How Web Design Affects SEO? Precautions

/ June 8, 2015 | 3 Mins Read

How Web Design Affects SEO? Precautions

While concentrating on the keywords in the articles to sync with SEO, people ignore the design of a website. If popular keywords are used while designing a website, it will quickly climb the SEO rank order. Keywords in content keep the article on top but keywords in web design will keep the whole website on top. Web design directly affects the SEO rank and these points prove it.

1.  Content is King

Search engines catch keywords in the form of text and not graphics. Google is the only search engine that detects keywords in flash graphics up to some extent. Always remember that “Content is King”; the volume and content (the latter more importantly) on the website will directly affect the SEO rank.

2.  Domain Name

If you get this right, there is no way to contain the number of hits on your website. For example, if you search “car” on Google, India optimized results will first obviously display a Wikipedia page but immediately after that are “” and “”. These sites have hit the jackpot by including the popular keyword in their domain name.

3.  Fresh Keywords

There was a time when Katrina Kaif was the most searched Indian but now Sunny Leone rules the roost. Similarly, if you update fresh content on your website and you time the content right, it will do wonders. “Net Neutrality” is a rage now, articles with this combination of keywords is getting the maximum hits these days. Also, if you put trending words on labels of your website, the whole URL will notch up higher in SEO ranking.

4.  Different Channels

Popularize your website through social media and share as many links as you can on different platforms. Get a mobile app developed for Android and iOS and increase the reach of your website. Higher reach is directly linked to higher SEO rank. Remember, the number of engagements on Facebook and Twitter does count in SEO.

5.  Simplify It

Flashy designs and animations are useless until there is optimum content to go with it. As mentioned earlier, popular search engines seldom read words in graphics. A graphic heavy website may be the best designed one, but it will perform poorly on SEO index.

6.  Focussed Vs Versatile

This is a debatable point. A website focussed on a single topic/beat often gets more visits than websites with versatile content dealing with current affairs based topics. If your website specifically deals in fashion products, it may get more hits than other e-commerce website in case of fashion but your overall SEO rank will be far below because of the versatility of those websites and the amount of keyword-oriented content they have.  So, a perfect blend of “focussed” and “versatile” will help you take your website to another level.

7.  Coding

This one is for the experts. Not only the content, but coding of your website needs to be optimized for various search engines. Easy to read code lines for search engines will pull your website higher in SEO rank while complicated and difficult to read code lines will have a negative effect.

8.  Popularity

The one who is on top of SEO ranking is likely to remain on top because bigger the hit count, higher is the SEO rank. Your popularity on the net counts and is your biggest asset to get a preferential treatment from search engines. That is why when you search “Sachin Tendulkar”, you get content related to the cricketer and not anyone else with the same name. Similarly, if you search “Discovery” on Google, the first link you get is of the popular adventure and science-based TV channel Discovery.

9.  Use Latest Design Language

Use a design language that makes your website appear beautiful and easy to navigate. HTML 5 is the most sought after and popular language used to design websites for multi-million dollar companies. A complicated language tapers the quality of web design and gets the website a low-slung rating from search engines.

10. Large yet Fast

If you want a higher SEO rank for your website then use less data consuming graphically oriented ads. These ads not only slow down the website, but regular pop-ups irritate the viewer and might earn you a bad reputation. Avoid pop-up ads as much as possible and try to keep the data count low so the content loads quickly and the website are easy to navigate.

11. Smart Use of Graphics

Though you should avoid overuse of graphics, but smart use of graphics is very helpful. Use informational graphics also known as “infographics”. This helps some of the advanced search engines to detect keywords mentioned in your graphic. Mingle the graphic with some interesting content in points, which will not only make it attractive and informational but will also get your website the desired attention from search engines.

Sawaram Suthar is CMO at Acquire, and also a founder of Jagat Media, a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on @sawarams.

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