How to Structure and Create Winning Content

/ December 20, 2017 | 4 Mins Read

How to Structure and Create Winning Content

Are you planning to create content? Do you want it to be a winning content? If your answers to both these questions is yes, here's a blog that will help you to structure and create winning content from scratch.

Search engine always ranks websites or web pages that have images, quality information, statistics and most important keywords. So, you should write a content that is totally in the favor of readers. At the end of the day, your writing will be valued by visitors and leads. 

To make your content meaningful and more readable, you should get along with blog readers, and research about SEO friendly articles and how to write SEO friendly content? in this blog, we are going to learn, how to structure and create winning content? Are you ready to take a step forward?

Content marketing is ¼ of cost-effective than actual marketing:

1. Feel Free To The Readers, Open Your Ideas To Them

When you pick up a topic, try to put your ideas on the table and then question audience often about their views on the subject. Always remember you are a writing a blog for an audience who is looking for a superiority content and amazing ideas to enhance their knowledge. This is where you make your viewers or keeping readers in the loop for further articles. Once the reader like the way of storytelling, they will subscribe your platform for more articles.

Open Your Ideas To Them

2.  Write Content That Adds Value

This is very important, if you want to make a good career in the content marketing. Writing something that is not being delivered to readers; it’s an insult to the writer. To make your articles attractive, provide information that is never presented on the internet (unique content). To make your content exclusive, try to take more examples and explain the main subject in simple words. Like said, every writer has its own way to get along with readers.

3.  Use more example or facts and question them often

Again, writing more questions can attract them to the subject and whereas example will make them contented with information. Whenever I start writing a blog, the first thing I do is collecting statistics and I will think for a few minutes about what information to be presented on the blog? Here are some facts to help out with your digital content.

4. Things To Remember When Writing Content

a. Audience:

Whatever you write, it's for the targeted spectators. Once you know whom you are directing or once you start understanding your readers, you will be able to get more views on the published content.

  • 60% of the SEO marketers publish 1 article every day to target maximum audience

b. Original and Creative:

This where you have to work hard. Because there is so much information available on the internet (related to the subject you are writing). In simple words ask one question to yourself before starting an article, why would anyone read my article? Once you have the answer for this, you are good to go.

  • 58% of the SEO experts think that originally created content is the king


c. Visual Media and Graphics:

As we all know, visual can help human to remember the information for the longer period. Moreover, Who doesn’t like to get more information faster?

  • Content with visual is very effective in pulling viewers

d. Follow all the SEO Guidelines:

Content is the king, but if you follow the rules for ranking your articles on the top of search results. SEO is the essential part of digital marketing. To target more audience, you need to start producing SEO friendly articles.

How to get started?

You are always in, if want to become a good writer.

e. Topic:

You need to select a subject that is trending or write on topics which are more searched by readers. Be smart, when selecting a valid topic. 70% of the reader, search for information that is trending or related to reality. And, try to make the title as much attractive as you can.

f. Research and collecting information:

If I have four hours to write, I will spend 90 to 120 minutes in doing research. This helps in adding quality information and some recent facts. By this, I will be able to present information that is not presented on the internet. Obviously, the value of information is going to increase and readers are going to like.

g. Write drafts and proofread before submission and make it informative as much as you can:

I know, I have been writing this again and again, but this is very important to make your content the better. Proofreading and making drafts helps in removing mistakes which is everything.

Target your audience and use social media to promote it.

  • Blog researchers are increasing and that too 60% of the readers are mobile users

This is where it gets interesting, every writer dreams to get in connect with a large audience. But to achieve this goal you need to enhance all the above skills and then you can make readers. When you are writing a blog, you just have to ask yourself, what is the main purpose of writing this blog? If you have the clear answer, you will know how to write a winning content for a particular audience.

The whole world is connected to you, just click when you are ready!

h. Social Media:

Thanks to a platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other for providing such a great place to connect with millions of readers around the world with just one click.


When you are writing, you need to ensure that your mind is not occupied somewhere. This is important and also helps in focusing on the subject of the blog. Another important thing you need to remember is using tools like Grammarly or other application for meeting the content needs. Software like this helps in removing grammar mistakes and improving sentence formation.

And do all the necessary things to complete a blog, after all, it is your content. all the end results will be yours, I mean credit!

Author Bio:

Bharat Patel holds the position of Digital Marketing Head at Brainvire With 10+ years of experience in making brands, he focuses more on growing business with apt strategies, insight-driven ideas, and profound digital marketing skills. You can follow him on Linkedin.

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