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Humantic AI Raises $1.5M in First Funding

Updated: May 6, 2022

Humantic AI, a Banglore, India and Palo Alto, California based startup providing personality AI to revenue and sales teams, raised $1.5m in funding from a group of highly regarded angel investors

Who all are involved in funding? 

Backers included Gokul Rajaram, Board Member of Coinbase and Pinterest; John Donovan, Former CEO of AT&T Communications; Amit Singh, Board Member of Asana; Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of Product at Google; and Binny Bansal, Co-Founder of Flipkart. In addition, investor Sharath Keshava Narayana, Co-Founder of Observe AI (YC W18), has joined Humantic AI’s Board of Directors.

Where will use the fund? 

The company planned to use the funds to expand operations and its business reach across the world.

"We are building Humantic AI to help salespeople understand their prospects and speak in a language that truly connects with their potential customers," said Founder and CEO Amarpreet Kalkat. Further, he said Humantic AI provides prospect intelligence to revenue teams, helping salespeople engage more customers, build relationships, and close more deals.

Founded in 2021 and used by more than 100 organizations worldwide, the company leverages technology anchored around its proprietary personality AI engine, which combines ML & NLP with Neuroscience and Computational Linguistics to create detailed personality profiles. These profiles provide recommendations to sellers to help them be effective with prospects at every step of their buying journey.


    Palo Alto, California