Data Highlighter, Speed, Schema, and Search Engines: The SEO Trends

/ March 8, 2019 | 5 Mins Read

Data Highlighter, Speed, Schema, and Search Engines: The SEO Trends

Are you aware of the SEO trends that you need to keep in mind in the current year? If not, here's a blog wherein we have discussed the data highlighter, speed, schema, and search engines that you need to be aware of. Do not miss this blog at any cost!

One of the best gifts that technology has given us is the ease of connectivity.  You simply need to type in a specific phrase in the search box and the system will connect you with the exact results you are looking for.

Search engines do not make any compromises when it comes to selecting the sites for listing on their Search Engine Result Pages. To achieve a high rank on SERPs your website should’ve superb content. In addition, it also helps the search engines to understand the exact point of the ‘puzzled searchers’.

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to gain prominence on SERPs. The advancement of Search Engines has made it compulsory for the site owners to upgrade their knowledge of SEO trends. Below, you’ll find the secrets to shaping up your strategies in this year of advances.

1. Speed-Optimized Web Pages

This one is one of the most obvious trends on the list. We all are well aware of the fact that it’s all about speed today. Over 47% of visitors expect the web page to load within two seconds. It is therefore important to join the race at the earliest. You should also check Google's mobile page speed update to know about the search engine’s page speed ranking factor for handsets.

Note that speed parameter is measured on the basis of DCL (DOM content loaded) and FCP (first contentful paint) parameters. Other page speed measuring tools may show some discrepancy. Reason? The data is extracted from CrUX (Chrome User Experience Report), which takes real-user measurements into consideration.

The same old set of parameters is applied for website optimization and technical website optimization score is calculated accordingly. Make sure that the links to your mobile website’s sitemap are accessible to the users. Make this a thumb of rule for privacy policy page and Robots.txt. Use a Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to determine the exact position of your site. Simply enter the URL in the tool and it will rate your website according to its position.

Alternatively, you can also use Chrome DevTool’s Device Mode to build a mobile-friendly website. Utilizing the device mode this tool imitates the character of multiple portable devices. You can even check website performance on various portable devices.

Test My Site is yet another reliable Google tool for checking the responsive rate of the site for mobile phones. It should take a minute by your website to load on a device, given there is a 3G connection.

2. MicroFormats / Schema is a Thing of Prime Importance

Search engines easily identify structured data for ranking the website. Schema recognizes each ingredient of the website. Hence, the items on the site should be categorized in a manner that can be easily identified by the search engines.

Microformats refer to small HTML patterns used for collecting info about a site. Detailed information about a site helps the search engine to rank it accurately. A good, honest description is important for a website to achieve a high rank on the Search engines. It also directs the search engines towards relevant information pieces related to the item.

Include tags or labels in the Microformats. Also, add relevant terms to your content. HTML tags easy to translate the content to search engines. Typically, these labels are brought to use through rich snippets (one of SEO plugins options). They allow transposition of description, title and URL into Google’s SERP display. Resultantly, search engines churn out the structured data into their SERP in order to deliver the best possible results to the users.

Note that Microformats aren’t meant for every website. Only the businesses with hours of operation, good ratings and a specific location (for consumers visit) leverage on microformats. Using schema otherwise is of no use.

3. Mobile Optimization Should be listed among your SEO Strategies

Today increased mobile usage is compelling the web developers to develop mobile-friendly websites. For this reason, a number of Word Press themes are highly responsive. In simple words, mobile optimization makes things much easier for business owners.

It’s important for the SEO experts to adopt effective search optimization strategy for attracting an increased number of mobile users. Ensure proper use of search engine keywords. Consider the thought process of mobile users when creating a checklist of keywords.

Google started migration of the websites to the mobile-first index since March 2018. In simple words, the sites are now ranked according to their mobile versions. There will be a single index for desktop as well as mobile versions, but still the latter remains the prime parameter for ranking on SERPs.

Your website must be responsive and compatible with mobile devices. The search engine recommends against responsive and m-dot for the same page as it confuses crawlers. Use reliable tools like Google mobile friendly tester to cross-check the response rate and load times of your site. Also, check its usability across various platforms for ensuring highest-quality experience.

4. Increased Use of Data Highlighter

Data Highlighter is a webmaster tool, which may help you in enhancing your search engine ranking significantly. It teaches Google’s search engine about how to comprehend the structure of your website’s data. For doing that, you will just need to tag the data fields of your website with the help of data highlighter.

Data Highlighter helps e-commerce businesses, business companies and normal blogs in highlighting their descriptions for search engines so that users could notice them easily.

We bet that this tool will remain in limelight throughout this year for the SEO experts. Start using it and leverage its SEO benefits, as it will help you rank better.

5. Local SEO is the Golden Gate to Endless Business Opportunities

Another noteworthy trend that will be at its peak this year is more and more consumers looking for products/services lying in their close proximity. Local businesses offering flawless services can easily capture consumers and win the race if they successfully strategize SEO trends.

Facts say over 90% of people don’t go beyond the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages. If you haven’t yet given serious thought to local SEO then know that your competitors are dominating the market. Take your local business online and you’ll know how much shares of the market you have been losing out to your business rivals. 

You must have surely come across the various benefits of associating your business with Google. The chances of recognition grow by almost 60% on publishing the location and other details of your business in the search engine’s directory. High visibility spot on Google will bring huge profits to your business, indeed. Start by claiming your business on the Search Engines. The business owners who fail to do this miss almost 50%-60% of their prospects. Online engagement is crucial for a Company’s success.

Besides, post a map/address on your site and the same should be mentioned across all social media accounts. Also, include the location where your business operations take place. Choose right set of keywords for PPC and SEO in order to target the audience of that particular location and the surrounding areas. For example- you can go for something like ‘Footwear showroom Delhi’. Note that off-page SEO is equally important. Focus on backlinks, Google reviews, testimonials, Social media and others.

The Concluding Word

Aim at offering enriched and content experiences to your users, ensuring proper application of SEO trends. Backlinks and keyword relevance will play fundamental roles this year. Also, you can’t ignore the importance of niche-based quality content. Online businesses who focus on improving their ranking on Search engines should gain more blessings from SEO algorithm of Google.

With thousands of websites coming live daily, businesses that’ll use digital marketing to their best advantage will reap more rewards from the trends. Above all, hard work is the key to success. There should be no compromise with commitment and diligence in work. Give your best shot and you are sure to get the best results for the efforts.

Ashish Goyal is a Digital Marketing Analyst at Xtreem Solution and marketing trainer in Xtreem Heights. He loves to pen down his understanding and knowledge in a simplified and engaging manner. He is an early adopter, likes to stay up to date with the latest trends in the mobile and web industry, and add value to the organization. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.

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