A Marvel in Customer Service: CRM integration with Live Chat

/ October 16, 2019 | 8 Mins Read

A Marvel in Customer Service: CRM integration with Live Chat

Know how CRM plays a vital role in enhancing customer service. Also how CRM integrations with Live Chat are generating tremendous results in all aspects which are essential to not just run and sustain a business but grow and thrive in the market as well.

I wonder what brings you here? 

Possibly, you own a business or maybe you’re learning the prerequisites before starting a business or researching how to enhance customer support and service?


Here you’ll learn why you need a CRM and what is the need to integrate it with a Live Chat tool.

Let me illustrate the need for CRM before we proceed. Assuming that you own an eatery business and you have established it enough that you get regular customers. These customers whom you’ve neither recognized yet nor you know their requirements. 

Their regular arrival can be because of your quality food, conveyance or their budget. Considering the many options coming up with each day passing you should not take their loyalty for granted. They need recognition, this can be achieved by remembering their needs and other details which makes them feel homely and welcoming. 

Having a CRM helps you record the details of each customer according to your requirements as a businessman. The details can later be used to understand the demand and analyze your business.

So if the customer arrives and orders for the meal that he/she orders every time, you can just use the CRM to know and offer it precisely. It is like the people remembering your name makes you feel special in comparison to the ones who don’t.

It seems simple right? Read further for more insights and better understanding.

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but Legen ‘wait-for-it’ dary.”  - Sam Walton


1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as the name suggests is a system that leverages the improvement in the relationship between the business and its users for the purpose of decreasing the churn rate and generating more revenue by achieving sales targets.

Apparently there is no denying in the contribution of the CRM system in a business’s overall success.

If you have observed the recent advancements in the field of business growth hacks, providing the best customer service has become a priority for all the business owners and if one hasn't observed or adopted this strategy, then one must be living under a rock. There is an urgency to improve customer service to sustain as a business.

2. Live Chat

Apart from the realization of adopting customer service strategies, there is a need to understand the call of technological advancements. Customers want everything served on their table, especially when it comes to the field of customer support. Customer support plays a vital role in enhancing the overall customer experience. 

It started with catering to the customer’s queries and doubts via telecommunication which still is a vital part of the support team. Followed by the involvement of automation in the form of Chatbots to answer simple and redundant queries.

But calling support and chatbot support have had their shortcomings. Especially in understanding the customer’s mood and complex queries. That’s where Live Chat came into the picture. 

Live chat helps in connecting faster, better and builds everlasting goodwill of your business. 

Some salient features of Live chat that help you decide on including live chat service support are:

  • A better understanding of the customer’s mood
  • The expression makes the conversation interesting and helps in understanding precisely
  • Cobrowsing feature has brought a revolution in the field of Customer Service. 
  • Better Response Time and boosts Conversion Rate
  • Time Savvy, as it facilitates accessing certain parts of the customer’s tab by masking the confidential information

3. The Ultimate Integration of CRM with Live Chat

Like it takes all the Avengers to save the world, in this era, CRM alone isn’t compatible to survive in the long run but along with Live Chat, it seems as easy as a snap.

The present time demands the integration of CRM with a live chat, CRM is the gauntlet and live chat integration is one of the stones on the gauntlet that when combined with the existing ones can become invincible and you can enhance your customer support in a *snap*.


4. Role of integration in enhancing Customer Service 

As mentioned above, CRM alone has its own role to play by storing information of customers and using it for providing better customer service.

This integration of live chat with CRM will empower all your strategies to improve customer service and even boost the sales target to achieve an overall growth margin. A wonder for real that you are striving to achieve. 


5. Why Integrate CRM with Live chat?

The crucial part of handling any business is being present for the customer in the right place at the right time. Live Chat allows you to do that seamlessly but with the availability of optimum technical resources.

  • Why is the live chat integration important?

As mentioned above there is an urgency to be readily available for the customers across all platforms. In the digital era, customers are trying to connect via distinct channels and need you to be present at multiple touch-points.

Having Live Chat on your online business portal with a support representative at the other end creates a positive impact on converting the visitor into a customer.

Your response time to the customer’s query along the buyer’s journey affects the decision making of the customer. 

“The quicker the response time, the more the conversion.” 

  • Benefits of CRM and Live Chat Integration

How does CRM integration really help in improving the service? It is like Captain America finally getting hands-on Thor’s hammer, insane, right? That’s what integration will bring, insane positive results.

CRM integration’s role begins with the customer’s visit to your website. All the information available about the customer is automatically fetched by the CRM. Customer details include their name, email address, contact details, social media accounts, time and date of chat, IP address and a copy of the chat transcript is also saved into the CRM just with a click of a button.

  • Acknowledge Customers:

To begin a business, you should know the customer’s requirement and when the customer visits to get his required service and products, as a business you should make sure that you know the customer as well. For when he visits again, he should feel valued and important. This can be your start towards providing an amazing customer experience.  

CRM without integration can help you gather user information and create user profiles but CRM with Live Chat integration facilitates gathering information from the chat itself and creating customer profiles instantly.

