Increase User Engagement With Rich Push Notifications

/ December 1, 2017 | 5 Mins Read

Increase User Engagement With Rich Push Notifications

One of the most difficult parts of the job a marketer is how fast things move as a customer behavior and preferences dynamically change over time. Since this is the case with the audience worldwide, marketers should come up with something that constantly puts themselves in front of their audience or followers, without being too annoying or pushy with their marketing tactics.

Mobile phone usage has been on the rise and there’s no sign that it is stopping anytime soon. While it has been noted that in most countries, multi-platform is the norm when browsing, there’s still a definite difference between desktop and mobile usage. It is strikingly obvious that people use their mobile devices more than they use their desktop in browsing the Internet.

From 2017 comScore report on Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs

Using mobile phones as a means to stay connected with your followers is quite tricky, as there’s this thin line of being informative and engaging to downright annoying and unnecessary. With billions of people worldwide owning a smartphone, there’s no doubt that mobile marketing is the easiest and most effective way to engage your users. Since people are already familiar with mobile phones, anything intuitive to a user is effective in engaging them in different ways possible.

How do we engage our users through mobile phones, aside from advertisements?

What is Rich Push Notification?

Push notifications can be an engagement tool that helps you to engage with your users at certain touchpoints. It can help you send real-time user updates and reminders that will engage your users in continuously engaging your brand even if they’re not aware of it.

Rich Push Notification

Notifications can be simple text reminders, while some push notifications come with images or videos.

You can trigger notifications through your app, whether your app is open or not. Before, updates are usually seen through an app’s website. Nowadays, push notifications can deliver information right at your fingertips, at the exact time that you may need it. App notifications “talk” to users by reminding them of certain things or by giving out important information such as traffic updates, birthday celebrations or event reminders, and even the latest news on your favorite football team. It’s that convenient!

No need to sign in or check your emails; push notifications can directly display updates such as sales, promos, and discounts. If a user isn’t interested, they can easily swipe off the notification. If they are interested, they can click on the notification and simply proceed to browse through your mobile app.

Why Should You Use Rich Push Notifications?

Push notifications are a win-win marketing tactic for both users and businesses. It’s an easy, convenient way of engaging users without the additional content needed unlike in social media posts or other content marketing tactic.

However, this marketing technique is underutilized. Some take this opportunity to bombard users with needless messages, upsetting their followers in the process. Some just take this channel as an opportunity to remind users of sales and discounts; however, it can also be used to remind users with their abandoned carts, too. Push notifications can bring back your dead lead into life with just a simple nudge — the benefits are endless:

Can help in promoting brand awareness

Can encourage people to engage with your social media channels

Marketing promotion for your products and services

E-commerce key touchpoint — recovering abandoned carts

How to do Push Notification Right to Increase Engagements?

From Localytics - The Inside View: How Consumers Really Feel About Push Notifications

We’ve emphasized our point before — that push notification can put your brand in a see-saw situation; doing too much or nothing at all doesn’t maintain the balance. According to Localytic’s study on push notifications, there are different opinions on how useful push notifications are, depending on the situation. Majority of their respondents see push notifications as annoying notifications, while the others see it as useful or valuable to their productivity.

Push Notification Right to Increase Engagements

To avoid crossing the line, you should be able to collect data that will match your customers’ behaviors. For example, if you have a fitness application, the best time to optimize your notification delivery is every morning, etc. Personalizing your approach by integrating tactics that differentiate one user from another will greatly affect your conversions positively.

For example, male users will often see sales for men’s wear, vice versa. On the other hand, geolocation can also take part in improving the user experience. Waze does a good job in reminding its users of nearby traffic situations, gasoline station updates, and more. You can update a nearby user about your restaurant’s specials through push notifications, too. Shopping apps can adjust their push notifications by serving notifications on interests and past shopping behavior.

Align the tone of your message to your branding and your audience. In this example from My Pet app:

Dark humor is interesting, except that the game is targeted for kids — which makes these remarks inappropriate for such a young age. While it’s great to include a creative twist in your app, it should be age-appropriate to engage users of the right age range. Serious brands mean serious business, unless it’s appropriate for your brand to pull in puns or witty messages, it’s fine. Sending messages through push notifications is your five-second chance to engage a user before he decides you’re too annoying and swipe your message off.

Send important messages that are meaningful to the user. It’s pretty convenient whenever Google Maps would remind me how long my commute or drive will take on my way to work, or how a menstrual cycle app will remind a user that “red days” are already coming. All of these types of messages mean something to its user. They have downloaded your app for a significant reason, use that need to connect with your users.

Get Started with Rich Push Notifications

Are you excited to make the most out of your push notifications? Again, be creative but stay real with your branding. Be specific about what you really intended. Try to play with the style without compromising the authenticity of your brand.

Second, assess your limits. It is important to split test your notifications to ensure that your message effectively engages your clients rather than squandering them away.

Lastly, make the most out of your notifications, be mindful that the notifications popping out in user’s phone is in real-time and worth the interruption it may bring them. Focus your interest on the user’s history and send things which they can relate.

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