Best Hand-Picked Inbound Marketing Articles from March 2018 For Win-Win Marketing Strategy

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Best Hand-Picked Inbound Marketing Articles from March 2018 For Win-Win Marketing Strategy

Take a look at these hand-picked inbound marketing articles from March month and apply into your marketing strategy to boost up your website traffic, sales, profits and revenue of your business.

Another month with full of marketing articles. Thanks a lot my all readers for stopping by to checking out my inbound marketing articles roundup of every month.

In March 2018, there were many interesting articles published on the internet, but I come up with some of the hand-picked inbound marketing articles just only for my readers who always excited to read. March article roundup having social media marketing, web design, content marketing, email marketing and SEO resources.

Learn some of the best advice on guest post trends, using email optimization in mobile, great tips for web designing, leveraging customer service with social proof and more.

Take a look at these hand-picked inbound marketing articles from March month and apply into your marketing strategy to boost up your website traffic, sales, profits and revenue of your business.

If you missed out my last month round-up, here you will get:

Top Performing Inbound Marketing Articles From February 2018: Over 100 Interesting Articles to Read

1. Team TNS(TheNextScoop)

  • Have you ever read about facts of Google logo history?  If not then, read Samuel Caverly’s blog draw attention to Google’s logo. How Google logo is created, official changes, logo evolution, you will get here these kinds of all questions.
  • Want to skyrocket your website traffic? You know what broken link building and Skyscraper technique will work great with this? Don’t know how? Check out Bill Acholla’s article for five proven and reliable ways used to skyrocket website traffic and efficiently double your business ROI.
  • Totally agree with this line by Steven Sanders “According to a blogging study, successful content marketers obtain 24% of their blogs posts from outside sources, and 56% of those externally obtained articles are from guest bloggers because it helps them.”
    Guest blogging is the best from all the techniques to promote your business, in this article you will get a step-by-step guide to promote your business through guest posting.
  • Are you an online marketer and specially working with Paid Marketing? Then this Emma Rundle’s article is just for you. You will get some news about amazing PPC trends of 2018, Artificial Intelligence a local marketing here. How should you try voice and visual search system in PPC? How will personalization help in making more money with marketing? You will get this all here.

2. Social Media Marketing

  • Justin Osborne came up with the best article on how you can enhance your customer experience with social proof. You should also exploit the social proof strategy with types of social proofs; you will get it in this article.
  • Neil Patel is a New York Times bestselling author. In this article, he highlights how LinkedIn marketing is impacting your business. LinkedIn is the best marketing strategy to generate more leads, more revenue, and profits. He adds more interesting insight in this article. Must Read.
  • Always remember old is gold. Here Katie Sehl emphasizes some old school marketing strategy that always works best for social media. How better analysis and right imagery always work best for social media marketing.
  • Want to know how and which marketing steps are taken by the CEO of the top companies? How they use social media to increase brand value? In this article, Cheryl Conner- the contributor in Forbes will explain to you how top CEO’s leverage social media to build a following and brand loyalty.

3. Digital Marketing

  • In every field and organization, digital marketing strategy is playing its vital role but is that takes advantage of real estate business? In this article, TNS experts will guide you on how to take advantages with digital marketing in real estate business.
  • Disney is the best brand to take some inspiration from their online marketing strategy. Christina Nicholson has given some trends and tips on the online marketing strategy that Disney world is paying a lot of attention to.
  • What are your job and first priority as an Entrepreneur in your brand marketing? Scott Oldford’s blog outlines the top 6 digital marketing trends that will help you to increase your brand awareness in this year.
  • When it’s come to create the new marketing strategy, follow the current trend is the first thing that should be present. Let’s update your B2b marketing strategy by following Neel Sinha’s listed B2B marketing trends that will rule to make your organization stronger.
  • A great article in marketingprofs by Lindsay McGettigan introduces the three tests that help us keep personalization honest. In this article, you will get three tests that will help you in your personalization marketing as well as what you need to test with it.

4. SEO

  • Evan Hoeflich explained the important SEO strategies which can help to get your blog and gain some more organic traffic from search engines. He gave an advice how to use SEO tags which are optimized, how to create the best content in this article.
  • If you want to be a pro on Pinterest then Garry Grant’s article on how to use Pinterest for seo and social media marketing and be a success in your firm. How proper keyword research, quality images, Pinterest board optimization will make you the pro on Pinterest. Check it out now.
  • Which webpage direction method is used for your website especially when its ecommerce website? Confused between 301 or 302 redirects? This article is really important one because here Bryson Meunier breaks down the differences between 301 and 302 redirects and explain how search engines view each page when its redirect.
  • One more article from a marketingprofs contributor, Bill Sebald. He will share a few important points for tying your PPC and SEO marketing efforts together into campaigns, and also explain why it's necessary.

5. Content Marketing

  • Have you ever incorporate your content marketing strategy and guest posting? Yet, not? Just do it today because it does not only help to increase your customers/audience but also will build a brand trust through guest posting. Check it out Kelsey Meyer's article from convinceandconvert.
  • You wrote a mind-blowing and engaging blog but not getting that much responses? It’s happen just because you are not doing content marketing properly. In this article of from Thenextscoop, You will know why and how content marketing is much better than just writing blogs.

6. Business

  • Time is money. If you manage your time effortlessly then you will get more money. Check out Sean Blaney’s article to enhance time management skills with a printable calendar. He will let you know how you can be well-organized.
  • David Rae is giving you some important and essential tax saving tips for your small business that is not only put more money back into your pocket but also help to increase your fund.

7. Web Design

  • Content is a king in all fields, even though in web designing. Yes. Through content audits, you can know your mistakes which done in web design. Alli Berry who is a contributor in Moz explains about 8 common website mistakes that revealed from content audits.
  • Everyone wants an eye catchy web design for their business success. Andreas Rivera from business come up with helpful and wondering online resources that can help you to learn and design your business's website when you have no time or less time. He listed some free or paid web design tools that create the best website design.

8. Email Marketing

  • Email marketing always best marketing strategies that have an ecommerce store. In this article, Kissmetrics give you some email examples that will help you to increase repeat customer of your ecommerce store. How you can send the reminder, Thank you emails.
  • “A recent study showed that 54% of all emails are opened on mobile.” That’s true. In this digital world everyone has Mobile and in email marketing is a most important and traffic generating method. So if your emails are optimized for mobile then it’s good for your business. Matt Harris will shares most common mobile email gaffes with you.

Enjoy and please comment which one inbound marketing article is proved itself as the most useful article on your website.

Krishna Patel is a Ex Digital Marketing Executive at Acquire and Jagat Media. She is also a blogger and writing about Digital Marketing and its new updates. She believes and always keeps trying to do something new. When Krishna steps out of office, she loves to spend time with loved ones. Feel free to follow Krishna on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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