Instagram Promotions: Does It Make Sense for Your business?

/ October 15, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

Instagram Promotions: Does It Make Sense for Your business?

Instagram ads are great tools to convert potential customers to repeat ones. Here’s a guide that will provide you with seven handy tips to successfully carry out Instagram promotions for your business to generate engagement and stimulate sales.

Instagram is the go-to place for more than 300 million people who look to share their photos, videos, and stories with the world. 

As Instagram has grown with time, several business owners and marketers are curious to learn about one crucial question.

What is the best way to do Instagram promotion for business?

Here’s the answer: You start by promoting your profile by keeping it active, post interesting and intriguing content and use the right method to enhance your profile’s exposure for a successful Instagram promotion. 

Continue reading to get the best tips to get organic Instagram followers using Instagram promotions.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

7 Effective Ways for Instagram Promotion

1. Optimize Your Business Account Profile

Before starting the promotional activities on Instagram, the first thing to do is to have an Instagram Business Account.

It’s quite simple to switch from your current profile to a business account.

Visit your settings and hit “Switch to Business Profile.”

Switch to Business Profile

To complete your business profile, you need to include essential details of your business, employ a high-quality profile picture, and ensure that your Instagram bio is written in your preferred brand voice.

There are lots of benefits when it comes to creating a business profile of Instagram.

Number one being, followers can click on your contact button to interact with you right from the Instagram page in the same way they would from your website. 

Number two, it enables you to create and publish Instagram ads without using Facebook’s advertising tools. Isn’t that wonderful?

You can even gain access to Instagram analytics tools known as Insights providing invaluable statistics about the impressions and reach of your posts.

Once you have unlocked the free perks that come along with the business profile, the next step is to churn out content that engages and attracts your target audience. 

I will discuss this in detail in the next point.

2. Create top-class content by tagging people and brands in your posts

Once you are ready with your Instagram business account, it is time to get real Instagram followers. One way to do that is by creating top-class content that makes them want to follow you and engage with your posts

This is one of the organic forms of Instagram promotions.

Always keep this in mind: Different people behave differently and respond to content in different ways. Hence, always try to create different types of content and then use your analytics to check out in your business profile which types of content they are engaging with the most.

Some of the different forms of content are:

  • Long-form videos
  • Short-form videos
  • Behind the scenes
  • Informational posts
  • Funny posts, and memes
  • Quote graphics

Also, do not forget to add Instagram stories in your content creation plan. 

The next step is to tag people and brands that you are promoting on Instagram. By tagging a brand, you give your target audience a chance to share your post which puts your name and account in front of all the followers. 

Tagging brands in your post is a great way to show that you care for them. Always be vigilant while selecting the brands that you promote because your followers are always watching you!

Tagging brands in your post

In the image given above, you can very well see tagging of the brand where the user has promoted the product in the right way.

3. Schedule posts at the right time to get traffic

Even though Instagram employs an algorithmic timeline now, finding the optimal posting time is still quite relevant. Find out when the majority of your target audience is online. 

You can check your Instagram insights to ascertain when your followers are more active by the day of the week and time of the day. Look at this buffer post to learn more about scheding your Instagram post.

Once you have learned the art of scheduling your post at the right time, it would become more straightforward to generate high traffic by posting high-quality content.

generate high traffic by posting high-quality content.

4. Outreach to influencers

It is a smart move to use social influencers to promote your brands, products, and services. In fact, it has been found that 94% of the marketers think that social influencer strategy was quite effective for their companies. The reason for that is, social influencer followers, trust them.

82% of people are likely to follow recommendations made by micro-influencers. On top of that, 94% of consumers believe these influencers are highly knowledgeable. 

It's simple, if you get an influencer to promote your brand, you will get sales.

Most of the time, influencers will charge an affordable up-front flat fee to recommend your brand in their posts. However, if you work with celebrity influencers, chances are, you will have to spend more.

The reason being, these people can have more influence over their followers and bring higher engagement rates. The added benefit is, the cost per post will also get significantly reduced.

5. Strong visual appeal

Think of Instagram as a digital magazine. In simple words, it means that on this social media platform it's preferred to share content of a similar style and vibe. This way, you can stand out in the feeds and your Instagram followers will instantly recognize you. 

Instagram as a digital magazine

You can achieve this by using these simple tricks. If you are using it for photos, post pictures of the same subject, crop images in the same way or employ the same filter and color theme in your photos.

In case your Instagram brand consists of a visual language, make sure that you sync in all the aspects of your business look and feel to the Instagram’s pages.

By doing this, your followers and prospective customers will get a fair idea of your brand identity. It is also a great way to build and establish an ambiance for your developing business.

6. Take your brand personality seriously

If you wish to promote your Instagram account, the very first thing you need to do is create a clear-cut distinction between your personal and professional account. To optimize your Instagram account, I would suggest you to concentrate on your target audience and not only your product.

In simple words, all the selfies, travel photos, friends groups, and other pretty stuff should not appear in your Instagram business account. While, also make sure that your brand’s Instagram account is not solely occupied by products. Have a balance between the two.

7. Utilize Hashtags in a Relevant Manner

Merely posting images on Instagram will not give you the desired results. It is essential that every image that you post consists of a relevant hashtag

With the help of the right hashtag, you can catalog different types of images and products on the basis of brand and industry. In case you use an appropriate hashtag , your product will get visible to a larger group of people, i.e., your target audience. 

On the other hand, if you use an irrelevant hashtag, or too many, it can negatively impact the overall promotional strategy.

dont use irrelevant hashtag

This image tells you how the hashtag search works. When you search for a hashtag like #artstudio, the top posts containing this hashtag will get reflected on the search results page. 

Hashtags also make your profile easy to locate on other social media networks. For example, when your Instagram post is shared on Facebook the hashtags automatically get published there. This way, you get an excellent opportunity to make your content get searched by users looking for those hashtags with Facebook’s Graph Search.

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see from this write-up, when it comes to Instagram promotions, there are plenty of tactics that you can experiment with. And hey, who’s complaining? 

The good news is, Instagram promotions are a great way to enhance your business profitability. 

I hope the things that I have mentioned here will help you in maximizing your Instagram engagement as you promote your business to new followers and customers. 

Let me know what challenges you faced while promoting your business on Instagram by commenting below.

Vivek Asrani is working as a Senior Content Specialist at Acquire. He has been providing high quality content to clients over a period of 7 years. Many of his articles have been published in magazines and blogs. His expertise revolves around blogging, website content writing, press releases, infographics, eBooks, etc. He loves reading and writing.

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