on a website which is run with a business view in mind. Many people are not comfortable with fancy fonts & they will leave your website soon after landing.

So, don’t make this mistake and use a professional font on your website.

3. Proper Placement of Your Logo and CTA Buttons

In simple language, a logo is a visual representation of your company which allows people to identify your brand easily and deal with it.

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Ask your designer to place the logo and CTA buttons appropriately on your website, making it easier for visitors to identify your brand at the very first glance and take the desired actions comfortably after reading the available website contents.

Call to action

If you are an amateur website designer, take the help of experienced web developers & WordPress designers to create amazing CALL TO ACTION buttons and place them at the right places of your website.

4. Careful Selection of Color Pattern for Websites

The task of choosing a color scheme for a site often seems impractical if you do not understand color combinations completely.

If you choose the right color for your website, it will look harmonious. Otherwise, disaster is likely to follow sooner or later. A website with imperfect color combination will look inconspicuous and quickly forgotten.

Right Color Schema Is Really Important

If you overdo it with color, the site will seem tasteless. Always keep in mind that choosing the right color for your site makes it visually appealing and create a memorable brand in a short span of time.

"85% of buyers admit that the main reason for buying a product was its color and brand awareness is increased by 80% when you choose the right color pattern for your website."

A brief look at the use of different colors for website creation:


Their use in website creation

GreenIt represents wealth, health, tranquility and nature. It is easily perceived by eyes. Both males and females are comfortable with it.
YellowIt is a symbol of youth, optimism and cheerfulness. So, website developers use it to catch the attention of visitors. Some people are not comfortable with it. So, use this color on your website in small quantity.
OrangeIt reflects friendliness, enthusiasm and creativity and stimulates activity in people. So, it is widely used in newsletters and E-commerce business.
RedIt symbolizes passion, excitement, energy and danger and often used to create in the perception of people.
PinkIt denotes feminine, sweet, innocent and romantic emotions. Mainly used to offer products/services to females.
PurpleIt is a symbol of greatness, wealth, success and wisdom.
BlueIt is an indicator of reliability, security, stability, tranquility and calm. Banks and large companies use this color extensively.
BlackIt is the color of influence, luxury, experience and elegance. It is associated with professionalism, strength and accuracy and used to promote luxury goods.
GrayIt represents neutrality, simplicity, calm and consistency. It is mainly associated with technology, production, accuracy, control, competence, and even experience.

5. Add Social Sharing Buttons

With the rapid development of the Internet and the IT market as a whole, the number of websites is increasing with each passing day.

Each of them seeks to get into the top search results and grab your business anyhow. Social media optimization is now an essential thing if you really wish success in the online business.

So, add social sharing buttons to your website as they improve ranking, attract new audiences, contribute to the distribution of content. Using social sharing buttons, visitors can easily share the site content on different social media websites and give you its business benefits.

6. Smooth & Hassle-Free Navigation

There is no secret that each website pursues four main goals: raising brand loyalty, increasing traffic, reducing the customer exit rate, and enhancing the conversion rate or sales. It depends on how comfortable the users get to your site.

Always keep in mind that convenient, intuitive and effective menu is one of the main elements of any quality site. The usability level of the entire site depends on its navigation system.

So, make sure your website has a simple and straightforward website navigation system, making it easier for individuals to move from one place to another and take the desired action easily.

7. Add Essential Pages To your Website

Always keep in mind that a website represents a brand on the web and let potential customers know what a company is all about.

To fascinate users and give a clear picture to them about your business, you must add essential pages to your website.

Here are some examples:

Essential Pages on Your Website

Brief Explanation

HomepageThe main purpose of the homepage is to tell users about a particular brand, its advantages of its Web resource over other similar Internet resources, and display the main products and services. Most web designers are defeated in the struggle to create convenient and practical home pages because either they either do not realize what the homepage is for or stop at a narrow or erroneous understanding of its purpose. While designing the homepage of your website, the focus should be on interacting with users, rather than its appearance.
About usthe “About Us” page is created with a very important goal - to increase customer confidence. A person could be convinced of the reliability and honesty of your company after reading the content of About us page.
Contact usIt allows visitors to contact you immediately for placing an order, finding a solution to the problem, etc.
Terms and ConditionsIt tells visitors about the terms and conditions of using a website.
Privacy PolicyIt states how a website collects the data of customers, protect that, and make use of the collected data for making decisions.
Products and services pageHere, visitors get full information about the products and services you want to sell.

