Ultimate Guide To Messenger Marketing and Chat Box

/ June 7, 2019 | 4 Mins Read

Ultimate Guide To Messenger Marketing and Chat Box

Facebook Messenger Marketing is in a prime place to shift the world’s #1 marketing channel in the upcoming years…and the companies who become prime adopters of this fast-growing channel are going to have serious leverage over their competitors.

In today’s world, online marketing is challenging and tough. Competition is everywhere, in every industry and fierce. Maybe you will be frustrated or searching for a few modern communication channels which have not been saturated with the advertisers.

Facebook Messenger Marketing can the best option because nowadays as it is on the top of the world’s marketing channel. The business or organization who has adopted this fast and rapidly growing communication channel will get a huge advantage over their competitors. 

Way to Communicate is Changing 

The manner in which people communicate with each other is changing nowadays.  

Simply compare the way in which we communicate nowadays with the way we were doing 10 or 12 years back. Previously, we were using email and telephone calls but now we have moved to SMS and messengers.  

Just like every other person, most of us prefer communication which is immediate, convenient and readily available. This can be because most of us utilize the computer, laptop or smartphones. We now want to prefer the way to communicate that is mobile-friendly. 

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Thus, it can be said that messaging apps can be the best solution. They're intuitive and quick. The reactions we receive are simple and short due to which we like utilizing them!  

These are only a few highlights of why messaging applications have turned out so popular today, and why it has become such an incredible mode of communication for marketers hoping to contact new clients and expand the business. 

What is Messenger Marketing and Its Importance? 

Messenger marketing is basically the demonstration of marketing to the clients by the use of a messaging application.  

Messenger marketing can be termed as an act of marketing to customers with the help of a messaging app. With the help of this, you can create a list by new leads and then promote these leads by sending content or answering to their questions which can be quite helpful to convert those leads in engaging new customers.  

Theoretically, it's just like how Email Marketing works. But when it comes to practice, Messenger Marketing works uniquely as compared to email marketing. It's very conversational where Messenger Marketing persons are searching for a discussion that feels one on one, where messages from different organizations are one to many.  

There could be different reasons for this: 

1. High Engagement Rates 

A report conducted by Statista in the year 2016 analyzed the open and click-through rates for various sorts of message or emails. During the research, they come to know that the average email open rate was between 5.9%-18.8% whereas the average click-through rates were 0.4%-2.1%.  

When it was compared to Messenger Marketing it has been observed that the open rates are of 80% and more but the click-through rates ware more prominent than 30%.   

People find easier to open and tap on a messaging application rather than an email. And that can be good news for the companies who are planning to draw in their leads and prospects on the web. 

2. Messaging Applications Have Less Friction than Email  

An excellent aspect regarding messaging applications is that they offer a smooth and continuous client experience with almost without any friction.  

If we compare and consider all the frictions while using email:  

Firstly, just taking a look at the inbox is presumably enough for nervousness. In case if you are also like other people who contains thousands of messages from dozen of sources. These open loops are painful mainly when you realize it will take a number of hours to deal with and sort out these new messages.  

Second, there could be email which accompanies the risk of viruses and spam. We're immersed with undesirable email each day, and we all are aware that it can accidentally download viruses which can harm breach the security of your email. Thus, it can be said that the trust with email marketing is declining day by day.   

At last, think about the process that is carried out to read a single email. Moreover, the text might possibly be formatted correctly. It depends on the device you are using.   

3. Messenger Apps: Marketer-Friendly than SMS 

Therefore, email as an advertising channel getting immersed rapidly. But have you ever thought why SMS marketing has not been marketing-friendly as compare to messenger apps.

It can be because of lack of marketer-friendly. For example - In SMS marketing you are limited to inserting videos and images. Additionally, can’t hyperlink the text instead of that you need to insert the URLs which can be ugly and long. Also, you won’t be able to include a call-to-action button. 

In short, it can be said that SMS marketing is ugly.  

4. Messenger Apps as a Personal App 

As compared to the traditional way of advertising, messaging apps are more interactive and personal. We can say that the traditional ways of advertising channels like TV, email, direct mail, print, radio and more were one-way communication.

But with a messaging app, you will get a personalized marketing channel to promote your ideas, product or services. 

Another marketing channel can be chatbot where you can send and receive customized messages including links. Anytime, you can type a message to the organization and also receive a personal response. 

It is a two-way communication and hence we can say that the messaging apps are more personal.  

5. Messenger Apps: Growing Rapidly 

In a short span of time, the messaging app has spread its wings in most of the countries. These apps are unavoidable and utilized by a large number of peoples. The given table displays how messaging apps have surpassed social networks.  


Presently a particular applications used by the people varies from nation to nation. We all are aware of Facebook Messenger. It is one of the most used applications in North America whereas WhatsApp rules in Europe. In China, a messenger like WeChat is used mostly.  

As a result, we can say that messengers are the preferred choice by the people when it comes to communicating with family or friends.  

Let’s take an example of WeChat Messenger which has been used in China.  


With the help of the above diagram, we come to know how the users of WeChat have increased in China. In the year 2014, it was 82 and later on, in the year 2016, it has crossed the DANBAR number which was 150. DANBAR number can be defined as the maximum number of individuals with who humans can maintain stable relationships.  

So, these were the importance and the ways how messaging apps and chat box have taken place in a different organization.  

Author: James Amick 

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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