6 Content Marketing Secrets Every Entrepreneur should know

/ June 21, 2017 | 5 Mins Read

6 Content Marketing Secrets Every Entrepreneur should know

Content marketing is a vast field. Here’s a blog that talks about six content marketing secrets that every entrepreneur needs to know about.

As we all know this is the era of digital marketing and every firm is using its tactics to attract the consumers. Marketing is an essential feature in the business that confirms the success and growth of a company or organization. And as far televisions, newspapers, and magazines have been replaced by smartphones, laptops and tablets, digital marketing has become the top priority of every entrepreneur.

Digital marketing is the method of marketing that uses digital technologies, mainly internet to publicize products and services.There are many types of digital marketing such as blogging, social media marketing and pay per click advertising. But among all digital marketing trends, content marketing comes at the top.

Content marketing is growing rapidly because it is a cheap source of marketing that ensures higher benefits. In content marketing, products and services are not promoted explicitly but mentioned in a way that audience finds out positive features about the brand.

Content marketing is no doubt the best marketing method for small firms who are with a limited budget and cannot afford expensive advertisement. But these days, this trend is also under the use of great enterprises because of its prominent advantages. Although content marketing is an easy and quick way of advertisement, some intelligence is required for it!

Apart from impressive skills and advanced equipment and software, here are 6 tips that every entrepreneur should know about content marketing:

1. Headlines can do magic!

Content marketing completely depends on your content that you use to impress the audience. But to make them read that content, you need to prepare a catchy headline. Many readers only read the headline first to decide whether they want to continue reading the whole page or not.

Your headline should be strong enough to drive the readers else more than 50% people will not even click the page if the heading is lousy and unattractive. Try to make the Meta title spicy by either adding some humorous or thought-provoking statement. An appealing headline will trigger the curiosity in readers and drive them to your content as a result.


Although your headings should be emotionally fascinating, don’t make them overdramatic or non-realistic that readers think of it as a spam. Moreover, the headline should provide the right essence of whole content otherwise reader will think of your brand to be a liar or cheater. In simple words, a headline speaks for the whole content hence it should be a perfect one to show the magic!

2. The majority of consumers are mobile freaks!

From kids to adults and poor to rich, every person keeps a smartphone in his/her pocket. This means the majority of consumers you are targeting are mobile users who will approach your content through their smartphones. Hence, make your website and content mobile friendly so people may not face any kind of problems.

If your content will not look good on the screens of mobile, you will lose a chance of converting smartphone users into your customers. Make sure your website loads quickly on the mobile because nobody will sit around waiting for your page to open.

Work on mobile-responsiveness of your website link to increase the conversion rate. Mobile users will never put their smartphones aside to use a laptop in order to access your content.

Once they become impatient, they will never come back.  There are many ways to make your website mobile-friendly. For instance, you may use short headlines to adjust them in small screens of mobile and you can also use different navigation options that go well with smartphones.

3. Give people what they are looking for!

Do you think people will respond to whatever you throw at them? Not really! They only click on links that are responsive to their needs and not those that are completely off the topic! You have to track your target consumers to know what they are looking for.

Once you will understand what they want to read or see, you will create a content that is just according to their preferences. Try to address the problems of your consumers through the content so they will be attracted to find some good solutions.

Moreover, if you will create a content on trending questions, your website or page link will come at the top of search whenever people will type the question in search engines. You just have to keep the consumer in mind while creating the content for marketing because the only way to attract them is to give them what they are looking for!

4. Content needs to be innovative

Another secret for entrepreneurs regarding content marketing is that make your content innovatively. The fact is that audience never responds positively to something which is boring or same as others.

Uniqueness grabs the attention of every viewer and increases the indulgence. Your content should also be unique and innovative so readers will be attracted to read it instead of other articles that include nothing new.

Remember, your content should tell readers something new about your product that is catchy enough to make them your customers. The more innovative content you will create, the more conversion rate will rise. Every explainer video, blog, and the image should portray something more different and new because if all content will contain the same information, there are chances audience will be bored.

5. Images and visuals are real game winners!

Do you know images and visuals are a life of your content? Yes, they are! Surveys have proved that majority of audience judges the content through videos and images.Many of them don’t even read the content but only prefer to concentrate on photos and animated videos.

Talking of videos, explainer videos are no doubt becoming the leading element of content marketing. Even if you’re writing a blog for your product, spice it up with some catchy images and appealing videos. Moreover, images and videos explain things more quickly and transparently in comparison to articles.

But remember, don’t use images or videos that are either blasphemous or disputatious because using such material will affect your brand negatively.

6. Keep it low and simple!

Remember, the audience will never waste time in understanding a difficult content. Therefore, use simple language and easy sentences to let consumers understand each and every feature of your product and service. A strenuous content will drive the audience away because they have got many other options.

If you want to create an engaging content, go for conversational language and keep it low to let everybody enjoy it without making any efforts. It has been widely observed that readers don’t continue with articles that involve advanced English. You have to think of consumers as a whole while creating a content because there are many average readers who will not understand difficult languages. So keep your content low and simple enough to be understood!

To conclude, digital marketing is important for your business success and growth. You may choose different types of this marketing trend but when it comes to content marketing, you have to be a little tricky. Your content should neither look spammy nor overly exaggerated. As the secrets of content marketing are right here to guide you, let’s make your content more effective and beneficial!

Author bio:

Clinton Loomis is a digital marketer, a teacher. Clinton is an English Literature graduate and also the holder of many diplomas.

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