8. Mobile Optimization

The number of search queries emerged from different mobile devices is increasing every day. So, as a website designer, it is necessary for you to make websites responsive to different mobile devices.

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It helps SEO professionals to optimize websites with a mobile-first approach and get a competitive advantage over all those websites that are not responsive to mobile devices.

9. Cross-Browser Compatibility

These days, Cross-Browser Compatibility is mandatory for all websites as visitors use different browsers to visit websites.

If your website is not accessible through a particular web-browsers, it creates a negative perception about your brand and you also lose a lot of potential business opportunities. Make sure your website is accessible via all major web browsers.

When a visitor lands on a website, he/she wants to get the desired info, products and services without going through different web pages. Here, the presence of a search bar on websites helps a lot.

Visitors can type the exact search terms and get the matching results. The absence of a search bar dilutes the effectiveness of a website greatly, forcing visitors to leave never to come back again.

11. Use Artificial Intelligence in Website Creation or Development

These days, artificial intelligence helps individuals to create more efficient and user-friendly sites using chatbots and voice search. It is also working on increasing conversions and enhancing UX, optimizing content and even writing author texts.

online stores use AI as a powerful conversion tool as they understand people's preferences, their mood and motives, offering a personal experience for everyone.

Definitely, a better understanding of the user in the context of a particular situation increases conversions. Website optimization for voice search is a good example of AI use in web development.

Using AI is website development comes gives you several benefits as highlighted here below:

Benefits of using AI in Website Development<

Brief Explanation

A Faster SearchAlways keep in mind that Modern users want to get the information they are interested in as quickly and easily as possible. Voice search is very popular among young people who want to find the most authentic results on the Internet.
Effective communication between Website Owners and UserChatbots help make the communication process faster between a brand and customers. Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, chatbots will soon learn to recognize and imitate human emotions. This eliminates various barriers and makes the online shopping process comfortable and enjoyable.
A high-quality user experienceUsing solutions based on artificial intelligence, a website can be even better adapted to the needs of each individual visitor. Real-time learning technology helps SEO professionals to assess the mood of each user and understand his/her preferences. Depending on the information received, the technology allows you to change the structure of the site for each visitor and sell more products and services.

12. Avoid Using Free Themes, Plugins and Extensions

To be honest, people are crazy about free themes, plugins and extensions. They use free stuff to save some bucks and create websites easily.

Always keep in mind that free themes, plugins and extensions often contain malicious program or codes that affect the performance of your website and make it unsafe for use.

Just avoid the temptation of free themes, plugins and extensions. Use good-quality premium products to make your website better and safe.

13. Practice Clean Coding

Coding plays an important role in website creation. Most website designers often face the pressure to create unique websites every time. So, they play with coding quite often.

Sometimes, things go haywire and ended up in flawed websites. So, practice clean coding while creating amazing and professional websites,

14. Add HTTPS File to Your Website

Every Internet user wants to visit safe websites at all the times. Nobody likes to visit a website which is hacked by hackers and there is a high possibility for data theft.

So, add HTTPS batch to your website and make it safe for use. This security protocol encrypts the data transfer on your site and prevents unauthorized access successfully.

15. Multilingual Website

Most people like to read the content in their own language. While English is important to get the international audience on your website, ignoring the local languages can cost you millions of USA Dollars every year.

So, make your website multilingual using a plugin or ask the web developer to perform this job. Multilingual websites have the potential to attract more business opportunities from different domains.

Final Words:

Every Internet user wants to visit easy-to-use and professional website at all the times. This helps them to get the desired info, products, services, easily & effortlessly.

Just follow the above-mentioned recommendations to create attractive and appealing website design easily and effortlessly.

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