Keyword Density Ratio – What is it and Why it is Important for Your Site SEO

/ October 17, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

Keyword Density Ratio – What is it and Why it is Important for Your Site SEO

Scroll down to gain complete information regarding keywords and their use in different strategies.

If the content is king, the keyword is its soul. Most of the strategies of digital marketing directly or indirectly depend on popular search terms used on a search engine that are known as keywords. This era of marketing is dominated by digitalization that is rapidly reducing the influence of prints media marketing.

Major criteria of potential customers spend more time in the virtual world of the internet rather than the real world. Therefore, it becomes essential to reach them by using powerful online tools. Currently, more than 90% internet searches are done through search engines.

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People type the relevant words according to their need for information in the search bar to explore the information. The words that are highly used by internet surfers are detected with special online tools and then utilized by digital marketing experts in their content.

Scroll down to gain complete information regarding keywords and their use in different strategies.

1. What is Keyword density ratio?

Before understanding the density ratio of keywords, it is important to know where you need to use them. These are the search terms that need to be inserted in text content such as blogs and articles.

The content writers need to insert them in a manner that they should not look like forcefully adjusted in a line. The keyword density ratio always keeps on changing according to the latest algorithms of search engines like Google.

For an SEO friendly content, keywords must contribute at least 2% of the entire text. Also, make sure that the percentage is not increasing more than 3-4% because it will overstuff the entire content.

While using keywords, it is important to maintain a minimum space of about 100 words before placing the next one.

2. Consequences of Overused and Underused Keywords

The keywords density always needs to be balanced in a manner that the issue of overstuffing and dilution never occur. In both cases, the targeted website suffers.

a) Consequences of Keyword Overstuffing

It is true that keywords are essential for bringing your content on the topmost ranking in SERP, but some people try to overstuff to gain more benefit with less content. This is an unethical way of generating traffic & Google has categorized it in black hat.

The overstuffing of keywords actually works in rapid improvement of SERP ranking, but the impacts are short termed. Google crawler is a smart program that automatically detects the keyword spamming activities.

If the density is according to the parameters of search engine guidelines, Google will penalize you by demoting the page ranking, or even the page can be removed permanently from the internet.

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Google doesn’t support overstuffing because it is only meant for ranking improvement, not for better user experience. It becomes hard for readers to get relevant information from a content which is badly overstuffed with keywords.

b) Consequences of Diluted Keywords Density

If the keywords are in low density as compared to the total size of content, it also implies a negative impact on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking. Although it is not categorized in black or grey hat tactics, the capability of content to gain better ranking is affected.

A well SEO optimized content by a competitor with right percentage of keywords helps in improving the ranking better than content with diluted keywords.

There is a specific structure of articles, blogs and guest posts where you need to insert the keywords in an organized manner. Here is a guideline of adding keywords in different locations while updating content on the website.

  • Permalink
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Introduction part
  • Information part with at least 150 words difference
  • Conclusion part
  • Meta description
  • Anchor text of images

This is a universal format of using keywords but can be customized according to the strategy of digital marketing agency experts.

3. Most Significant Types of Keywords and Their Importance in Site SEO

a) Market-Defining Keywords

These are the very basic keywords that SEO experts use to introduce your business in the market. The general words that come in mind while thinking about a product or service are included in this category. For instance, if you are selling sports shoes, then the keywords will be like:-

  • Sports shoes
  • Sportsmen shoes

The markets of a specific product or service in which you are investing describe itself with some common names. These are the market-defining keywords. When the potential customer tries to search sports shoes on the internet, these keywords ensure that your website will also come in SERP.

b) Customer Defining Keywords

Every business starts with a goal of gaining profit by targeting potential customers. While attracting them online, it is important to use customer defining keywords.

The way how people relate themselves your product is important to understand. While searching for sports shoes, potential customers use search terms like:-

  • Athlete sports shoes
  • Jogging morning walk shoes

When these keywords are inserted, it becomes easy for customers to reach your site as they are precisely relevant to the requirement. The customer defining keywords also gives you an idea of identifying the type of consumers interested in your product.

c) Product Keywords

As the name is illustrating, these keywords are directly related to a specific product rather than the whole business. If a person is searching for sports shoes, there must be a category like:-

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Soccer cleats

In this way, you can target the customer with much relevant search results. Product defining is important while keywords placement because they directly target what exactly selling on site rather than giving a relevant idea.

Apart from these, SEO services professionals also use keywords like competing company names, geo-targeted keywords and related vertical keywords occasionally for consistent improvement in SERP ranking.

A proficient digital marketing company must have complete and up to date knowledge regarding types of keywords and their proper use at a specific location.

Annabel Bin is a seasoned digital marketing expert who holds in-depth knowledge regarding keywords. She is working at onestopmedia as an SEO Executive from last 3 years.

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