10 Reasons Why You Should Rethink Your Marketing Strategy towards Adaptive Content

/ August 10, 2016 | 4 Mins Read

10 Reasons Why You Should Rethink Your Marketing Strategy towards Adaptive Content

There is a huge chance that you already experienced adaptive content while surfing the internet. Many marketers and businesses in general, are already accepting the idea of introducing adaptive content into their marketing strategy and many that have already done that are experiencing enormous growth.

The thing with adaptive content is that it does not only change how visitors and customers see your web presentations but it also changes the way content creators think. Accepting adaptive content will require the whole new perspective on how content reaches the visitor and how the visitor experiences the content.

What exactly is adaptive content?

What adaptive content certainly is not is static content. Static content is simply always the same across all channels to all the visitors on all devices and adaptive content simply is adapted to all channels.

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This is the reason why omnichannel as a buzzword is used to describe the very nature of an adaptive content. To put it simply, adaptive content should be segmented and adapted to each channel separately. This means that if there is an article on your blog and in a printed magazine, your content should adapt to the channel in order to reach out better to the customer.

Even if you focus only on your website, your content can be adapted to people who visit, for example, for the second time. In other words, the website itself should pick up information about the visitor and adapt the content accordingly.

In fact, many factors are taken into account when the visitor enters the website and the content becomes more personalized. There are two terms which are often interchangeable – adaptive content and personalized content. The main difference is that adaptive content is omnichannel and more powerful.

All of that requires radical changes in how marketers and content creators think, and the one thing that they must pay attention to is definitely.

Let’s take a look now at why it is important to rethink your marketing strategy towards adaptive content.

1. Better communication with customers

All marketers ever wanted to do is achieve communication with possible customers and it was really difficult in the past century to find salespeople who will go from door to door and change their presentation a bit for every person they encounter. The principle of adaptive content is more or less the same, except the fact that there is no need to go from door to door.

2. Increase in sales

Many big brands as well as small companies that have adopted adaptive content can say that they managed to achieve big results not only in sales but in leads as well. Due to the general ability to personalize and adapt the content that you create will simply affect more people and raise awareness of your brand.

3. A completely new approach in content creation

Content creation, when created for the adaptive content marketing, is done in a slightly different way. Content creators now have to think in terms of channels, devices, age, gender and numerous other factors that are beneficial for improving a business. Once all of those things are taken into account, content can be made and segmented for channels. This means that content creators will also have to work very hard and be very original in order to go through.

4. More data harvested for further content creation

Once you segment your content and show it to different people, you will have a better insight of people who are your buyers and what their behavior is like. More data means better content in the future. If you have good writers, they will know how to use all of that data efficiently.

5. Customers’ trust is gained

There is no better way to gain a trust of a customer than showing them what they really like and respect – which is a huge advantage of adaptive content. Therefore, using adaptive content can really help on this matter and your business as well as your marketing campaign, will become very trustworthy among the people who interact with you.

6.  You will be present consistently on all channels

This one is actually the essence of adaptive marketing – being everywhere but not being boring. In fact, with enough creativity, this omnichannel thing can work out quite well.

7. Increase in the quality of the content

Adaptive content by itself needs to be of high quality and needs to be well designed/researched/written. There is no lying or making up stuff in adaptive content. The content for SEO purpose can be forgotten here, although not completely excluded. Writers should just focus on the content to be rich and informative but personalized before all.

8. Increase of creativity among marketers and content creators

The process of creation of adaptive content requires a lot of brainstorming and new ideas that can be incorporated in this area of marketing due to the fact that it is fairly new and its possibilities are still unexplored. In other words, your idea may be just the one to revolutionize the adaptive marketing.

9. Content Automation will be taken to next level

Content Automation plays a huge role and saves a lot of time with static content already but it will take a whole new level of automation to cover adaptive content. However, once you automatize it all, you will be more than happy to sit back and watch everything piece of the puzzle finding its place.

10. It is the future of content marketing and it is certainly better than static content

There is no doubt that this is the content marketing taken to the next level and that it is here to stay for some time.

To sum up, adaptive content can really revolutionize the way marketers work. Although it requires a lot of work and a lot of devotion before the sole realization of marketing strategy that revolves around adaptive content, it is certain that the results are great and that they will definitely result in the high ROI.

Leah Cooper is a professional writer and editor at AussiEssay . She writes about different topics in such spheres as e-learning, content marketing, blogging, self-development, and freelancing. Feel free to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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