All You Need to Know About Digital Marketing 2019

All You Need to Know About Digital Marketing 2019

At this point, the digital marketing landscape has been buckled up so much that what was effective just a few years ago is now old hat. With these new trends, there are lots of ways to attract more targeted audience to your business and satisfy them.

Technology is growing fast, keeping up with the ins and outs of latest trends are crucial. As trends gravitate with changing behaviors of potential customers, new ideas, and techniques tend to emerge correspondingly. It is the time to assess whether you are using the latest methods to reach your target audiences or not.

Social media is the most popular channel associated with digital marketing. Besides that, we will share other productive methods that will help to sustain your brand’s exposure.

1. Utilize Platforms Other than Social Media

No doubt social media platform has achieved a significant boost in recent years but focusing too much on these channels and neglecting other effective ways may not give you an up rise to a level you aim to achieve.

Other than social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, content marketing and PPC are common digital marketing approaches. These days, a brand needs to establish numerous competitors who ready to bypass you anytime populate a strong online presence as current market.

Utilizing multiple digital marketing mediums gives you a leverage of staying ahead in the competition.

2. Create a Blog alongside Your Business Website

Your website displaying the products for sale most probably following the latest ecommerce website design trends will have its essence but a sophisticated blog parallel with your business website can bring many fortunes. A well written content with efficient keyword addition can create a great impact.

Moreover, your search engine appearance can achieve a great hike. The content on viral topics assists in reaching new customers and also yield brand loyalty among existing customers.

3. Consider Paid Marketing  

Being consistent in creating new marketing campaigns on social media platforms and on other digital platforms will surely give you an edge over your competitors but no one can neglect the importance of paid advertisements.

Whether they are in the shape of PPC advertisements or paid ad campaigns on social media platforms.Your business will not only achieve an instant boost but your content will reach the maximum targeted customers.

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Now people do not perform online searches just by typing search queries. With the latest and emerging voice search trends, people have made digital assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant etc. a part of their lives.

From placing online orders to getting weather forecasts, voice searches offer a great and personalized experience to users. Optimize your SEO strategy with voice searches in mind as it changes the level of conversational language.

According to Marketing Profs, Google estimates that more than half of the searches will base on voice by the year 2020. Google prioritizes featured snippets supporting voice searches, so your content should also be tailored accordingly.

5. Do Not Use Similar Content on All Channels

There come amazing innovations every other day that gets appreciations on multiple channels. Multiple unique ideas move around a bit, staying on top of the trends.

Therefore, why to use similar content for different channels as each one has its own strengths and users communicate with them differently. Also, try to be consistent and make your audience up to date with latest activities and share experiences related to your brand. 

6. Don’t Forget Data Analysis

The very first step of initiating a marketing campaign is to know your target audience. Then a personalized content with a blend of your marketing pitch can deliver a strong message.

Now, keeping track of your promotional campaigns allows measuring the effectiveness of each message. This helps to get informed about your audience choices and content types they are most inclined towards.

Next time you will pitch them with more furnished content that is molded according to their preferences. Moreover, by measuring your steps, you can fabricate your future strategy and can set your business goals.

7. Don’t Overdo Email Marketing

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Along with social media channels, don’t ignore the traditional methods of approaching your audiences. Email marketing can bring excellent opportunities for rapid business growth and has proven to be cost effective. Propose compelling offers, discounts or coupons in your emails to make users engaged with your brand. 

Keep record of visitors landed on your business website and the products they viewed. Now remind them about the product through emails to keep the offer fresh in their minds. Remember not to overdo it with too many emails as they will get annoyed and will have a bad impression about your company’s portfolio.

8. Don’t Ignore Visual Content

While drafting your marketing campaigns, consider tailoring it with your target audience in mind. The content that is not appealing and having less valuable information will face less audience interaction. A unique visual experience with personalized touches can make a huge difference. 

Marketers know the significance of using graphics, videos and animations in their marketing campaigns. A video ad composed up with valuable information or animation with powerful theme can attract a huge number of potential customers.

Final Words

Digital marketing can bring wonders to your business if utilized with proper strategy and planning. No doubt it is quite hard to keep up with the changing trends, but early adapters enjoy benefits of hitting huge number of potential customers which ultimately result in business growth.

Basim Butt is a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 7 years of experience at FME Extensions, a leading e-commerce web design and Magento 2 development agency. Over the years, FME Extensions has successfully delivered projects in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla and other CMS/shopping cart platforms.

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