Top 10 Remarkable E-commerce Web Design Trends To Implement

/ January 30, 2018 | 5 Mins Read

Top 10 Remarkable E-commerce Web Design Trends To Implement

ECommerce web design has gained lots of traction recently. In this blog, we look at the some of the remarkable eCommerce web design trends to implement in the year 2021.

In today’s fast-changing business world, it is tough to predict the future of the market. Even, if someone is marketing giant, he also cannot be certain for the future of their ecommerce venture revenue. Similarly, ecommerce industry has become the need for online shoppers who want something new every day. Hence, to deliver their customers a seamless online shopping experience, e-commerce entrepreneurs are trying to keep pace with the latest e-commerce web design trends.

The design which is new today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, it is necessary to keep everything updated on a website so that visitors could not get bored of it. There are so many website owners who timely make changes in their websites for better traffic and conversion results. Today, we also have put together some of the best-picked e-Commerce web design trends that will hit the e-commerce market in 2018.

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Here is a closer look:

1. Mobile shopping:

Mobile internet usage has won over desktop searches which indicates that e-retailers should ensure that their shopping site is responsive and can go smoothly on different devices. It is clearly calculated that today’s smartphones and other upcoming mobile devices would become the major source of website traffic in the future. By observing all the facets, it is estimated that creating a responsive website is equally important as building a dynamic website to have great UX results.

2. Material design:

Material design, the concept of building the websites that are content focused, vibrant, stylish and caters all the needs of businesses. The trend already touched the momentum and also expected to get a high rise in the upcoming year.

Material design

Material design concept provides playful, unified and tangible user experience across all the platforms which make it so appreciated by web designers. Designers especially choose this to develop engaging and attractive e-commerce websites.

3. Card-like layouts:

In past few years, card-like designs have been admired a lot by visitors and designers. Due to the successful presence of this trend in previous years, this will also be carried out in the next year. Card design is the major component used in Material Design which is the best part of using this trend. The other thing is, the card designs are responsive and make things visible on different devices of any screen sizes. Website designed by integrating card-like designs are user-friendly and browsed well in all web browsers.

4. Free Shipping & Fast Delivery:

When it comes to predicting the future of e-commerce industry, there are a lot of facts that need to be considered on priority. But, the first thing which entrepreneurs think about is to provide convenience to the customers on each purchase. The free delivery facility is the best option which can create buzz on your online shopping website.

Free Shipping & Fast Delivery

Many times, customers take their steps back when they see big shipping charges on the ordered products. eCommerce website owners can bring traffic by facilitating customers with the swift delivery with and also by not taking any shipping charges.

5. Minimalist Buttons:

Since 2014, minimalist buttons are in the discussion among the web designers as they consider these the best to create action-oriented web pages. The motive behind integrating these buttons to the web pages is to provide excellent user experience to the visitors through perfect actions. These buttons exactly work as the call to actions for the pages and ensure to provide better browsing experience to the users.

6. Typography:

Today, website owners keenly looking forward to improving their website’s layout by adding attractive components. Now, they come to know about the typography trend which is gradually changing the layouts and user experience of the web pages.

Big and Bold Typography

Introduction to this trend has brought revolution in the website design industry which significantly makes the website content more visible and adaptable. So, be always legible while selecting the font for your business website so that it could instantly grab visitor’s attention and earn optimum click-through rates.

7. Hamburger menu:

Hamburger menu has become highly popular across the designing industry due to its quality of cleaning up the clutter from e-commerce websites. Earlier the concept was initiated to build menus for smartphones but now, it has made the way to the desktop web designs. Hamburger menus are also pronounced as the hidden menus as they only appear when the user clicks over the menu area or move the mouse over there.

hamburger menu button

This is the latest trend which recently gained popularity as the best e-commerce web design strategy. Dynamic search technique is successful in segregating the products when an e-commerce site has a large inventory. The best example of this feature is the changing layout of products. This trend is hitting the market and projected to get more hits in the future.

9. Hover Effects:

In the year 2018, many websites will be designed by using the hover effect method for different website aspects. The technique of hover effects is the CSS method which is integrated to change an element’s effects when the mouse reaches to it. Hover effects are attractive and can quickly grab users’ attention towards the important details of the particular page.


10. White Space:

Online shoppers pick the stores that have easy to understand and simple layouts rather than the ones that are designed with intricate patterns. To reduce the intricacies of the layout, more and more online e-commerce owners have initiated to integrate white space technique to specifically define the most important part of that particular page or product. Visitors eye would automatically stick to the white space and they will not leave it unexplored.

In A Nutshell:

However, all the above-mentioned trends for the upcoming year are worth using. But, it’s your opinion what to choose to improve the user experience and the appeal of your e-commerce website. So, choose wisely and integrate the e-commerce web design trends which you think is the best for your online store.

Tom Hardy has gained much experience while working as a senior e-commerce website developer at Sparx IT Solutions- eCommerce Web Design Company. From time to time, he loves to share his experience and findings with a broader audience.

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