The Art of Making Money to Turn Your 5 Hobbies into a Successful Business

/ September 23, 2017 | 5 Mins Read

The Art of Making Money to Turn Your 5 Hobbies into a Successful Business

Do you want to turn your hobbies into successful business? If yes, take a look at this blog wherein we have highlighted 5 different hobbies and how to monetize them to turn them into successful ventures. Read the write-up till the last words and we promise you will have useful insights from it.

Each one of us has our own interest in life. Some of us do it just for the sake of passing time, enjoyment, and for the pleasure of seeing the end product. To some,they are passionate enough to turn their hobbies into a business and earn. They do the stuff they love and benefit from it at the same time! Isn’t it awesome?

To name some hobbies that we can turn into business are photography, video making and editing, graphic and web designing, DIY Crafting and even being a make-up artist.  We can start by simply trying to enjoy doing something for a day then after sometime that you are already doing great with this you can now make a plan of entering anew dimension and that is becoming an entrepreneur.

1. Photography:

A picture says a thousand words. This is always true in all aspects but owning the most expensive camera doesn’t mean you can always be a professional one. You can take photos but it doesn’t mean that you can capture the very essence and meaning of it, it takes heart and passion in photography to extract even the smallest detail.

Great photographers always pay attention to the details and capture what is important they can always express even the tiniest possible detail that makes up the whole image.


Many well-known photographers started by just satisfying the urge within them to explore and fulfill their interest in photography and after sometime opening a new chapter in life, becomes an entrepreneur. From this, you can earn quite a fortune if you manage to be an effective photographer.

The passionate heart can earn money if you do it wholeheartedly; there is no better career in life than the one you can give everything in you while expressing your self and showing off your talent at the same time making money out of it. Salaries come in at around of $16.21 / hour on average.

2. Making and Editing Videos:

To start, being a great video maker requires a huge amount of patience and determination. You need to be smart, artistic and focused on every video you handle. Having this hobby requires you to exert an extra effort and time in order to achieve a good video and mind you it is not an easy one. You need to invest time and focus on it. Currently, video making and editing are a very profitable business.


It’s a flexible profession because you can always just make and edit videos anytime, any where as long as you have your laptop and other necessary stuff around. In the United States Film and Video Editors salary ranges from $26,270 to $155,840 annually.

3. Graphic and Web Designing:

The images generated by a computer are known as computer graphics. Examples of which are photographs, line art, drawings, typography, engineering drawings etc. that can be combined with other illustration, text, and color. It can be composed of creation, arrangement, and selection used in brochure, poster, website, and flyer.

Web design requires different skills such as being creative,able to work under pressure, keenness to details and knowledge in technical matters. You must also be knowledgeable in visual designs, design software,coding soft ware, search engine optimization and this also encompasses discipline in the production and maintenance of website which can actually give you between$62,431 to $83,337 but that can still vary depending on some factors.

4. DIY Crafting:

To see the end product after a hard work makes you feel so good, fulfilling,and accomplished. It is not only because of your effort on giving extra personal touches on the things you do but it also means that you are putting your mind, heart & spirit into it. With constant practice and being more persistent in creating good products, you can always open a new way and other potential means to earn an extra amount of fortune.


People would probably think of the mall or grocery store when the need to buy stuff was needed. But DIY crafting is a game changer because may it be for personal, family, household use or as gifts,you can always make way to make handmade products,Making a handmade product is quite more rewarding and more personal that comes with sentimental value.

These were certainly made with extra care,comes in high quality, and it is one of a kind. For example, a hand-made candle tends to give a pleasant scent that touches one’s soul than the commercial one so when you give it as a gift to someone it’s like you are giving a portion of your life since you allotted time and effort for that stuff.

Though DIY products are more expensive sometimes because of the raw materials to be used in the production of such that is usually high standard and most of the time it was derived from natural source. You can also make sure that the return will be quite high compared to the products made in bulks… it is the quality versus quantity principle incorporated into it. Just make sure that you will stick with the ‘'high quality" principle so that success will surely be achieved.

5. Make up:

As a make-up artist you need to be innovative, independent, patient, sensitive to detail, dependable, adaptive & flexible and most of all with high-stress tolerance.

For every service, you offer you need an advanced knowledge and skill in order to be a successful one, together with your skill everyone needs to make an advance planning before getting into it. Your skills are probably developed based on your experience or continuous practice using first yourself as a model and then your friends and family members.

Make up

After limitless experience & best results of your works, you can now move on to the next level trying your luck in the market and make money out it. There is no other better way of earning money than to enjoy your activity at the same time. It is what they said, killing two birds with one stone. The average wage for a make-up artist in the United States is $17.25 / hour aside from the overtime, commission and of course…the tips.

6. Monetizing Your Hobbies:

It is indeed the best profession if you are able to do the thing you want the most and living life out it. The outcome of converting your precious hobbies into legal tenders is unimaginable, it is a dream come true! Since we enjoy doing the things we were born to do,the passion for our interests that was just for pastime, relaxation, and enjoyment,is absolutely our occupation.

Monetizing Your Hobbies

Why not try to combine our hobbies and our desire to earn?Hitting two birds with one stone…earn while you enjoy and by this, you will have a self-fulfillment and at the same time, have an additional income!

Alexe Chasanov is an e-commerce community manager in California. She also works as a consultant for a start-up company to help them in their marketing and growth hacking efforts. She loves writing about fashion trends here and there, and on her free time, she loves outdoor sports and martial arts.

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