9 New AdWords Features: How To Stay Up To Date

/ August 8, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

9 New AdWords Features: How To Stay Up To Date

Check out this list of new adwords features provided in this article and see how they may enable you to update your advertising campaign.

Are you an ambitious marketer looking to stay updated with emerging trends? Would you like to improve your online marketing strategy? Then the latest Google AdWords features could be the answer to your problems.

The latest Google AdWords has improved on previous features and incorporates new ones. It relies on machine learning and automation. Its new features could help you by significantly improving performance in your paid search marketing campaigns.

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Check out this list of new AdWords features provided below and see how they may enable you to update your advertising campaign.

1. Brand new user interface

The latest AdWords platform has a totally revamped user interface. In case you want to identify new marketing opportunities and keep tabs on your performance, its new look certainly helps. The new AdWords user interface will allow you to unlock useful data with relative ease. This may help you to market or advertise your products and services more aggressively.

With this new feature, you will have more control over your AdwWords account and this could allow you to spot different trends faster.

2. New opportunities

Previously, this was one AdWords feature that you probably did not pay much attention to. The new version offers you recommendations and insight into your advertising strategy. This may enable you to meet your marketing goals and improve the performance of your campaign.

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The latest AdWords opportunity page will enable you to estimate traffic, costs and improve your efficiency. You may be able to estimate the impact of your marketing performance with this feature.

The suggestions that the opportunities page may offer you are custom made for your account. This AdWords feature can segregate these suggestions into categories like keywords and targeting or bids and budget.

3. Custom intent audiences

In case you want to reach out to online shoppers with high purchase intent, this new AdWords feature may help you. It does this by employing innovative machine learning technology. As people search for specific goods and services online, they tend to use common urls and keywords.

The custom intent audiences feature uses these search commonalities to auto-create audiences. Let us assume that you have an online audio equipment store. Your campaign may show that visitors to your store have also checked out outdoor furniture online. This new AdWords feature can create for you an “outdoor wireless speaker” custom intent audience.

For each custom intent audience created, this feature will allow you to assess performance and reach estimates. This may be a great feature for you especially if you are busy and do not have time to research new audiences.

4. Promotion extensions

If you have been wondering how to highlight seasonal promotions on your ads, this new AdWords feature could assist you. Previously, Google AdWords only offered you snippets for thanksgiving or valentine’s day. With this new AdWords feature, you can now highlight the rest of the calendar year.

This feature will allow you to "bold text" whatever significant occasion or holiday during the year. You also get two lines of text for details about your sales or promotions. You may also include relevant promotion information like coupon codes or discount rates using the AdWords promotion extension feature.

In case you want to highlight deals and sales, you will not need to create new ads with this feature. This will save you a lot of time and Resources.

5. Message extensions

As a marketer, any feedback that you receive from your audience is invaluable. The latest AdWords platform makes it easier for you to interact with your audience through the message extension feature.

With this feature, you may have a chance to communicate directly with your online visitors on the search results page. This could prove more advantageous. This is especially true when you consider the alternative of having them read about your product on your landing page.

Your audience may not interact with you as they click through when you have a standard text ad. This new AdWords feature allows you to establish a connection with your audience.

6. Ad variations

This new AdWords feature could prove useful to you if you want to improve (pay-per-click)PPC conversions. You can make adjustments to your ads en masse using the ad variations feature on a trial basis. In case you want to try out different headline text or call-to-action (CTA), this feature may come in handy.

Once you make the necessary adjustments to your ads and implement them, AdWords does the rest. The feature allows AdWords to inform you when your tests yield positive, significant results and conversions. This way, your new test version can replace the ads that you had originally.

7. Gmail remarketing

This new AdWords feature allows you to dynamically market or advertise through your audiences’ gmail account. As you approach the busiest days of the year, when people shop a lot, gmail remarketing may give you an advantage. You will be able to send timely ads to your target audiences’ gmail inboxes.

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Depending on your audiences’ online behavior, this new adwords feature will enable you to display, in your image ads, relevant products.

8. Call only ads

A good number of your audience uses their smartphones to search for different goods and services online. Google AdWords has taken advantage and capitalized on call-per-click (CPC) trends with the call only ads feature.

Previously, when you wanted to schedule or add call extensions to your account, you had to do it manually. On your advertising account, this new feature allows you to enable call extensions across the board.

The call only ads feature allows you to assess the following parameters:

  1. How long each call lasted
  2. Source of the call
  3. Number of calls made
  4. The keyword that produced the call and which particular ad was clicked

9. Parting shot

As you can see, the new AdWords features may prove useful in improving your marketing and advertising campaign. Google has certainly made sure of this by incorporating automation and machine learning in the latest version. These features may be just what you need to take your performance marketing to the next level.

If you are looking to stay ahead in the pay-per-click arena, the new AdWords features could prove useful to you.

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