This way it eliminates the redundant and awkward question of asking the customer details every time they visit your chat support.

For example, Live Chat integration with Salesforce has this feature of moving customer details that are collected during chats to Salesforce with just one click.

So, the next time the customer visits you can access that information and directly start the conversation with a cheerful greeting. Hence, support agents can make more impact and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Boost Agents Productivity:

The Live Chat integration with Salesforce enables the support agents to handle everything from one dashboard. Hence, makes it easy to manage and saves time in resolving issues, ultimately boosting productivity.

For instance, there are two agents(A and B) and a customer(C). Customer C on his first visit had a conversation with Agent A about the features and pricing and later in the absence of Agent A, Agent B dealt with Customer C about discount and deal closure.

Now, again on Agent A’s contact with Customer C in the absence of Agent B for the verification and activation of the deal, Agent A can’t get involved in the whole negotiation process. So, Agent A can refer to the transcripts saved in the CRM while chatting and further handle the conversation with ease.

  • Lead Generation:

Taking the above-mentioned points in perspective it really becomes seamless for the support agents to manage everything from one dashboard, hence, it helps agents to concentrate more on priorities. 

It becomes easy to segregate the customers and visitors to focus in the right direction towards the right people while sending personalized emails and running campaigns to address their requirements accurately and influence their buying decisions.

Moreover, the integration helps in understanding the customer’s persona and pitch them options to push them into the sales funnel.

6. Why choose Salesforce as your ultimate CRM companion?

There are numerous CRMs to choose from but which one would potentially impact the whole customer service system.

Salesforce CRM is the Ironman aka the best CRM out of all the available ones.


Advantages of Salesforce: Here you’ll learn about the advantages of Salesforce that will help you decide on whether to choose Salesforce or not? 

Besides, here is a pie chart by Capterra that indicates out of several available CRM platforms Salesforce captures one-third of all CRM users:

  • Salesforce takes initiative by providing new features: 

Innovation is the key to success, no wonder why they have been ranked #1 by International Data Corporation(IDC) for four consecutive years. They outcasted their competitors by building the first AI right into the CRM. They even facilitated data-driven insights to the employees to measure their performance and analyze.

Moreover, considering the fact about people accessing the internet through mobile they build a mobile application. All these functions are most required to scale and improve the existing standards.

  • One Dashboard: 

With more than 4k pre-integrated apps on AppExchange, it becomes easy for support reps to manage queries and more from a single dashboard.

  • Improves Productivity:

44% of Salesforce users have admitted to the fact that their sales productivity increased with Salesforce. It is the Salesforce Lightning Platform that helps in boosting sales. 

Read which one is the best Live Chat combination with Salesforce CRM.

7. How Salesforce, when integrated with Acquire Live chat, is extraordinary in providing Customer Support?

One avenger alone defending the world is fine but along with a partner, it becomes enjoyable and effective, right?

An incredible integration is that of Salesforce CRM and Acquire Live Chat. There are salient features that Acquire Live Chat provides which makes the integration even better.

Points to consider that enhance the integration: Here I have mentioned key points that make Acquire Live Chat the best.

  • Cobrowsing

Unlike others, Acquire facilitates cobrowsing with Live Chat. Using which an agent can view and interact with the customers’ tab in real-time. Like for real, the agent gets hold of the customer’s screen keeping the confidential information intact and masked.

It helps in understanding the customer issues quickly and provide an optimum solution that is easily understood by customers. This is one robust feature that outcasts every other Live Chat provider in the market.

  • Efficiency in Response-time

Effectiveness can’t sustain if not there exists efficiency. Effectiveness is how a customer issue was dealt whereas efficiency is defined by the number of customer issues resolved in a given amount of time.

When Salesforce is integrated with Acquire, it becomes very easy to handle a lot of tasks from the same portal, hence it results in reduced response time.

  • Sales Boost

Website visitors are always looking for quick contact with a customer support rep. to resolve their queries. There have been instances where delayed responses have resulted in the loss of leads and hence a decrease in conversion rate. 

With cobrowse, the support representative can easily connect with the user by sending him a connection request in the same tab where the user is chatting from and connect to the support rep. It becomes simple for the support rep to comprehend the user’s issue and easy for the user to understand and learn. 

This will stop the website visitors from bouncing or going somewhere else for the same service where they get a better response. This eventually boosts the conversion rate

Closing Note 

If you have reached here then I must say that you should give this splendid integration of Salesforce CRM and Acquire Live Chat a shot. I have mentioned all the benefits and positive points, it is your views and feedback that I am looking forward to. 

A study by Capterra concluded that new businesses will continue to adopt CRM technology as the economy continues to improve. To grow your business or to sustain your business it is good to have a CRM but great to have a CRM integrated with a Live Chat Software.

Jay Purohit wins at comprehending tough concepts & putting them like butter on the bread for you to relish. Loves to explore. He is a Digital Marketing Professional at Acquire with a keen interest in reading, researching & sharing insights about trends with you in the field of Search Engine Optimization & Customer Experience. Apart from trying to perform the above-mentioned tasks well,A good span of time; in Sports, Travelling, & Photography he dwells.

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