10 Essential Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions to ask in 2021

/ October 13, 2020 | 4 Mins Read

10 Essential Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions to ask in 2021

Customer satisfaction surveys allow companies to enhance products strategically, optimize user experience, and deliver what the market demands precisely. Learn the following ways to measure customer experience through surveys.

The success of a business is measured by how satisfied its customers are. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) has always been an important parameter to determine the sustainability of an organization. With the pandemic, it is likely to get only more crucial in 2021. 

Organizations will need to focus even more on their customer's needs and understand the essential factors contributing to their satisfaction. Experts predict customer support as the most crucial contributor to CSAT scores for the next few years.

The most efficient and proven method of measuring customer satisfaction is asking them the right types of questions, collecting valuable feedback, and evaluating how the customers feel. You can choose from various question types such as multiple-choice questions, open text, and rating scale questions depending on the types of customers or audiences.

We have shortlisted the top customer feedback questions to include in your customer satisfaction survey questionnaire and send them across to your users. You can even choose from a wide variety of expert-designed customer satisfaction survey templates and select the one that best meets your end goal.

Top customer satisfaction survey questions to consider in your CSAT surveys

1. Considering your overall experience, how would you rate our products and services?

This question is a 'must-ask' in all customer satisfaction surveys. The answer options can vary depending on the CSAT scale used. For instance, the satisfaction scale will have options ranging from 'Very dissatisfied' to 'Very satisfied.’ The possibilities of the agreed scale can vary from 'Strongly disagree' to 'Strongly agree.’

This CSAT question helps calculate the CSAT score. To calculate the CSAT score, find the ratio of satisfied customers to the total number of customers. Convert the result to a percentage by multiplying it by 100. 

Tip: Place this customer satisfaction survey question at the top of the survey. Many respondents drop out after answering the first question. With this question, businesses can get an overall idea of customer experience.

2 . How well do our products and services meet your expectations?

Offering a product or service that meets user's requirements is the key to keep customers happy. If customers are not satisfied with your products, they will move to your competitors.

3 .Considering your overall experience, how likely are you to refer our products and services to your family and friends?

It is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question and is used to measure your customers’ likelihood of referring your business to their friends and family. A good net promoter score survey is an essential part of measuring consumer satisfaction. Based on the responses, the customers are either promoters, passives, or detractors. The latter two imply unhappy customers.

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4. How would you describe our products?

Use this customer satisfaction question to know if your products will have positive word-of-mouth marketing. The adjectives like 'happy', 'satisfied', 'smooth', 'robust', 'error-free', etc suggest good customer experience, whereas 'bad', 'unsatisfied', 'irritating', 'bug', etc suggest bad customer experience.

5. How would you rate our products in the below areas?

It is a matrix question that asks respondents to select one of the column values for each row. Use this customer satisfaction survey question to get detailed feedback. Being fifth in the order, assuming if the respondents have reached so far, they are likely to complete the survey. At this point, ask their opinion on multiple parameters that affect their level of satisfaction.

6. Which three features do you like most about our products?

Delve deeper and find out what do your users like most about your offerings. You can use this data to prioritize new product features in 2021. To make it easy for you to analyze the data, offer a limited set of most demanded features as the answer items. However, if you want to give more freedom to the respondents, keep it open-ended.

7. Please rank three areas you would like to improve. (Rank 1 = most important, 3 = least important)

In a multi-select question, respondents can choose more than one answer. However, it is difficult to find out the order of importance. With a rank order question, you can gain insights into what's most important for them. 

 8. How well did we answer your queries or concerns?

This question could be a part of surveys if the customers interacted with the support or sales staff. Based on the responses, you can find improvement areas and offer better service to your customers.

9. How likely are you to purchase again from us?

Learn how loyal your customers are, and if they genuinely like your offerings. Businesses can use responses to this CSAT survey question to plan inventory, predict sales, and create communication strategies. Coupled with demographic data, you can narrow down the analysis to what group of people are likely to purchase again.

10. Do you have any other suggestions or comments for us?

Offer an opportunity to your respondents to elaborate on their feedback. Let them share their ideas, opinions, or concerns within an open-ended text question. 

Tip: Keep this at the end of the CSAT questionnaire as respondents generally tend to avoid textual or open-ended questions.If businesses act on customer satisfaction data, they can significantly improve customer loyalty. You can up-sell and cross-sell to your happy customers and grow your sales organically.

Customer success managers need to keep evolving in their efforts to improve customer satisfaction. Let's hope 2021 to be a fantastic year for all the businesses around the world.

A software developer turned marketer, Radhika is a passionate content creator and an innovator in the digital marketing space. With over ten years in the industry, she has helped organizations measure, evaluate, and act upon customer satisfaction with the goal of improving and creating a one of a kind customer experience.

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