Facebook Marketing Revamped, Now Sell Through FB Messenger

/ October 29, 2016 | 6 Mins Read

Facebook Marketing Revamped, Now Sell Through FB Messenger

Facebook has revamped its marketing strategy by introducing sales through FB Messenger. In this write-up, we look at the different features that are new in FB Messenger.

With a knack for innovating things, the leading social media network, Facebook has transformed the way brands used the power of social media. Earlier used for better customer support and improved user interaction, the new messenger platform has brought a new version and trusts me it’s a boon for the brands.

With over a million people engaging with their favorite brands on Facebook messenger for clearing their doubts and queries, now get another exciting way to interact with brands.

1. What’s new?

Developers at Facebook have made easy for buyers and shoppers to take advantage of their messenger platform and not for just connecting with each other but have taken the level a step higher. They have incorporated capabilities and more than 30,000 bots to the messenger for a seamless and reliable shopping experience.

On their part, they believe the potential for messenger platform is huge and the dedicated team at work will keep on building and innovating things for the betterment of the companies and the people.

Until now, in order to buy a product, you, as a buyer, need to leave the native platform and was directed to an external website to complete the purchase. As soon as you clicked the ad, it took you out of the messenger to an external web page where you needed to enter the necessary details like shipping, credit/debit card details and more. It was irritating for you to complete the whole process and fill the form up especially when you had already attached the same information to your Facebook messenger profile.

But, not anymore. The fresh messenger carries new capabilities, new functionalities, which are lot more easy, integrated and reliable too.

2. News Feed Ads Gets a New Landing Screen

Good news for brands as Facebook allows messenger as the destination for news feed ads. People can now be directed to messenger thread after clicking the call-to-action buttons on the ads displayed in their news feed. Brands can now select messenger as a destination for links included in the ads under the section called “website click objective”.

Facebook Messenger News Feed Ads

This allows advertisers to include call-to-action buttons like “Learn More” or “Buy Now” or Shop Now” in their news feed ads, which redirect the buyer to messenger thread with the same ad copy or a configurable structures message. Advertisers can also include the coupon code in the ad copy, which will be shown to the user on the landing screen. The messenger bots are capable of displaying discount codes in the FB news feed ads as well as on the welcome screen when a user gets directed to the conversation thread.

Other ad functionalities remain same as it continues to allow businesses, advertisers, marketers and developers to choose target audience groups and delivery times according to their needs. Also, it foils buyer from an external website, which certainly enhances user experience.

3. Mobile Optimized Websites in the Messenger

Facebook now allows companies to display their websites in messenger itself for an improved user experience. People can now interact with their favorite brands in a smooth manner, that too without leaving Facebook. There is an option for customization of website’s height for better interactions in threads. Developers and Businesses can adjust the same in a way that doesn’t obstruct the context of the conversation.

Further, developers at Facebook have also integrated easy checkout and payment gateway, which makes the process even smoother especially for people who have already loaded the payment information in their Facebook messenger profile. This helps them to make faster payments and quick checkouts. However, this option is currently available in beta stage and in the US only.

4. Welcome Users Warmly

As soon as the user is directed to the messenger thread, Facebook takes an opportunity to welcome the user in a warm fashion. The user is taken to a new welcome screen. This new screen lets brands, companies and businesses to provide customized information and details about their bot’s capabilities, which include the following,

  • Category of the page
  • Response time
  • Your bot’s capabilities (what users can expect?)

This makes people aware of what’s in store for them in the upcoming blocks. They’ll be entitled to view page’s information in the conversation thread itself whenever they want. Businesses or page owners can edit the introductory or welcome text via Page settings tab from their profile.

5. Message and Content Sharing

To add more spice, you, as a user have the power to share individual messages or content within your Facebook circle. You can share anything from the conversation thread to your friends allowing you to take better calls and make wise decisions. In order to share a message, all you have to do is to tap the standard share button in the messenger right next to your message.

You can not only share messages but also the bot by using a share button present in the thread. Everything that gets shared includes bot icon, bot name and CTA, which helps in better identification of the associated bot thread.

Say, for example, you’re trying to purchase a product but are confused by the choices on offer. What you can do is send a message to your friend or friends asking for their advice on the same, which could help you in making up your mind and take a final call accordingly. Also, you can share the bot as a suggestion to your peers for the products you think suit them.

6. Buy Now Button in Messenger with Easy Checkout

Facebook plays a trump card here. It adds a ‘Buy Now’ button in the messenger app, which allows buyers to complete the purchase then and there itself without leaving the app. Shoppers just need to tap the ‘Buy Now’ button and they are half way through. No redirection, no external websites rather just an easy checkout process to get the things done.

Buy Now Button in Messenger

Once the shopper taps the ‘Buy Now’ button, he/she will be taken through the checkout process that’s extremely facile. Buyers can see the final cost to be paid and fill the necessary details like contact, shipping address and payment information. This information can either be inherited from messenger profile (if the buyer had already set this up) or can be filled manually during the checkout process.

After all the requisites, the shopper needs to pay the final amount and thereafter can avail the option of seeing the receipt for the same. For businesses or companies to receive the payments from messenger purchases, they’ll need to have a PayPal or Stripe account. They can connect their accounts via settings tab and can enjoy easy payment transfers from Facebook.

The point to be noted here is that this service is applicable only to the US buyers and service providers. However, the company looks positive in expanding it to other parts of the world by this year end. All we can do at this point of time is, wait.

Further, from messenger updates include quick replies, app-level analytics and reuse of attachments.

7. Quick Replies

Developers have been keen in including quick replies to the messenger allowing businesses to interact and revert to their customers in a quick and accurate manner. After analyzing a variety of conversations happening on messenger, developers at Facebook recognized and updated the most desired quick replies. Location and icon sharing are some of them, which have been updated and included.

8. Analytics

Owners had a tough time in downloading in-app error and block rates earlier, which now has been resolved. Now, you can download the app-level analytics report in CSV format from app settings.

9. Reuse of attachments

For faster multimedia processing, Facebook now allows you to reuse the same attachment for subsequent media transfers. This prevents duplicate data to be loaded on the site’s server in addition to quick media sends. Broadcasting of media files has also been enabled, which will certainly improve the multimedia send time and transfers.

The only probable reason Facebook is excelling like no one else in the industry is its innovative and modern approach to doing things. With myriad ways, creative ideas and new business models to make money, the technology company has put unique methods in place, which aren’t just beneficial for business owners, advertisers and shoppers, but for the organization as well.

Messenger, which once looked as a communication and customer interaction medium, has now been revamped by the company to revolutionize the e-commerce sector. It creates a WIN-WIN situation for both, businesses as well as for the shoppers. The shopping process has been simplified and customers don’t need to visit an external website for completing the purchase. Plus, an additional feature of sharing the bot with friends adds more value to the system on a whole.

Companies now have a broader angle to see messenger as a new shopping platform, which is expected to ease the things down for the businesses and surely not for Facebook. The real benefit and productivity of the modern approach can be seen once different parts of the world get to use the messenger the same way as the US.


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