15 Essential Content Marketing Tools for 2019

/ August 16, 2019 | 4 Mins Read

15 Essential Content Marketing Tools for 2019

Content marketing has become an extremely competitive domain now. Businesses are vying to develop their strategies with an eye on engaging their audience with interesting content, that encourages profitable behaviors of the target clientele.

Content marketing is the most important form of marketing in today’s world. Content Marketing Institute describes content marketing as “a strategic marketing outlook specified on creating and providing valuable, relevant, and uniform content to allure and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive valuable customer action.”

Content marketing is a way to increase your brand awareness and build brand loyalty.

The most important thing about content marketing is that it provides value. It shows customers that you care and value for them. It also is a good way to get attention from potential customers and clients. It’s a good way to shift the focus away from the marketer and towards the person that is being marketed to.

There are many tools that will help you with content marketing. Here are some of the best tools:

1. BuzzSumo

Discover what content is performing best for your topic of choice or your competitors. You can discover which content had the most social shares and analyze it. You can also use it to find influencers in your field. You can even get content alerts so that you can be the first one to look at content mentioning your keyword.

2. Uberflip

Uberflip aggregates all of your content—whether it’s blogs or videos or ebooks—so that you are able to manage and optimize a content journey for your customers. You can use it to create content hubs that are relevant to specific subjects or audiences.

3. Pexels.com

Pexels offers high-quality, free stock photos. This allows you to get amazing photos for your content without spending a ton of money on licensing fees. The “explore” feature allows you to browse photos you might not find in a simple keyword search.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a great place to brainstorm and stay organized with your content ideas. You can easily collaborate with team members using Evernote. It’s also available across all devices so that you can easily pick it back up on your phone or tablet.

5. Populr

Populr is the super fast content creation tool. It enables you to “create a page for anything in five minutes.” It gives you web template options that give you a professional feel without the need for a designer. It also allows you to share your work on social media, through email, etc.

6. Question DB

It can be difficult to come up with blog post topics. Question DB helps you to generate ideas quickly. All you have to do is enter your keyword or chosen topic, and then it will reveal to you all the questions people are asking about that topic. You can then transform those questions into blog posts.

7. Kred

It’s not enough to just create great content. You also have to put it out there and build up your influence on social media. Kred is a great tool for measuring your influence and allowing you to build up your own status as an influencer.

8. Hubspot

Hubspot provides a variety of sales and marketing tools that help you with content management. It provides options for content hosting, split testing, goals and targets that can be tracked, and communications within a sales team and with customers.

9. Mixkit

With Mixkit, you can access about 100 free, high quality stock videos. They divide the videos into categories so that you can easily find the video you’re looking for. According to their website, they add 10 videos every week.

10. Trello

If you’re approaching content marketing from a team, Trello is a great platform for collaborating. Trello gives you boards, lists, and cards that make collaboration easy. It’s great for coming up with and organizing a content marketing plan so that everyone in the team can know what they are supposed to post and share.

11. Canva

You no longer have to work with a graphic designer every time you want to create visual content nor do you have to master Photoshop. Canva makes creating visual content much more accessible. They have an intuitive interface that you’re sure to find easy to use once you start playing around with it.

12. ClickFunnels

If you have an internet presence, it’s a good idea to create a sales funnel. They can be used to turn visitors into leads and then drive sales. ClickFunnels is a great tool for making these sales funnel pages. So you don’t have to spend hours making these pages from scratch.

13. Content Idea Generator

Content Idea Generator generates blog titles based on the keyword that you give it. For example, if you want to write about “lawn care,” simply type that into the generator, and it will give you a title suggestion. If you want another suggestion, all you have to do is click the arrow and it will give you another one.

14. Ahrefs

Ahrefs gives you the option to observe what your competitors are doing to rank high so that you can outrank them. They also feature tools like the “content explorer” and “keywords explorer” that will let you see the top performing content about a specific keyword and allow you to browse related keywords. Both of these things can help you to come up with ideas for your own content.

15. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor will make your writing better. It will let you know if you have sentences that are hard to read or if you are using passive voice. It gives you an easy way to look over your writing before you hit “publish.”

These are just some of the best content marketing tools available, but there are many more. Have a look around, try a few of these out, and see which ones work the best for you and your content marketing.

Sara Crawford is a digital content strategist for WT Digital Agency and an author from Atlanta, Georgia. She has written novels, produced her own plays, and performed as a singer/songwriter. She is passionate about the act of creation, and she adores the written word

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