SaaS: The Importance of Measuring Customer Journey Touchpoints

/ November 2, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

SaaS: The Importance of Measuring Customer Journey Touchpoints

To get much more accurate and actionable results, companies should first discover end-to-end customer journeys using customer journey analytics. Understand the different touchpoints of the overall customer journey, to pick the most appropriate metric to use at each touchpoint.

The importance of SaaS industry is growing day by day. The prevalence of the number of companies has exploded. SaaS companies are secure, cost-effective, scalable, and simple. Companies in the SaaS space are growing every year. This makes it necessary to measure customer journey touchpoints regularly. 

The SaaS market will be worth more than $132 billion by the end of 2020. Three out of four organizations will be only based on SaaS products as per Cisco’s research. The measurement of customer touchpoints is essential to ensure that your SaaS product is useful to customers. Touchpoints are places where customers get exposed to the brand. Any interaction between the brand and customer needs to be considered carefully.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is what your customers think of their overall experience with your brand. It is an outcome of every interaction between the customer and business. It can start with viewing an ad to receiving the product or service. A good customer experience is necessary for success. If only your customers are happy with the experience they get, they will continue with the business.

Why Customer Experience is Important for your SaaS Business

For any customer experience to be a huge success, it is important to keep some points in mind. Delivering a good customer experience will enable positive reviews and reduce the friction of complaints. SaaS businesses need to have good reviews to get customers to stay with them. The benefits of customer experience include-

Better customer loyalty

Companies with a good customer experience strategy will see better loyalty from customers. When customers want to leave the product, they will think of the good experience they have been receiving and make a decision.

Improved customer satisfaction

With a better customer experience, customers feel satisfied. They understand how important they are with the company’s products and services.

Increased word-of-mouth marketing

With a better customer experience, the word of mouth marketing will be positive. This will also lead to increased positive reviews and recommendations about the company.

What is a good customer experience strategy?

Customer experience strategy can be achieved if your business has some unique propositions as part of company policy. Some aspects are a requisite for any company to succeed in the customer experience strategy.

  • Making listening a priority is important. Listening to the customer about their issues is necessary for them to sort them out.
  • Having a customer feedback loop system is necessary to have a deep understanding of customers.
  • Solve customer problems and reduce their unique challenges
  • Consumer research to understand their needs specifically
  • Providing self-service solutions to give customers the best experience

7 Best Practices for Customer Experience Strategy

To implement a great customer experience strategy, there are certain best practices to keep in mind. With these strategies, customers will get the best experience they want. If companies do not implement a customer experience strategy, there is a chanced of competitors catching up. 

This will lure customers away and make them shift to competitors. To give customers the best experience, it is necessary to include some amazing strategies that will build a positive environment. Some of them include-

1. Know your target audience

To shape the customer experience, it is necessary to target the right audience. Your business must first know the channels that are hotspots for your customers. It can be social, live chat, email, or anything else. 

Making sure it is possible to handle customers properly through the right channel is important. Reaching the right customers will help as they will be in the right sync with the product. If you are targeting the wrong audience, there is less chance of getting success.

2. Offer the best customer service

As customers are able to discover information about almost anything in the world on the internet and social media, there is an increased demand for better customer service. Support must be online from start to finish for customers to get the best level of satisfaction. 

Imagine if a customer has a question on Sunday, they will get irritated if they get no support. For this, it is necessary to have a 24/7 live chat enabled. So being able to be there for your customers is important. This is what they expect at the end of the day.

3. Create high-level personalization

One thing to improve the customer experience for any customer is by incorporating personalization. To give the best possible customer experience, all the information about the customer should be known. 

To do this, companies must have access to the account intelligence of the customer to provide more informed marketing support. Personalization makes customers feel heard and helps in strengthening the relationship.

4. Make it Simple

If your site is a nightmare to navigate across, it is going to be difficult to offer the best experience. Making sure your business is online and optimized for mobile is important. If your mobile site is simple, customers will get all the information they need in a simple manner. 

If your business website and information is complex for users, they will find it tough to get the matter they need. If the user interface is complicated, customers will not feel encouraged to move on with the product.

5. Check your Channels

Make sure you approach your customers in an omnichannel manner. Omni-channel communication is what offers a seamless, integrated experience. So, if you move from desktop to mobile, there is not much difference in the experience. 

To streamline your customer experience strategy, you must unify the customer experience across channels. This will give you a common experience. An omnichannel experience will give your customer the best experience

6. Use Automation and AI

As your business grows its customer base, it will be tough to offer a high level of personalized service. You can only manage a handful of customers well. This will make it tough to provide the best service. 

With automation and artificial intelligence, you can add tremendous value to your customers. They will get all the support they need easily and effortlessly. A chatbot for example will field your customers when your agents are not available. It shows them all the potential solutions that allow them to help themselves.

7. Be Proactive

It is also important for customer success teams to be proactive. In fact, everyone in a business must be interested in offering the best to the customer once they purchase the product. If a person reaches out multiple times for a similar issue, it is better to detect the problem beforehand and sort it. 

For customer service teams, it is necessary to spot these problems and check whether these issues can impact churn or not. Checking your accounts in real-time will help massively.

How to Measure Customer Experience

Customer experience is difficult to calculate and measure. Having some important CX metrics will help as it affects customers. With these metrics, it is possible to understand how customer experience works and will impact customer success. Here are some metrics to track customer experience

Net Promoter Score

Net promoter score is the loyalty score that customers know after they ask a simple question. “Would you recommend this to a friend or colleague?”.

Time to Resolution

This is the average time taken to resolve a ticket or issue by customer success teams. It can be calculated in business hours or days to get the final result of cases solved. It is a crucial metric that improves your customer experience. The shorter the TTR, the higher are the chances of customer satisfaction and improved experience.

Customer Effort Score

Customer effort score is the experience of the customer with the product whether it is easy or difficult to work with. These surveys are sent after customers reach milestones in their customer journey. The NPS score is on a scale from 0 to 100 which displays customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction Score

This metric measures customers’ satisfaction with the service or product. It is represented on a 1-7 scale. 1 means very unsatisfied and 7 is very satisfied. This metric focuses on customer attention on defined touchpoints. This is important to understand if customers are truly satisfied or not.

Bottom Line: Customer Experience Strategy is a Long term plan

It is impossible to expect that customer experience strategies happen overnight. Companies must work on streamlining the customer experience. Communicate with customers and get their data in the right manner. This will help make informed decisions through all phases of the customer journey. It is difficult to measure the customer experience. 

Plenty of customers do not tell you how they feel and hence it is important to keep a check on them. This is why automated real-time alerts will go a long way in securing customer success. With the right goal and targets, it is possible to create an optimized customer experience journey. 

Customer loyalty will be built and improved through a highly personalized customer experience. In this digital world especially, the focus and priorities are more on customers than products and brands. Adopting a customer-centric approach will help companies consolidate their customer experience. 

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